11 Surefire Signs A Scorpio Man Is Jealous With You

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether a friend or partner is jealous of you? If he’s a Scorpio, there are reliable ways to tell.

If you want to know the telltale signs that a Scorpio man shows when he’s jealous of you, read on because they’re all listed in the guide below. 

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However, there are behavioral traits, which reveal what’s going on inside his head as well. 

Scorpios traditionally are one of the signs that feel jealousy with more intensity than anyone else, so it’s worth looking out for these behaviors whenever you’re in a close relationship with one of them. 

There are 11 surefire signs listed below.


11 Signs Of A Jealous Scorpio Man

1. He may ignore you

When a Scorpio is jealous, he often withdraws and gets so angry that he cannot face you. If you’ve noticed this behavior, you may have a jealous Scorpio on your hands. Try to get in touch with him to clarify what really happened, so there are no misunderstandings.

2. He may get revenge against you

There’s a very real possibility that your Scorpio man may date or sleep with other women because he believes you have done the same to him. Try to clear things up with him before something like this happens!

3. He may get very angry

he may get very angry

You may find your Scorpio acting out, lashing out, or even yelling at you if he becomes jealous. Scorpios just don’t handle jealousy in a mature manner. They often get so angry; they only see the color red. If your man becomes super angry, make sure he doesn’t take things too far, and try to clear up the situation as soon as possible.

4. He might accuse you of cheating

If jealousy is in the picture, there’s a very real chance that your Scorpio will accuse you of cheating on him. If these accusations are outlandish, you can let him know he’s acting crazy because you would never cheat on him! Tell him that you only have eyes for him; reassure him and build up his self-confidence so he’ll stop all of this jealousy.

5. He may give you short answers

Short answers, to me, are when a person is angry and acting passive-aggressive. He may just act stiff and cold to you as you try to reason with him. His jealousy may have just gotten the better of his attitude. Talk to him about what is going on, explaining that you need to know what the problem is so that you can find a solution!

6. He may get very controlling

If your Scorpio believes you have been cheating on him, he may try to control your every action and thought. I know that he can’t control your thoughts, but Scorpios tend to get very controlling at times, so he might give it a shot. Don’t let him boss you around; you are your own person, and you can make your own decisions in life.

7. He may become very distant

If your Scorpio decides to act cold toward you when he’s jealous, you may want to find out what he thinks is going on. He’s obviously upset about something. Now is the time to find out what he’s mad about so that you can resolve the issue and move on with your day!

8. He may hold a grudge

Even if you clear up the issue with your Scorpio, there’s a real chance that he won’t let it go. Scorpio men enjoy the drama from time to time. They find it comforting for some crazy reason. Because of this, you may find it useful to talk it out. Say, “Look, honey, we have already been over this issue and resolved it, so let it go!”

9. He could become abusive

There’s a distinct possibility that your Scorpio man will become emotionally, mentally, or even physically abusive. Of course, you’re a smart girl, and you know to get away from anyone who is abusive, right? 

Go ahead and call the police if he decides to get violent. If he acts out in anger, you may want to reevaluate the relationship and whether you want to stay in it. His behavior won’t change over time, most likely, so you are better off breaking up than trying to work through issues where abuse of any kind is involved! Dump him and find the next guy!

Abusive actions of any kind are not the best love you can have. In fact, that is considered to be toxic love, and you can do better than that. Just because it’s comfortable at times and seems to be right at this moment doesn’t mean that it’s right. Instead, search for someone who knows how to treat a woman - like the beauty she is!

10. He may become paranoid

he may become paranoid

If your Scorpio thinks you have done something behind his back, he may become quite paranoid that you are doing other things behind his back. Many men feel insecure if they think their partners are cheating; it’s a natural way to feel - for anyone. It may be a smart idea to let him know you did not do anything sneaky and only want him.

11. He may pick fights with you

If the drama seems to never end, if he picks fights with you over anything, and if he argues every single issue, there’s a good chance your Scorpio is jealous. Just sit him down and have a chat over the issue to find out why he’s so upset. You may be able to resolve the problem if you understand it better. Give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

What To Do With A Jealous Scorpio

It’s a good idea to talk out the issue with your Scorpio to let him know the truth of the matter. Explain the details, and be totally honest about everything. Don’t hide anything. A Scorpio man is very intelligent and intuitive, so he’ll know if you aren’t being truthful. You might also be a little flattered that he cared about you enough to be jealous!

So, let’s recap. First, a Scorpio man is going to get jealous very easily, so you need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with this male. Explain that you weren’t cheating or whatever he believes happened. Second, give him all of the details he needs to get over this jealousy. Be sure to go into detail about your part in the situation, so he knows it was all innocent.

Finally, reassure your Scorpio guy that he is the only male in your life that you have romantic feelings for. Once your Scorpio guy knows that you are serious about your relationship and don’t have eyes for any other guy, he’ll be less jealous and more trusting in the future. You may even find that this conversation has brought the two of you closer together. Give it a try!


Do Scorpios like to make you jealous?

A Scorpio guy doesn’t like to be jealous, so there’s a very good chance he won’t enjoy it if you are jealous, too. He may be worried that you will do the same to him that he does to you. Zodiac signs like this don’t like to compete with other men!

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How do you know if a Scorpio man is mad at you?

His behavior will tell you he is experiencing jealousy. He might withhold love and withdraw from you. He’s not great at showing positive emotions; instead, he just lashes out when he’s mad. If you have the desire to upset your lover, you should think again if he’s a Scorpio.

How do you tell if a Scorpio man is using you?

A Scorpio man doesn’t usually jump in and out of relationships because he doesn’t want to compete. He doesn’t want to juggle multiple relationships if you are going to do the same to him. Pay attention to how your Scorpio guy treats you, and you’ll know his intentions.

What sign does Scorpio hate?

A Scorpio man doesn’t like any sign that is going to try to play games with his heart and make him jealous. His personality traits include confidence and intuitiveness. He’s the best at reading people and won’t compete, so don’t make a Scorpio man jealous by playing games.

How does Scorpio show love?

A Scorpio man can be quite loving in a relationship. His idea of a good time is showing love and his feelings in a real way. His personality is strong, and he’ll use his words to show his affection in a relationship. Show him respect, and you’ll win his heart!

To Sum It All Up

Have you made a Scorpio man jealous? What happened in the relationship? Did your Scorpio guy bolt, or are you still working through the issue? How did you make a Scorpio man jealous? We’d love to hear all about it! Woman, share your idea in the comments section below!

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