How To Know A Sagittarius Guy Is Serious About You In His Life

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Each zodiac sign has its own attraction to other zodiac sign such as sagittarius because of he reasons why sagittarius are the best lovers forever. Aside from the zodiac attractiveness, we can see that as a person we surely need certainty before we decide to do things that we need to do. Knowing someone like us does not mean that the person want to have a serious relationship together with us.

And in this article, I would like to talk about the ways on how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about you. So once you know he is serious or not serious about making a relationship with you, you will be able to figure out a decision for you and him.


Obvious Signs He Likes You

obvious signs he likes you

Before you know the signs of how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about you, you surely need to know whether e is attracted to you and like you. Here are some obvious signs that you can see to know whether he likes you or not.

1. He Will Be Opened And Honest To You

The first sign that you can see is he will be opened to you and be honest to you about the things that he does. He wants to get to know you better by letting you know more about you. He wants to build trust once you get to know him better so in hope in return you will also be opened up to him and trust him.

2. Give You Lots Of Compliments

When someone give you compliments on something, your achievement for example, this means that the person who gave you the compliments actually care and happy for you. And when someone give you compliments so often continuously this means that he actually likes you.

Compliments make someone happy and he wants to make you happy and feel comfortable when you are with him. So you will know the answer later if your boyfriend never compliments you, what it means.

3. Stay In Touch With You

Someone who likes you will have the willingness to stay in touch with you. He will find the ways on how teens hang out and stay in touch with their closest friends and apply it to you and your closest friends.There are two ways where he is able to stay in touch with you. The first one, he will approach you directly, and the second one, he will stay in touch with you through text or call.

Signs He Is Serious About You

After you know that he likes you, the next step that you need to do is to make sure whether he is serious about you. Because surely his feelings to you will affect your opinion and decision on what you need to do. Here are some signs to know whether he is serious to you or not. 

1. He Cares Much About You

he cares much about you

He cares so much about you and he will even sensitive about the small things of you. Maybe at some point you will get annoyed with his behavior and you have the right to talk about it if you are not comfortable with his behavior. He just want to know more things about you and trying to keep you away from the things that he thinks is not good for you.

2. Asking Your Opinion

When you start talk to him closer, you will notice that he keeps asking you question. He will let you know about his activities and he wants to know your opinion about it. Someone who wants you to be in his life will respect every decision and inputs that you gave to them, this is why he involves you into the things that he does.

3. Tell You That He Is Jealous

Directly or indirectly, someone who is serious about making a relationship with you will eventually tell you that he is jealous to you at some points when you are away from him. You are able to figure out the ways to know if your friend is jealous of you through their behavioral changes or they can tell you directly that they are jealous.

Jealousy somehow tell you that a person want to be by your side as long as they could and they want to be the reason that make you happy.

That's all the information I can share with you about how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about you. Thank you for the time given to us to read our article, please find out more interesting article on our website such as how to make a sagittarius man fall in love with you again.

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