Things To Say When You Talk Dirty To A Girl (Sweet But Hot Punchlines)

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Dirty talk is a sexy thing. It’s hot and erotic for you to try but just don't say anything that pops into your head. You should know before the dirty things to say to a girl that works and makes her turn on. You can learn the sign of A Woman Is Attracted to You Sexually also to help you.

That's why you need stuff that’s more compelling so it will speak to her on a deeper level. Like we all know, women are different than men in this kind of sense. Saying the right things would take a girl to dripping wet.


Here Are Things To Say When You Talk Dirty To A Girl

When you want to throw the dirty talks, you need to be descriptive. The girl will picture the things you’re talking about then it affects their body to riled up.

To help you understand what is it, here are things to say when you talk dirty to a girl.

1. “I Want You Riding Me”

i want you riding me

Most of you must have this fantasy. Being on top is also one of woman's favorite, you need to know this. Now you know what to say.

2. “I Want To Lick What's Between Your Legs”

Don't worry about things to say when you talk dirty to a girl. Just tell what's on your mind since you must be really want to eat hers, right?

3. “I'll Make Sure You Feel Good”

Give them reassurance you're definitely going to fill her up with pleasure. Read this too to give you a clue How to Know When a Girl is Into You sexually.

4. “The Thought Of You Naked Drives Me Crazy”

This is one of the things to say when you talk dirty to a girl. You could control the mood by your words. Make her turn on while saying how horny you are imagining her get naked.

5. “How Horny You Make Me When You're Here”

Even being with her already turn you on. Then, say as you mean in while making out. But first, maybe you should learn about this How to Get a Hot Girl to Like You because it happens to most of the guy.

6. “I Really Want To Be Inside of You All Day”

It is the things to say when you talk dirty to a girl you should learn. Being a little bit romantic can also light up the mood.

7. "I Love Your Taste, It's Amazing”

You can say that her juice is your favorite. You will need this if you're in the mood for sex but you have no one at the moment so you should learn How to Ask Your Ex Girlfriend to be Friends with Benefits.

8. “A Word You Say Can Turn Me On”

a word you say can turn me on

If you want to know the things to say when you talk dirty to a girl, you are in the right place. You can simply tell her to give you a word since it can easily turn you on.

9. “You Can Ask Me Whatever You Want We To Do To You”

Said that you give her pleasure, make sure you'll give what she wants

10. “I Want to Strip Down All Your Clothes"

You want to find the things to say when you talk dirty to a girl that suits you well in this intimacy situation.

Get in the mood by telling her that you want to rip off all of her clothes and for more you can check these Dirty Things to Say to Get Your Boyfriend in the Mood.

11. “Let Me Make You Feel What You've Never Been Before”

Try to do something incredible to pleasure her. An exaggerated sex will give her addiction!

It might be dangerous but we think you should know about this Signs A Woman is Going to Leave Her Husband for You.

12. “I'm Craving For Your Moaning"

Here are things to say when you talk dirty to a girl.

Her moaning is the best yet sensual melody you've heard when in bed. Of course, you don't want to miss the chance tonight.

13. "I Love When I Do You From Behind"

Every girl loves it! Say it right away to make her dripping wet.

Be aware of this Physical Signs A Woman Likes You that's why you need to learn that.

14. “I Want To Make You Scream From Pleasure Tonight.”

Things to say when you talk dirty to a girl? It isn't hurting her while you do it harder. She'll scream from pleasure!

15. “I Miss Being So Deep Inside Of You.”

Deep and deeper, she'll definitely like it!

More Tips For Your Dirty Talk

Here are more tips for making the most out of dirty talking to your girlfriend.

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1. Say The Naughtiest You Can Think Of

say the naughtiest you can think of

Nothing is sexier than getting really intimate and naughty in a bed.

But if you do the dirty talking right, tonight will be a huge turn on for her. Try to whisper what you mean very low in her ear and watch her squirm.

2. Talk Dirty By Text

If you’re not around her, maybe you can take the opportunity to text her something really dirty. You will make her feel horny even though in a long distance and it’ll increase the anticipation for a great time later too.

3. Follow It by A Romantic Kiss

A deep and romantic kiss will definitely turn her on after you say something dirty.

In fact, she’s already expecting something like that. The kiss and your words specifically will make her wet!

4. Know What She Likes

You should know what your girlfriend likes in a sensual way you can find. The dirty talk works the best when what you said to spark the most interest to her.

5. Say It Naturally

Never try to say something you can't and you don't mean it. That’ll basically just ruin the moment and it would turn awkward. You don't want to make her expect what you can give her, right?

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