35 Signs That Your Best Friend Is A Frenemy (#1 Toxic Friend)

The one person you can absolutely trust is your best friend. Your best friend is basically your other half, your best friend knows everything about you and you know everything about your best friend. Because of this, you are so close to each other. But what if it turns out that you do not know […]

31 Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You Secretly

A best friend is a one in a million relationship that will make your life feels easy and fun. Our best friends are our sibling, second parents, and twin. You know you are in a friendship with your best friend when everything just clicks together and it feels like you have known each other for […]

34 Clear Signs That She Friendzoned You (#1 Heartbreak Girl)

After a long run of teasing, getting close and opening up to her, you might expect a big finale. All of the flirting is ultimately done to get to the dating phase. But what if she is just not interested? Or what if she wants something completely different from the relationship between the both of […]

24 Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship

Friendship is a great bond that we all need in our life. They are our second family, our home. But of course, in a friendship, both sides have to understand that each person have a life out of this friendship. Sometimes these jealousy is hidden. So, how do we know the signs that your friend is […]

27 Clear Signs That Your Friend Is Fake (No.4 is Worst!)

A beautiful life is the life that is full of good friends. Good friends make our life easier. They are our number one support system and ultimately, our sanctuary. Without a friend our life will be bland. But sometimes, all of this can just be an illusion. What if your friend is not what they […]

20 Ways on How to Tell If Your Friend is Lying to You

The strong foundation for every relationship is a sense of trust. We believe each other that’s why still together. Not only for man and woman relationship, but this also applies on friendship. Keeping a good relationship with a friend requires honesty and sincerity. But human is nowhere to be perfect. There were times when we […]

28 Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend (No.12 is Heartbreaking)

You have special one guy that can take your interest? Kind,  lovable, friendly, caring and warm? If you say yes and he makes ambiguous feeling for you, maybe you need to investigate and examine what he really feeling for you. It is not easy if you love him first because you will not be objective […]

27 Signs of A Friendzone Relationship – Escape Tips

What is friend zone? Is she or he friend zoned you? This article will tell you the definition of friend zone, the signs that you have been in a friend zone and how to get out and avoiding from friend zone. First of all, what is the definition of friend zone? So friend zone is […]

28 Signs Your Best Friend is in Love with You

There must be a moment when you have met someone new and you feel click instantly. Then suddenly you spend numerous amount together and quickly form a friendship and makes you wonder how amazing is this person or how you guys get a long so well. And then you feels like who needs significant other […]

24 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend #No.5 Is True

There are many relation friends that make us colorful life, such as childhood friends, school friends, neighborhood friends, college friends, work friends, best friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends. From childhood friends, we can continue our relation friends become best friends or boy/girlfriends. Best friend relations are the door to find a soulmate that can fulfill our […]