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Are you a Leo trying to date an Aries? Or vice versa?

Traditionally, these signs tend to clash in relationships due to a lot of similarities.

However, if these two signs can focus on what each partner truly wants from a relationship, they can create incredible fireworks every day. 

The guide below lists the dominant traits of these two star signs, so that they can each learn how to become the best partner to this other special person. 

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Still, if you’re focused on trying to make the sparks fly between an Aries and a Leo, scroll down for my useful guidance.


Useful Tips To Make Leo Fall In Love With Aries

There are some useful tips to make Leo fall in love with Aries. Leo and Aries are both fire signs which spark when they are together. Both have similarities which can cause conflicts, at some points. It may be hard for an Aries to get adjusted to a Leo since Aries is selfish while Leo is dominant.

What an Aries should do is holding back her ego and more giving in. But first thing first, Aries needs a big motivation to do that. A question should be asked: Does he worth it? If Aries says yes, then go on with the tips.

Before we get down to the tips, let’s see each other’s good and bad traits. Let’s judge how these two can work it out by

Leo Good Traits

1. Funny


Leo is funny. It's one of the reasons why Leos are awesome. He knows how to make good jokes and happy to make others happy.

2. Influential

Leo born to be a leader. He likes to influence people through his actions.

3. Passionate

He’s always passionate about what he does. He never does things half-heartedly.

4. Generous

Leo is known as a kind and generous sign. He likes to share happiness with others and never hesitate to give some of his earns.

5. Romantic

when Leo falls in love, he shows his feeling through actions. He also knows how to flatter a woman, especially the one he loves.

6. Loyal

It's one of the reasons why you should date a Leo. It might take him a while to fall in love. But when he does, he will be very loyal till the very end.

7. Honest

He always appreciates honesty as he is honest himself. Honesty is everything to him, especially in a relationship.

8. Intelligent

He is smart and has a broad of knowledge.

Leo Bad Traits

1. Arrogant

As he knows he is smart and influential, he thinks he is the best and skillful.

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2. Impatient

Leo is impatient. Waiting is not his thing.

3. Dominant

He is so dominant that he wants people to follow his lead. He should be the leader.

4. Egocentric

Leo is full of himself. He only thinks with his own perspective and expects others to think like him.

5. Lazy

When a laziness hits Leo, he does not make a single move.

Aries Good Traits

1. Adventurous

Aries is up for a new thing. She likes challenges and never hesitates to try a new journey in her life.

2. Courageous

She is brave and always up-front. She speaks up her mind and never scared of anything, especially when she knows she’s right.

3. Curious


She has an inquisitive mind and always tries to figure out new things she’s curious about.

4. Loyal

She is a loyal queen when she’s a lover. Cheating is something she never thinks about.

5. Influential

She is an influential person. She influences through her actions. That makes her born to be a leader.

6. Passionate

She’s passionate when he does her jobs. It shows how a hard worker she is.

7. Unpredictable

She likes to do spontaneous things which makes her so unpredictable. Being with an Aries is fun as she's always full of unpredictable ideas.

Aries Bad Traits

1. Aggressive

Sometimes Aries can be so aggressive. This has a thing to do with his dominant and stubborn personalities.

2. Arrogant


As she is born as an influential leader, it makes her arrogant. She thinks that she is the best.

3. Stubborn

As she is arrogant and thinks she’s right, nobody can win her unless herself. One of the ways to win an argument with Aries is by being silent.

4. Impatient

Patience is a thing that Aries unfamiliar with.

5. Dominant

Her dominant personality has things to do with her arrogant, selfish, and stubborn personalities. She should win every argument.

6. Selfish

Only think the way she wants it. She does not care what people may think. 

The Similarities Between Leo And Aries

1. Adventurous

Both Leo and Aries are adventurous. This trait will keep them always have ideas for new things. They both are up for challenges.

2. Dominant

Either Leo or Aries is dominant. It will be a challenge for them if they date each other.

3. Influential

Good thing is that both of them are born leaders. They understand each other and have the same way of thinking.

4. Passionate

Both are hard-working people. They can set projects together and succeed.

5. Stubborn

As they both are stubborn, it can cause conflicts which lead to a separation. One of them would have to give in in order to make the relationship work.

How To Make Leo Fall In Love With Aries

Either Leo or Aries both are amazing people who can make a cute couple together. As Aries who falls for a Leo first, Aries should be the one to give in. Note down what to do and what not to do in order to get Leo falls in love with Aries. Here are things an Aries should do on how to make a Leo falls in love with Aries.

1. Don’t be dominant

As both of the signs are dominant, it seems hard to make it work. However, if Aries really wants Leo to fall for her, she should hold back her dominance. You need some time to train to loosen your dominance. It’s okay, just take your time. Remember! You’re the one who wants Leo.

2. Give up the stubbornness

Again, Aries needs to give in her bad trait if she wants Leo falls for her. A Leo is stubborn, thus, he doesn’t need another stubborn person to complicate his life. If you really want it to work, consider to give it up or else Leo will walk away from you.

3. Be adventurous

Being adventurous

Keep being adventurous. That’s a plus point of Aries. That’s your weapon to attract Leo. As he is adventurous, it won’t be hard for you to get his attention and interest. Keep it up.

4. Be courageous

Aries needs to work more of her courage. Never hesitate to speak up her mind bravely. Leo likes a brave woman who knows how to speak her mind. That’s a sexy personality. 

5. Don’t confront him

No matter how wrong he is, don’t confront him. He can’t handle a confrontation. Aries needs to train her patience if she wants Leo falls for her.

6. Don’t be aggressive

An aggressive woman is nothing sexy at all to Leo. As Aries sometimes can be aggressive, she needs to work on more how to be less aggressive. It’s advisable for Aries to stay calm and follow his game.

7. Be unpredictable

It’s a plus for Aries as she is spontaneous and unpredictable. It's actually one of the ways to get a Leo man in love with her. Her spontaneous trait will give him a surprise and keep him in the game.

8. Impress him with good appearance

Finally, to get him to keep his eyes on you, impress him with your outstanding appearance. Dressing up elegantly and looking nice every time you meet him is one of the ways to make a Leo man feel special. He is a visual person. Good looks are the first thing he notices before he considers attitude.


How to make Leo fall in love with Aries is a big sacrifice for Aries. These two fire signs have similarities which some of them are bad traits. These bad traits are potential to cause a conflict in the long run. So, if Aries has considered everything, then she’ll need to change the bad traits or else it won’t work. But later if both of them love each other, these won’t matter anymore. Love always wins after all!

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