Is Your Cancer Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Cancer brings emotion to the table if you are in a relationship with him. Some people might not like this side but because he is in touch with his emotional side, he’ll show you what it’s like to be loved from the bottom of someone’s heart. No wonder a lot of people wants to be loved by a Cancer man.

But, just because he is emotional, doesn’t mean that he is completely open about it. His high walls will keep you asking “is your cancer man playing mind games with you?”.

Here are our complete analysis on the signs when a Cancer man is playing mind games with you:


1. Sulking Really Quickly And Often

Reasons Why Cancer Man Pulls Away from You  is because he is playing a game with you. He is trying to see whether you are a fit candidate to be his companion for a long time.

2. Keeping Some Distance From You At All Times

Though this sign can be seen even in an honest Cancer man, it will be really imminent in one who is playing games. Be patient and keep your ground.

3. In An Argument, You Are Always Wrong

in an argument you are always wrong

Again, the true goal of a Cancer man mind game is to see if you are emotionally fit enough to be his go-to person. This will include making you feel small and angry.

4. Lying To You

A Cancer almost never lies. When he is lying to you, you need to know How to Make a Cancer Man Realize His Mistake

5. Keeping To Himself

He will never share his feelings when he is trying to play a mind game. This is partly because he is a closed off person from the start but also because he does not want to give you the advantage of knowing what is going on in his brain.

6. Passive Aggressive In His Action

He’ll keep you confused with his actions because it seems like one time he shows Signs A Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend and the next he pulls away completely. It is only the game that a Cancer man is playing.

7. Seemingly Confident With An Interior To Protect

Is your cancer man playing mind games with you? You can see by paying attention to how overly confident he is. This is so not him which means that he is hiding something from you, a mind game of some sort.

8. Exaggeration Of Emotion

To mask his true intention, he can be overly emotional. This will startle you and when you are, his ego will be heighten because he thinks that he have won.

9. No Emotion At All

Either an exaggeration of emotion will be shown or no emotion at all. When a Cancer man is playing mind games, it will be almost impossible to read him.

10. Undermining You

Often, he’ll think less of you and speak highly of himself so he makes you think that he is unreachable when in truth he is just insecure.

How To Counter A Cancer’s Man Mind Games

how to counter a cancer man's mind games

How to handle a man that plays the game with his heart and not his mind? You can find the answers in these prompt and easy steps:

1. Don’t Be Swayed By Your Own Emotion

In this highly emotional battle field, try to always use your clear rational thinking. A sense of calmness and authority from you is also the ways on How to Sweep A Cancer Man Off His Feet 

2. Be Compassionate To Him

A Cancer man that is playing mind games usually have insecurities from the depth of his heart telling him that a relationship is not for him. He is in great emotional pain. Being compassionate for him will stop the game.

3. Take It Slow

He will need time to trust you so never move too fast. Allow him time to develop trust towards you.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable First

Show him that it is okay to be vulnerable and he will soon show How to Know He Loves You

5. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Have some humor, it will greatly lighten up the mood.

6. Show Your Interest Towards Him

He needs to know that he have someone that love him. This will make the process of him falling for you much faster.

When it comes to a Leo man, the answer to “is your cancer man playing mind games with you?” is probably yes since he will mask his insecurity by using these games.

But, you can still make him stop the game by using the steps above. In the end,  true love will arise!

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