Clever Ways To Attract Taurus Without Saying A Word

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In a relationship, to attract someone’s attention, you need to do something romantic or flirtatious. Sometimes that kind of things can be best attained to when it’s without words.

Saying things about how big of a feelings you have for someone without words is a big accomplishment. It come with big rewards that is very special, but it also comes with a cost. You need to learn this hidden but quite easy to master, ways to attract Taurus without saying a word:


1. Not Being Overly Emotional

Being too whiny, too sad, or too happy might seem worrying for a Taurus They like mild feelings and seeing a person being too overly emotional will definitely be a turn off for them.

2. Being Classy

Being classy in your action is the number one thing that a Taurus looks for when they search for the Wife Material Signs or Husband Material Signs. being poised, calm, and collected is the attitude you need to strive for.

3. Dress Up Nicely

Dressing up nicely actually gives an impression that you have your life together. Dress up not too shabbily but not too extravagant either. Remember, keep that classy style.

4. Be Feminine

be feminine

Femininity is actually the main thing a Taurus is looking for. Someone to care for them, give them affection, and unconditional love is all that they have been searching for.

5. Have A Goal

Having a clear goal and ways to get it means that you have your life under control. This is what a Taurus is looking for in a person.

6. Get Yourself Together

Control every aspect of your life so you don’t seem like a snob or that you are overworked. Someone responsible but laid back is absolutely the perfect partner for a Taurus.

7. Be Independent

Don’t be clingy or whiny. Find your own path in your life. A Taurus will absolutely admire your move towards growth.

8. Be Honest

Don’t try to hide anything because not only a Taurus know How to Know When People Are Lying To You, they also feel like honesty really is the best policy. If you want to ge tto their good side, don’t lie.

9. Show How Down-To-Earth You Are

Show the modest, good person that is lying inside you. Doing this will make him feel closer to you emotionally.

10. Sensual Is The Way To Go

Acting sensual means acting mysterious with a tad bit of romance.Sensual actions will intrigue a Taurus, leading him to be sucked by How to Make A Guy Emotionally Addicted to You.

11. Be There For A Taurus

Be there for the worse part or the best part of a Taurus life. Your Taurus will slowly know who absolutely belong in their life and it would be you.

12. Show Respect

show respect

Respect is the foundation of a good relationship. If you want respect, give respect first to a Taurus, Your Taurus will feel this genuine respect and respect you too.

13. Don’t Rush It

Rushing the process of attracting a Taurus will only stress them and make them slip away from your grasp. Be patient with the process. They will appreciate you more for this.

More Tips To Get A Taurus Love

It is important to know more ways to keep a Taurus' focus to you. There are some clever ways to attract Taurus without saying a word. That is why you need to know more of these tips on ways to attract Taurus without saying a word. Study them closely then practice it in your relationship with that person!

1. Being Cheerful

Being cheerful lift up the vibe of a Taurus and make them cling to you even more.

2. Positive Thinking

Judgement, complaints, and more negative action is not what a Taurus want in their life. Shift your thinking to a positive one and see how easy it is for a Taurus to like you.

3. Be Patient

Be patient with him by showing your love. Doing this will make a Taurus appreciate you.

4. Show Interest

Show interest in who he is by being there for him and being curious about him. This is a great ways to show Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

5. Trust Him

Since a Taurus guy doesn’t usually show the Signs He is Player , you need to trust him too. This is the only way to keep a good relationship. 

Signs That A Taurus Is Attracted To You

signs that a taurus is attracted to you

Now that you have work hard to get his attention, you must be wondering if all that hard work actually amount to something. Do not worry. Here are the real signs that a Taurus is attracted to you;

1. Being Open To You

It is sometimes quite hard for a Taurus to fully open up and blossom in a relationship. When you get him to being open with you about their feelings and actions, you can rest assured by knowing that the relationship is the real deal.

2. Fully Trusting You

Now that a Taurus already opened up to you, a Taurus will also fully trust you with every part of their life. Like their secrets, who they are, and more intimate things. You now have the responsibility to keep this trust.

3. Loyal To You Only

Although being loyal comes natural to a Taurus, when they are attracted to you they will reinstate this in every time possible. This means they have the ultimate affection towards you.

4. Initiating Things

They initiate things with you because they know that they really like you and want to know more about you.

The tell tale signs that a Taurus is a picture perfect partner is quite true. They are loyal, loving, and fun. Doing ordinary things to get attention, like doing it without words will absolutely work in your favor. That is why you need to do the ways to attract Taurus without saying a word. Little by little, a Taurus will show the signs that they are attracted to you and want to develop a relationship with you. Good luck!

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