Wonder Why Is Leo Man Trying To Make Me Jealous? Read This!

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Leo which born in August is identical with lion symbol. In specifically, leo is started born from July 23rd until August 22nd. Loving leo is need much braveness because its elements is fire. People who have Leo zodiac have high enthusiasm in life, strong mentally, high self confident and sometime have little bit arrogant.

There are some characteristics, reasons and tips about guys with leo zodiac because it is identical with the lion as symbolizing of king. Actually it is not easy to love the them, they have characteristic, those are:


1. Strong Mentality

strong mentality

Contrary to libra who is used to being reluctant with other people, Leo is always firm and brave to think and make decisions. If he has argued and made a decision, it's hard to argue back. So when you disagree with him, it is likely to debate if you don't give clear and logic explanation.

Leo is like a lion who controls the entire wilderness. So leo's power and attitude will be difficult to refute, especially if in different opinions. If you are still strong in holding opinions, then it will result harboring anger. so try to be relaxed and calm when explaining something to a him.

2. Consistent In Words And Action

Leo, who is a firm figure consistent in words and actions, if you say A, it means A. leo guys will be lazy if they meet people who are changeable. For them, a girl who cannot hold an inappropriate principle with her will not be his girlfriends.

If you make an appointment with him at 10 o'clock in the morning, then you have to arrive at 10 o'clock in the morning. Sometimes arrogance arises from them by not waiting but what is as awaited. If you want to make relationship with leo guys, you must follow their rules.

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3. Faithful

Leo is like a leader (king of the jungle). They hold high consistency in what is said. They are very loyal to their girlfriends like lions are only loyal to one lion. If it is discovered that his girlfriend has another boyfriend, he is not reluctant to decide directly. He knows when it's time to treat his girlfriend well and the time to act decisively with her.

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4. Not Giving Up

If they face a problem, they will not just leave it, but solve the problem whatever the risk. They think that avoiding problems will increase new problems.

They hold a commitment, commitment is important to avoid all kinds of risks in the future for them. So for leo guys, there is no relationship without status. All must have commitment and clarity.

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5. Being Cool

Like a lion that looks firm. They like it when there is an adventure with his girlfriend either to the mountains, to the beach or anywhere. They will be loyal to accompany their girlfriend wherever they go. And if there are obstacles, they will be cool. If it's still in the close relationship, it's a good idea to keep a distance with other guys, because they don't like girls who fall in love too easily.

So they feel there must be challenges. They also do not really like girls who is as miss yes, meaning girls who are too easily allow the men’ wills, they think girls like that, there is no principle in their living life. Leo guy dares to express her feeling if he has got chemistry. 

6. Melt With Praise

melt with praise

Leo guy even though looks cool and firm, but he easily melts with praise. They like being praised with their girlfriends. If you praise them, don't look lying or excessive, but express your feelings and not over do it. Enough with simple praise is good but touches on their hearts. Even so, they will treat their girlfriends like queens. They do not hesitate to divide their time with their partners.

7. Have An Optimistic

A Leo man doesn't give up easily and always tries to get what he really wants. His personality that is full of motivation and enthusiasm for life will drive their girlfriend too.

8. Like Helping

Leo is also a figure of concerning to do something. Not only he is ready to help you, but also he also doesn't hesitate to help others. Happiness for him is when his partner relies on various opportunities.

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Some Reasons Why Leo Guys Should Be Loved Truly

1. They look awesome because they don't hesitate to hug their partner. He will hug as if no other woman should be loved. He is very loving their girlfriend and fun. 

2. Leo is tough and strong person also his charm is cool. A figure who can be relied in a relationship.

3. For those who have leo boyfriend do not need to guess what are on their minds and their feelings. They will not hide their feelings and thoughts to their girlfriend. They will easily reveal any obstacles in their heart.

4. Leo will try hard to realize all his desires and wishes. If their girlfriends have goals and dreams, they will easily help to realize.

5. He will love and treat his girlfriend well and sweetly. Behind his strong and independent character, leo is very romantic and love his girlfriend with all his heart.

6. When he falls in love with someone, then it is a pride because she will get a lot of deep love from him.

7. Leo guy really understands and respects sincerity, he will respect all ' perspectives.

8. Leo guy is something complete. There is a lot of strength in him such as attraction, generosity, love, and so on.

Tips For Maintaining Relationships With Leo Guys

tips for maintaining relationships with leo guys

1. Believe in him that he is an honest, committed and kind person.

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2. Understanding each other's weaknesses, don't just say yes to all he wants.

3. He likes adventure, invite him to explore nature.

4. Make him feel comfortable with him by being more relaxed and calm.

These are some of the characters Leo man, and the reason why leo man is making jealous and tips on how to get well relationship with Leo. Don't be discouraged if you haven't gotten the attention of a guy, it's good to keep trying to establish a good relationship with him. Do not be too much to praise to leo man because he knows and can distinguish which is serious or just lies. Despite, it must still be accompanied by prayer to get a partner who is truly in good with our character.

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