Cheesy Ways To Get A Girl's Phone Number

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For some people asking for a girl’s number can be nerve-wracking. They have fears about what's going to come up like when the girls ignore their request.

The very same reason make guys often think twice to ask for the girl’s number. Also, that's because the girl somehow knows whether or not she wants to explore an intimate relationship with you and that's your purpose.

Here Are Ways To Get A Girl's Phone Number

To encourage you, some people might say to not thinking about it too much and make it bother you. Even though that's true, but still it isn't that easy since you consider about how would you do it to make it works.

Don't worry because we're here to help you break this down. So, here are ways to get a girl's phone number. Don't forget to learn also about Ways to Get Your Arm Around a Girl.

1. Good At Sending Morning Text

The first thing girl might think about their crush is how good they are when sending some morning text. But, how can you show it to her if you don't have their number? Tell her that to give it right away!

2. Get It With Games

Here are ways to get a girl's phone number. Ask her to to play pool and if you win could get her number.

3. You Want To Tell Secrets

It's so cheesy but you should try. Girls tend to always want to know about secrets. Tell her that you'll give her some but how would you do that if you don't have her number?

4. Ask To Put Her Number While You Going To The Toilet

Here are ways to get a girl's phone number. She may want to help you hold your phone while going to the toilet. Then, ask her to put her number onto it as well.

5. Borrow Her Phone

borrow her phone

You can try to borrow her phone and calling your own number through it. Don't forget to wink after that! Check this too Ways to Get a Girl to Hold Your Hand.

6. Be Her Emergency Number

Here are ways to get a girl's phone number. Don't be hesitated to tell her that you'd always come to her when she's calling on danger.

7. You Don’t Normally Ask Every Girl For Number

She is so pretty that you’ll be pissed at yourself if I never see her again. Now, tell her that you never ask every girl for their number.

8. Her Number Is A Rare Pokemon

Here are ways to get a girl's phone number. What are you waiting for, just tell her that her number is the one you've been searching for like a rare Pokemon.

9. Kiss Or Digits?

A little threatening probably won't scare her. So, she wants to give you the kiss or her digits? Ask it directly! Also check this Things to Know Before Dating a Highly Sensitive Person.

10. Tell Her Cutie

Here are ways to get a girl's phone number. An honest compliment might turn her on such as telling her cute so after that you can ask for her number.

More Cheesy Lines To Ask Girl For Her Number

more cheesy lines to ask for her phone number

Here are more cheesy line for you to learn to ask a girl for her number. And also, learn about this too Tinder Pickup Lines That Will Make Her Crazy for You.

1. My Phone Is Better with Your Name on My Contact List.

2. I Don't Talk to Strangers, Can I Have Your Number So We Won’t be Strangers Anymore?

3. I Want to Buy a New Phone Because It Doesn’t Have Your Number in It.

4. I’d Give You Something Better If You Let Me Know Your Number.

5. You Should Know that I’m Good at Flirting Especially Over the Phone.

6. I Really Want to Ask Siri to Find Out Your Number.

7. I Feel Like I Wanna Cry If You Don't Give Me Your Number.

8. I Could Give You My Phone So You'll Write Your Number on It.

9. I Wish I Had Your Number Since Last Weekend.

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10. Your Name Is Hot Blonde, Now Put Your Number Over Here!

11. Can You Help Me? Not Now, But Later, That's Why I Need Your Number.

12. I Won't Bother You If I Have Your Number, How It Sounds?

13. I Don't to Remember My Phone Number, I Want Yours.

14. I Can't Sleep Tonight If I Don't Have Your Number Now.

15. Do You Love This Song, I Use It As a Ringtone, Try to Hit My Number Now!

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