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Pathetic Signs Your Best Friend Doesn't Like You Anymore

Sometimes, one day, it seems that life just slaps you with the fact that you are no longer with your friend anymore. This can be hard, challenging, and even to someone who is clueless and unprepared, totally shocking. The signs that your best friend does not like you anymore is not always out in the […]

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Ways To Make Your Best Friends Feel Better When They're Down

Life happens. Which means that bad things happen almost every time. When a circle of negativity is making you stuck in your life, it is usually hard to go out for that circle. This will lead that person to make self destructive choices. What if your best friend is going through one of these phases? […]

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13 Ways To Get Your Best Friends To Forgive You

So you just want to pull a prank to your best friends but it turn out really, really bad. Or maybe it's just a simple thing you never meant to do but your best friends got hurt by that. Perhaps you have step beyond their limits and got them really, really furious. You have no […]

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16 Things on What to Do When Your Best Friends are Leaving You Out

Having best friends to rely on is probably one of the best thing in the world. But relationship isn't always goes on as you wished it to be. There could be some rift, ups and downs we never expected. Including our relationship with best friends. Before you know it, they start to have a meeting […]

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Sweet Words To Say To Your Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

It can feel like your best friend  is your soulmate, your long lost sister/brother and your twin. You’ve basically known each other inside out and you have spent almost every part of your life with them. You usually can talk about anything but what should you say to your best friend in one of the […]

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Saddest Signs A Friendship Is Coming To An End

We all dream of long-lasting friendships, but some are just not meant to last forever. It’s a sad reality, but for most of us, there will always be some friendships that can’t endure these changes. Like all relationships, there are stages to the breakdown of a friendship, but sometimes the signs a friendship is coming […]

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35 Signs That Your Best Friend Is A Frenemy (#1 Toxic Friend)

The one person you can absolutely trust is your best friend. Your best friend is basically your other half, your best friend knows everything about you and you know everything about your best friend. Because of this, you are so close to each other. But what if it turns out that you do not know […]

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Clear Signs That Your Friend Is Fake (No.4 is Worst!)

A beautiful life is a life that is full of good friends. Good friends make our life easier. They are our number one support system and ultimately, our sanctuary. Without a friend,, our life will be bland. But sometimes, all of this can just be an illusion. What if your friend is not what they […]

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Ways On How To Tell If Your Friend Is Lying To You

The strong foundation for every relationship is a sense of trust. We believe each other that's why still together. Not only for man and woman relationship, but this also applies on friendship. Keeping a good relationship with a friend requires honesty and sincerity. But human is nowhere to be perfect. There were times when we […]

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Signs Of A Friendzone Relationship - Escape Tips

What is the friend zone? Did he friend-zoned you? This article will tell you the definition of a friend zone, the signs that you have been in a friend zone, and how to get out and avoiding from the friend zone. First of all, what is the definition of a friend zone? So friend zone is […]

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