This is What to Say When A Girl Reads Your Message But Doesn't Reply for Weeks

Last updated on August 4, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Texting is fun and it’s a great way to keep in touch if you want to strengthen the bond with a girl you are crushing on.

But sometimes, we are met with a dry text which is a text with minimum replies, lack of enthusiasm, or no replies at all. These kinds of texts leave you wondering what to say when a girl reads your message but doesn't reply.

Using the power of words and some strategy, you can make that ignorance turn into adoration. To do that, use these simple strategies on how to reply to a girl who just reads your text:

  1. Did I Say Something Wrong? If So, I Am So Sorry, It Will Never Happen Again
  2. I Want To Make Things Better, How Can I Make It Better?
  3. Are You Mad At Me?
  4. Do You Need Some Space? You Just Need To Ask
  5. Show Ways to Tell A Woman You Love Her In Real Life
  6. I Can’t Stand Being Distant With The Girl I Love The Most, Please Reply
  7. Are You Busy? Why Are You Not Replying?
  8. This Silence Is Killing Me
  9. I Beg You Please Just Say Something
  10. Say Ways To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her
  11. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
  12. My Mind Won’t Stop Replaying The Thoughts Of You, Please Reply
  13. Use  Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong
  14. Did Your Phone Glitch Or Are You Doing This On Purpose?
  15. Why Did you Just Read My Text
  16. I’d Rather Hear You Saying What You Feel Inside Than Being Put On A Silence Treatment Like This
  17. We Should Talk About This Silence, It Is Killing Me
  18. The Longer You Spend Ignoring Me Like This, The More I Am Hurt. Please, Come Back To Me
  19. Do You Want Me To Do Something To Stop You Being Silent Like This?
  20. No Conversation With You Hurts Like Hell
  21. Hey, Is There Something Going On?
  22. Use Things to Say to A Girl to Make Her Laugh Over Text
  23. I Miss You So Much, I Hope You Know That
  24. I Miss How It Used To Be, Can We Go Back To That?
  25. What Are You Trying to Do To Our Relationship?
  26. Is Texting Me Hurtful For You?
  27. Are You Too Busy To Let Me Know What Is Wrong With Us?
  28. I Think There Is Something Wrong Between Us. Please, Let’s Talk To Me
  29. Just Say Anything. This Silence Is Making Me Feel Numb
  30. Are You Falling Out OF Love From Me?
  31. Is Silence Your Love Language Or Is It Not?
  32. Use The Ways On How to Get A Girl to Text You Back When She is Ignoring You for Days
  33. I Need You And Miss Your Text More Than You Know
  34. Was Something I Said Hurtful?
  35. Are You Currently Occupied? Is That Why You Only Read My Text
  36. Please Just Tell Me What Is on Your Mind
  37. Send Her Some Funny Memes Or Inside Joke
  38. How Can I Make You Happy?
  39. How Can I Make This Stop?
  40. How Can I Make The Silence Go Away?
  41. How Can I Put A Smile On Your Face?
  42. What Is Weighing Your Heart Down?
  43. I’m Sorry For Whatever I Said
  44. I Want You Back
  45. I’m Such A Fool, Please Forgive Me And Say Something
  46. Words From You Are The Only Thing I Want Now
  47. Hearing You Tell Me Something Would Be Heaven
  48. Please Don’t Go Away, Tell Me What’s Wrong
  49. I Want You To Know That You Are Important To Me And What You Are Doing To Me Hurts
  50. Please Don’t Be Passive Agressive Like This, Just Tell Me What Is Going On
  51. I Beg You Just Come Back To Me
  52. This Chat Sure Feels Like A Ghost Town
  53. Hello? Am I Talking To Anyone?
  54. What Are You Trying To Do To Me By Just Reading My Text?
  55. How Long Will This Go On? What Should I Do To Make It Stop Now?

The best ways to solve what to say when a girl reads your message but doesn't reply is something that is passionate and thoughtful.

Never rush things to go back as they were and no matter what, always try to know what’s going on and understand where she is coming from. This is a hurdle that you can overcome as long as you are compassionate towards her.

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