What to Do for a Girl's 6th Birthday Party - All the Fun Ideas

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For a six years old, birthday is a day of gift, balloons, and celebration with friends. They wait for the day to come in the whole year, so it must be celebrated in a not less special ways. If you have nieces, nephews, sons, or daughters, planning a 6th birthday for them is very interesting yet confusing.

But making a six years old kid is not as hard as you thought. As long as they can laugh and play with their friends, they’d be very happy about it. As an adult yourself, you’d be happy planning a 6th birthday party for your beloved girl.

Here are what to do for a girl’s 6th birthday party.

  1. Pick an Interesting Theme

Picking themes is essential for any party, including birthday celebration for little girl. Choose theme that is unique, enjoyable, and loved by your girl. Ask them about what they like or interested.

Little girl usually loves certain cartoon or movie character. Make it the main theme by matching colors, decorations, cake, and souvenirs. Also read How to Surprise Your Boyfriend on His Birthday in A Long Distance Relationship

  1. Make a Cute Invitations

One of the best part of a child’s birthday is the traditional invitation made of paper. She’ll be happy to give it away herself at school. The invitations is usually related with the themes you have picked earlier.

Make it as cute as possible that other children is interested and eager to attend the party. Send out the invitations one or two week before the D-day.

  1. Choose a Unique Decorations

Decoration is the essential part of a party. For a 6th birthday party, it must be bubbly, full of balloons, and dolls. If you have chosen the theme, then making the decorations will be easier.

Theme is usually incorporated with the decorations. Don’t forget to involve the birthday girl to make the decorations and let her have some fun. Also read What to Do with a Girl with Daddy Issues

  1. Arrange Fun Games and Activities

Kids get bored easily, so you have to arrange games and other activities to keep them entertained. To make them more interested, give prizes for the winner. There are many fun games for children such as spoon racing or treasure hunt in the venue. Adding playground in the party area is not a bad ideas as well.

  1. Prepare Foods That Healthy and Tasty

Another thing on what to do for a girl’s 6th birthday party: prepare many delicious foods for them to enjoy. But all the foods must be healthy and tasty at the same time. Chocolate fountains, cakes, and candies are children’s favorite at all times. Also read How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready for Marriage

  1. Message Card for the Birthday Girl

Let the birthday girl know how much her friends love her through the message card. Upon the entrance, give each of her friends a card and pencil to write down their wishes. It can be opened either at the end of the party to be read privately at home.

  1. Art and Creative Spots

A kid’s birthday party should appear like playground where they can explore and have fun. Add an activity stations for the kids to play game. Blowing bubbles, playing sands, or decorating cupcakes. The kids can play and learn at the same time. Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

  1. Playing Dress Up

To make the party more joyful and lively, ask all the guests to play dress up, according to the theme. Let the birthday girl have her saying in this. Prince and princess dress up is usually a kid’s favorite.

You can give them fake jewelry and made up crowns as complementary. To make the party like a fairy tale, the adults can play the fairy godmother.

  1. Swimming Pool Party

Kids love to play with water. Holding a party near the swimming pool is not a bad idea. Make sure that the children’s safety are guaranteed. At the end of the party, they can dip themselves in it have fun in the water. Swimming pool party is always the perfect idea for summer birthdays. Also read Cheap Things to Do to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Planning Surprise Birthday Party for Six Years Old Girl

Birthdays are better with surprises, including for a little girl. If you want to throw a birthday party for her, then you should do it secretly and not to get her involved at all. Here are how you can plan it:

  • Figure Out What She Likes

As you have to decide what theme to use for the party, you must find out what she likes. A little kid changes her mind easily so you have to really understand. If she likes certain character like Unicorn, Hello Kitty, or Teddy Bears, then set it as her birthday party theme.

  • Tell Her Her Birthday is Not Going to be Celebrated

It breaks a kid’s heart when you say that there will be no birthday celebration. It’s too bad to see her disappointed face, but you have to hold on. Tell her that this birthday is going to be celebrated with family only, so there will be only birthday dinner.

  • Celebrate the Birthday at School

The best place to throw a surprise birthday party for kids is in school. Especially if you want to surprise her, she will least expect it to be at school. Contacts her teachers and pick the right day to celebrate. Plan an outdoor activities for the students so you can decorate the classroom. She’ll happily enter the room and feel overwhelmed with happiness.

So those are all what to do for a girl’s 6th birthday party. Their happiness matter the most, so when you are planning a birthday party, let her decide everything with your guidance. Birthday parties thrown when you were little won’t ever be forgotten no matter old have she get.

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