What to Say When a Girl Says, “What Do You Want to Know About Me?”

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When a girl asks you to start a discussion, it can be tedious if you don’t know what to say. Particularly, when she allows you to ask her anything, you might struggle if you don’t have the right response.

For guys looking to establish a solid relationship with ladies, you need a guide on how to ask the right questions. Here are some perfect examples of what to say when a girl says, ‘what do you want to know about me?’


251 Things to Say When a Girl Says What Do You Want To Know About Me

1. Who can easily make you smile?

This will help you know who a female holds dear to her heart.

2. What book can you read countless times?

Talking about exceptional books will make a great discussion.

3. What movie can you rewatch countless times?

On the contrary, you can also talk about awesome movies. 

4. How much do you love yourself?

Self-love is a pleasant way to start a conversation.

5. What do you like most about me?

You can ask your friend to be honest about you.

6. What do you consider as the most important thing in a relationship?

Many people have different opinions. Try to find out your friend’s views.

7. What would you do with one million dollars?

Get to know what your friend thinks about money.

8. Would you ever be in an open relationship? 

The subject of love and associations is always an interesting one.

9. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Sharing each other’s goals will indeed create a unique bond.

10. Do you like outdoor games?

Bringing up this topic shows you’re paying attention to their interests.

11. Would you rather go to the movies or watch films at home?

This inquiry will reveal how outgoing your friend really is.

12. What’s your go-to snack?

This will make your friend honest about their eating habits.

13. Have you ever cheated?

You can find out some of the hidden secrets a lady has.

14. Has anyone ever cheated on you?

Ask them if they’ve ever been in a painful situation like this.

15. How do you settle conflicts?

Get to know how they handle their differences with others.

16. Have I had an impact on you since we met?

It pays to find out your role in your friend’s life.

17. What do you hope to change about yourself?

Listen to your friend talk about their growth.

18. If you could be anyone for a day, who would that be?

You can also ask who their favorite person in the world is.

19. How often do you check up on your friends?

Get them to confess about their good or possible bad habits.

20. What do you consider a fun night?

Find out what your friend considers exciting.

21. How many children would you like to have?

Asking about the future shows you’re paying attention to your friend.

22. How important is family to you?

Find out what your friend considers important.

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23. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Listen to their beliefs to connect on a deeper level.

24. What are your short-term goals?

Get to know what your friend is working towards.

25. What are your long-term goals?

what are your long term goals

Talk about what motivates you.

26. Have you ever been in a bad relationship?

Find out how negative experiences have changed you.

27. What behavior do you find the most uncomfortable?

This will establish a better bond between both of you.

28. What can warm up your heart instantly?

You can find new ways to make your friend happy.

29. What’s your favorite tv show?

You can bond over great series or binge-watch together.

30. Who has hurt you the most?

Asking about a past relationship can help someone heal from it.

31. What English word do you think is beautiful?

If a female has a favorite word, you’ll get to know this way.

32. Do you often screenshot sweet texts you receive?

Find out how a female feels about receiving nice messages.

33. Do you want to get married?

This subject is necessary when getting to know someone.

34. Are you good with children?

Bringing up kids can be an adorable subject.

35. Do you love to cook?

Find out how good your friend is in the kitchen?

36. What's your favorite meal?

You can bond with any female over your favorite meals.

37. If you could eat one meal forever, what would it be?

This subject would reveal the food they absolutely love the most.

38. What’s your worst food?

You can also talk about meals that aren’t so appealing.

39. Do you keep a journal?

This will help you find out how a female expresses her thoughts.

40. What game show do you wish to be on?

If a female has a favorite game show, you’ll know this way.

41. What’s your love language?

This will give you insight on how to make a lady feel loved.

42. What color would you say your aura is?

Find out what they think about their personality.

43. What do you dislike about guys?

You can find ways to impress a lady this way.

44. Do you like romantic gestures?

Make your relationship with a lady special by making this inquiry.

45. What do people tend to misunderstand about you?

This will give you a better insight to their character.

46. Has anyone ever broken your heart?

You can share a connection based on past encounters.

47. What’s your favorite makeup item?

Unleash a lady’s love for makeup with this inquiry.

48. What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Find out what a female is most proud of?

49. What’s your pet peeve?

Learn what irritates a lady with this inquiry?

