Sarcastic Ways to Say Happy Valentine's Day for Anti-Valentines

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Every person has their own personal thoughts and consideration towards anything. While you are drowning in the hype of Valentine’s Day celebration, other doesn’t care about it. They think it’s lame and has been commercialized by chocolate companies. Well, if you are one among the latters, you can’t simply avoid Valentine’s Day. Wherever you go there will always be someone who says “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

And who says that people who date believe and celebrate Valentine’s Day? There are millions of couple who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. They love each other everyday, so it’s unnecessary to make one day a particular day to celebrate love, unless it’s their anniversary. If you are really not into it you can find sarcastic ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day, whether it’s for your lover or you friends. Hopefully these words below could inspire you and wake them up that they don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to be loved.

  1. “I love you more than Pizza”

Who doesn’t love pizza? As much as you love pizza, tell them you love them more than the pizza. This one of a kind declaration is necessary. It’s neither cheesy nor mushy, it brutally honest. Yes, it is. Also read Traditional Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

  1. “I hate everyone but you”

Love is for everyone, but it’s impossible to love everyone. What’s the most perfect words for someone who also think same way as you do? They need to know how special they are for you. But you better not show this to your mom, though.

  1. “Oh, it’s the February 14th

Oh, yes. It’s just another day, what’s so special? When tomorrow comes, today will just passed like it’s nothing. Why spend so much just for today as if you don’t live for tomorrow? Anti-Valentine couples treat the day just like another day. Also read Ways to Say Happy Valentine's Day in Different Languages

  1. “Dat ass tho”

Tell them one thing: you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day because there is more important thing that it is: their ass. Maybe you never tell them enough how you adore their ass, and now it’s time to let them know it’s more than a trivial celebration.

  1. “Happy not-so-special love day”

You can call something as special on one condition: you’re the only one who have it and nobody else does. But if millions of people celebrate Valentine’s Day, then how can you call it special? It’s what you think, right? Also read Ways to Announce Pregnancy Around Valentine's Day

  1. “Just another mandatory words”

On February 14th, saying Happy Valentine’s Day is inevitable. You can give those empty words to anyone without really mean it. And, oh, don’t forget that it’s only mandatory not sincerely.

  1. “I love you because you are less annoying than everyone else in the world”

There are many (too many, in fact) people who are annoying in your life. But among them, there must be one person that less annoying. You’re being honest, right? Also read Ways to Ask Someone to be Your Valentine Over Text

  1. “I love you everyday, not just today”

Really, do people only say I love you on February 14th? That’s why you need sarcastic ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day. While you love them everyday for the rest of the year, it won’t hurt to skip one day. You’ve already say “I love you” yesterday as well.

  1. “You’re the best in my life, better than wine”

Wine is the best company. But your lover is even better. It’s how you can tell your loved ones how you feel about them on Valentine’s Day without saying it literally. Also read How to Propose Him on Valentine's Day

  1. “I don’t think it’s necessary to say I love you today”

Why it’s necessary. When you don’t say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Love grows everyday. You love them everyday and vice versa. Saying I love you on V-Day is just as lame as your feeling might be. Probably.

  1. “I’d like you to be my anti-Valentine”

Text your loved one about this. It shows how much you averse to celebrate V-Day, and turns out your loved one think the same. They probably don’t, but it doesn’t matter. You have made it clear for them. Your feeling is more important that just mere celebration. Also read Sweet Things to Say to Your Best Friend on Valentine's Day

  1. “I’ll save the gift for your birthday”

Gift exchange is not an original Valentine’s Day tradition. But people nowadays spend money to celebrate it and give lavish gifts for their lovers. Be money-wise by saving it for their birthday. It’s way more special and intimate.

  1. “There are two things I can’t live without: pizza and you”

Do they need for more words? They are tied with pizza on the top list in your life.

  1. “Congrats. For being the person I can stand with more than 4 hours”

It’s hard to stay long with people given how annoying they can be. But if they are so special you can stand with all day, make sure they know. It’s how special they are.

  1. “It’s amazing that I’m not sick of you”

Even you think it’s amazing, right? The moment you realize you should know that they are probably the one you’re looking for!

  1. “Would you be my wine?”

Wine is the love of your life. And you want them to be your wine. Instead if sarcastic, it sounds really sweet.

  1. “Valentine’s Day is for sucker”

Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s for suckers. And it’s alright.

  1. “Hey, give me my chocolate!”

Do you forget? I need chocolate more than I do words.

  1. “What is it again today?”

Today is February 14th, for your information.

  1. “Who says we have to celebrate Valentine?”

Yes, baby. Nobody said you have to.

Isn’t all the sarcastic ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day above is perfectly suitable for your taste? Nobody force you to celebrate Valentine and lucky you if you find someone who think just the same as you do. Then you can exchange sarcastic words in the wake of Valentine’s Day. Beside, sarcasm is the new sexy.

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