How to Get Modeling Agencies to Notice You on Instagram? Here You Go!

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Getting a modeling job via Instagram is not as easy as it sounds but it is not impossible too, so you have a chance. Here are how tips how to get modeling agencies notice you and hire you.

  1. Have A Large Followers of 1K Minimum

Although the more follower the better, 1k real people on Instagram are the most valuable than millions fake followers.

Fake here means that some of them are robots, or only interested in you in the first time, inactive followers, and many others who are not engaging with your account. You may want to read Is Tinder Bad for Your Reputation? 

  1. Post High Quality Photos

This is not like you have to take picture with high quality camera but it is more like you should post clear and clean photos of you which are not too dark, blurry or shows only your face.

You are selling your appearance of your figure if you want to be noticed by a modeling agency. You can also read How to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram

  1. Post Engaging Captions with Related Photos

Good quality instagram photos are those which are captioned with appropriate words or topic.

For example, you better not to write captions like “Enjoying the beauty of the nature here in this very beautiful tropical island” while the picture is only showing your full close up face showing nothing like beach or tropical area in the background.

  1. Post Original Contents

Again, posting original contents is the key because it shows what you really do. It would be better if you can post various pictures of yourself wearing unique dresses or outfits as often as possible. There is a chance you are noticed by a modeling agency or other clothing brands.

  1. Engage With Your Followers

Your followers will likely to like you and love you more if you have “close” relationship with them at least you liked their comments. They will notice you and think you are kind so that they will always come back to you.

It would be far better of you take time to read and reply their comments. This, will make your account more engaging and have bigger chance to get new followers since the notification. Read Useful Tips on Meeting Someone for the First Time After Knowing Them Online

  1. Use Some Appropriate and Constant Hashtags

Hashtags or (#) symbol is extremely important if you want to get noticed online, it’s like a keyword used on websites to search specific information. Thus, you can use hashtags which are related to modeling and the picture you post.

For example, you can use “#modeling” and other terms such as hireme, vlogger, ootd and many others.

  1. Make Your Profile Open

Remember not to make your profile locked if you want to get noticed. If your account is locked, people and agencies who want to peek and see your profile will immediately leave you and you have just lost a once in a blue moon chance. Also read What to Say When Someone Asks You to Tell Them Something Interesting About Yourself

  1. Provide Email and Phone Number

One more thing to consider is that you have to provide contacts so that you can be easily reached or notified. Don’t always rely on the DM because it doesn’t count as professional for some agencies.

That would be better if you provide phone numbers, emails, and website for your complete professional profiles.

  1. Use Modeling and Other Popular Niches

People on Instagram tend to search information (in this case niches) that very relatable for their life such as health, diet, foods, and traveling so it is better to bring out those niches as the topic of your instagram posts instead.

You will get higher chance to get noticed by more people on instagram and chances are you will get more followers, thus the chances are bigger to be noticed by modeling agencies.

  1. Pay Sponsored Ads

Last but not least, try to pay instagram to promote your posts to reach wider audience. This is very effective because the post will reach specific people as you want and it can be adjusted on the advertising setting.

Those tips of how to get modeling agencies notice you on Instagram is quite effective as they are what influencers do. Remember that if you are an Instagram influencer, you are what many people out there rely on in making their decision, so think and observe before you post. You may also want to read How to Make Shawn Mendes Notice Me!