Signs A Scorpio Man is Jealous with You, Be Careful Ladies!

by Michelle Devani

Scorpio is known to be the most jealous sign out of the other zodiac. The water sign enhances Scorpio’s emotion. They’ll feel everything intensely, especially in love, and it makes them feel jealousy at an intense rate too. While there are some reasons that make Scorpio is simply the best to be with, their act of jealousy and possessiveness make the relationships with them difficult.

If you have no idea how Scorpio reacts, you could be really surprised and scared when he is showing his jealousy. These are some signs to understand that they are jealous:

1. He takes it personally

he takes it personally

When a Scorpio is jealous, he is extremely jealous and takes it really personal as Scorpio is the most possessive signs in the zodiac. He can barely hold his jealousy and possessiveness.

2. Revengeful

Revenge is something that these people enjoy. When someone occasionally flirting with you or you’re the one who flirts, A Scorpio will make sure that he will do the same. It is really offending. A Scorpio will make sure that you’ll feel bad for hurting them or disturb their ego.

3. Hold grudges

When dealing with jealousy, most of the time they will hold grudges and release it out later when the times are correct. They can release it in a form of revenge or anger, usually at times when you have no idea as to where the problem came from. It’s confusing and annoying at the same time.

4. Release the grudges in rage

Scorpio is known to have an explosive emotion, and he likes to express their jealousy in a pretty big reaction. He's very angry and he’ll get mad fast. Don’t expect him to talk it out, most of the time it will never happen.

5. Argue with you a lot

Once he feels mad and betrayed, he’s going to start arguing with you a lot. And because of his persistence nature, he won’t give you any chance to defend yourself. He would try everything to make him win at any arguments that you two have. This is the reasons why Scorpion is hard to understand.

6. Paranoid

Even if you tell him there’s nothing to be worried about, he won’t believe you. He is getting paranoid and can’t keep his mind off you. Scorpios might think that you’ll be seeing someone else if they are not around, and everything that you’re going to say he won’t believe it.

7. Curious

As a result of being paranoid, he wants to know everything about you, your whereabouts every single time and who you are with. He can even send someone to spy on you. This behavior is kind of annoying and unacceptable.

8. Secretive

In addition to all of that, his jealousy and anger will turn him into a secretive person. He might feel like he is betrayed and you hurt his feeling. In order to protect himself from another broken heart in the future, he will start keeping everything for himself. But having a trust issue is not the only time for him being secretive, there are also other reasons why Scorpio man hides his feelings from you.

9. Becomes cold

That secretive behaviour could lead to something way worse, such as they become cold. They wouldn’t care for you, as if you’re nothing and not exist in their world. 


Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Scorpio From Being Jealous

1. Honesty

You need to be as honest as possible when you’re with him. Don’t keep secret, or giving him any reason to believe that you can’t be trusted. Sticking up to your words is the most important thing.

2. Don't flirt with others

Scorpios think that is very rude to flirt or even checking out another person during your relationship. You should make them feel as they’re the only one in your world and no one else matters.

3. Do not cheat

do not cheat

This is obviously the biggest no-no in your relationship with Scorpio. Not only you’ll break them into pieces, but you should remember that they’re going to take a revenge on you and destroy you as horrible as possible. As cheating maybe one of the reasons on why Scorpio man doesn’t care about you anymore and want to take his revenge on you.

4. Appreciate their jealousy

This may seem a bit weird, but Scorpios show that they’re serious and really into you through a jealousy. For them, jealousy may act as a protective reaction towards something bad, such as rivalry in getting your heart and love. If you really love and the reasons why you need a Scorpion in your life, doing this thing wouldn’t be that hard, right?

When A Scorpio man is falling in love, he doesn’t want nobody else. He will give you lots of attention and affection. He also expects you to do the same. He wants to be your only one and to be given lots of love also. Although your Scorpio guy is moody and can’t handle his jealousy and possessiveness, if he’s committed to the relationship, without a doubt he’ll try to be the best version of himself.

Michelle Devani
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