This is What to Say to Someone on Father Day Whose Dad Died - Be Sympathetic

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For many people, father’s day is a meaningful occasion. But that doesn’t mean that everyone finds it easy. For those who lost their father, this day can be challenging.

Here’s what to say to someone on father day whose dad died to ease their pain:

  1. “I’m sorry for your loss”
  2. “Your father must be so proud of you”
  3. “He raised an amazing person”
  4. “This must not be easy for you but I’m sure he was a great father”
  5. “Let’s go out and have fun to celebrate his life”
  6. “I’m here if you need someone to talk to”
  7. “You are always welcome to tell me fond memories of your father”
  8. “He might be gone but the memories are always yours to keep”
  9. “You don’t have to go through the pain alone”
  10. “You can always talk to me whenever you’re ready to open up”
  11. “It’s okay if you’re still grieving, take your time”
  12. “Your feelings matter, please don’t keep it all to yourself”

What You Need to Tell Them

Would you like to know more about the right things to tell them? Then read on to find out what to say to someone on father day whose dad died:

1. Sympathetic Words

What that person needs is kindness. You never know what goes through their mind on father’s day. This is one of the Reasons You Need to Get Through a Heartbreak Once in Life so you can sympathize with other people.

So be gentle and sympathetic with your words. They hold a lot of weight. Try to avoid causing offense. Show that you do care about their feelings.

Watch out for their body language. It speaks louder than the things they say to you.

If you notice a flinch or a sudden change of expression to a sad one then give them space. They might not feel comfortable talking about their father with you.

2. Encouraging Words

A dose of encouragement never hurts. They need to know that this particular day can be really rough but they’re strong.

Say things that will boost their mood. You can even offer to do go to their father’s favorite places together.

This will encourage them to remember their father in a positive way. You might want to know Encouraging Words for a Friend with a Sick Family Member as well.

3. Optimistic Words

On father’s day, the air can be heavy around them. Keep things optimistic with your words. Making things upbeat is one of the best Reasons Why You Need A Scorpio in Your Life.

Say things such as, “It’s such a nice day out today isn’t it? Perhaps it’s your father’s way of smiling at you.”

Remind them that there are still so many things to look forward to after father’s day. In the meantime, they can take it slow for the day to honor their father.

What You Need to Keep to Yourself

Not everything is great to be said out loud. There are actually some main things to avoid on what to say to someone on father day whose dad died such as these ones:

1. Your View on Father’s Day

Do you have strong feelings about father’s day? Is your view quite different from everybody else?

Maybe you don’t really care about father’s day or perhaps you despise it. If that’s the case then you need to keep it to yourself for a while.

They might not share your point of view. What you say might hurt them too. Here's What to Do with a Girl with Daddy Issues  that might also help.

2. Your Thoughts about Death

If they’re not really talking about death, you shouldn’t too. Your thoughts about it should not be the main topic here.

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It could be that death had a lot of negative impact on their life. Don’t bring something up that will cause them pain. You can talk about death on another day.

3. Focusing on Yourself Too Much

Sometimes, you won’t realize this until later on. It can be easy to slip and shift the focus on yourself.

Avoid dominating any conversations by talking a lot about your experience. Unless you’re in a very similar situation with them.

The focus should be on how they’re currently feeling. Understanding them is the best way to support them. Here's How to Lead A Happy and Peaceful Life in A Simple Way that the two of you can try.

Be prepared to set aside your ego and your feelings. Give a lot of your love for them. It will make father’s day a little easier.

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