All the Ways How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Boyfriend at 20

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you get a boyfriend, you have no obligation to tell your parents about it. Especially when you are a legal adult already at age 20. But if you care of them and want to share your happiness with them, you will tell your parents anyway.

Whether you are still in the beginning of the relationship or have been into it for a while now, telling your parents about him means you really appreciate his presence.

This may not the first time, but still you should know how to tell your parents you have a boyfriend at 20. Telling the parents about your relationship is not always easy, as it depends on how your relationship is with them and their opinion in relationship.

It will be very exciting if they are the easy-going type who are okay with you dating, but it can be stressful if they are the strict parents type who have much control in your life. Also read Ways to Make Your Girlfriend's Parents to Like You

So here are how to tell your parents about your boyfriend.

  1. Find the Right Timing

You should know when is the right time to tell them about him. It depends on how long you have been dating and how your relationship with your parents. If you are pretty close with them, you will be ready to tell them anytime, whether you just start dating or have been together for some time.

But if you hesitate a lot, finding the right timing such as when they are not stressful would be necessary. Also the seriousness of your relationship plays part in this. But in the age of 20, you typically want to have fun with him.

  1. Tell Them Why You Date Him

The next question after who you date would be why you chose to date him. In common sense, there must be certain reasons that makes you interested in him. He might be a funny, kind, loyal, gorgeous, awesome, etc. that you want to be in a relationship with them.

Highlight the points so that your parents will also understand what you see in him. Tell them what makes you care about him and they might grow to care about him as well.

  1. Reasons Why You are Dating

This sounds similar with why you date him, but in a more general terms. Age of 20 is around the time you study in college, so they must want to know why you decided to date. It has a lot of things to do with their concern on your study. They don’t want you to be distracted by your love life.

Your job here is to convince them that, rather than distracting you, you become more motivated in your study.

  1. Build a Good First Impression

Yes, building the initial image of your boyfriend is definitely on you. That’s why it’s very important to highlight all good things about him. Tell only the good he did to you that make you fall for him. Paint a trustworthy image of your boyfriend to make them like him before they meet him.

Even though you find some unlikable traits about him, avoid mentioning those in front of them. And on the day when he eventually meet them, tell him not to show that to your parents. Also read Ways to Get Close to Your Boyfriend's Mother and Win Her Heart

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Another useful way how to tell your parents you have a boyfriend at 20. As they tend to ask unpredictable questions, should you prepare for the worst. Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

Practice the speech several times before you take the act, just to make sure there are no blank space of hesitation that makes your parents question the quality of your boyfriend.

  1. Be Ready for the Questions

As soon as you told them you’ve got a boyfriend, the friendly talk would soon turn into an investigation. Whether you are close to your parents or not, they would want to know more about the guy you date.

You better be ready for this because they often give you out-of-the-box kind of questions. You have to look confidence while answering. Also read How to Tell Your Parents That You Broke Up with Your Boyfriend

  1. Know the Boundaries

When you’re an adult, you have that personal space where nobody can surpass, including your parents. Some parents are not mature enough that they feel like losing you once you start dating. Thus, making them see your boyfriend as their competitors.

This is where you have to step up, giving them understanding that you have your own life now but you still love them all the same.

Those are all we’ve got about how to tell your parents you have a boyfriend at 20. If you got better tips, do share with others on the comment section below.

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