50. Do you like people calling you pet names?

do you like people calling you pet names

It’ll help you know whether you should call them names or not. 

51. Do you often compliment strangers?

This will educate you on how a female interacts in public.

52. What’s the worst thing someone has done to you?

You can also find out how they coped with the situation.

53. Are you hoping to marry someone like your father?

This inquiry will give you insight about a female’s interests.

54. What type of pets do you have?

You can get to a girl’s heart by asking about her pets. 

55. Who is the strongest woman you know?

Discover who your friend looks up to.

56. Who’s the strongest man you know?

It could be her father or any essential male character in her life

57. Do you wish to be like any of your parents when you’re older?

You can talk about a lady’s parents to establish a stronger connection.

58. Do you believe in miracles?

Find out your friend’s views about spirituality.

59. Have you experienced any before?

Get to know the deepest encounters a girl has had.

60. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Find out the type of environment they enjoy the most.

61. Where do you get peace and quiet the most?

This will give insight on their preferences.

62. Do you feel comfortable in silent or busy places?

This will help you create the right environment around any female. 

63. What’s your favorite emoji?

Find out about their texting habits.

64. If you could write a book, what would it be about?

Find out what they're dying to share with the world.

65. What nickname do your friends call you?

You can know a girl better by finding out her nicknames.

66. What nickname does your family call you?

It’s even more personal when you find out what her parents call her.

67. Do you consider yourself a romantic?

You can discover if a female is a sucker for love or not.

68. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever received?

You can get new inspiration to make a lady feel special. 

69. What’s the kindest thing someone has done for you?

Find out the gestures they consider sweet.

70. Do you often overthink?

Explore how a female processes her thoughts.

71. Do you have a bucket list?

Build a solid relationship by asking about a female’s passions.

72. What adventures are on your list?

Make the connection stronger by finding out specific adventures on the list. 

73. When was the last time someone said they loved you?

Find out intimate subjects about a female by making this inquiry.

74. When was the last time you said it to someone?

Find out how a female feels about someone with this inquiry.

75. What’s the most beautiful aspect about your personality?

what's the most beautiful aspect about your personality

Make a girl open up about her personality with this discussion.

76. What do you mostly take pictures of?

It could be themselves, food, or even their pet.

77. Who do you trust more than anything in the world?

Discover the strongest relationship a lady has by asking this. 

78. What do you think is your purpose in life?

Make a lady reveal her intentions with this discussion.

79. What’s your favorite holiday?

Discover the time of the year they love the most.

80. Have you ever cried in public?

Find out the most vulnerable moments a girl has experienced.

81. What’s your favorite quote?

It could be an inspirational, motivational, or even a funny one

82. What high school class or college course did you like the most?

You can get a girl to open up by asking her about time in school.

83. How often do you read books?

You can ask about her favorite book.

84. Who’s the smartest person you’ve ever met?

This type of question can help you know what excites a female.

85. Do you love to read autobiographies?

You can build a solid relationship with someone based on other people’s history. 

86. What’s your most impactful childhood memory?

It could be more than one, if necessary.

87. Do you have a favorite TED talk?

It will be exciting to find out who your friend likes to listen to. 

88. Do you like to watch the news?

This is quite an interesting thing to ask anyone, irrespective of their age.

89. Where do you regularly get news from?

Find out whether they enjoy reading blogs or watching tv for the news. 

90. How often are you on social media?

You can solidify relationships with females by knowing how they spend their time.

91. What’s the most-used app on your phone?

If you’re considering dating a female, this is a great way to know them more. 

92. Who’s your favorite author?

It’s always a good thing to inquire about a female’s book interests.

93. What do you wish to worry less about?

You can find out about their major worries in the first place.

94. Do you believe in destiny or luck? 

Big questions such as these can create interesting discussions.

95. What’s your favorite board game?

Great relationships can be formed from random subjects like these.

96. What movie has inspired you the most?

If a female is a movie lover, this will be a great discussion. 

97. Do you consider yourself a good person?

This might be a big question, but it’ll surely create a bond.

98. What motivates you the most in life?

Knowing a girl’s motivation in life can give you insight into her life. 

99. Do you believe in karma?

You can find out more about your friend’s beliefs with this subject.

100. Do you often spoil yourself?

do you often spoil yourself

You should find out how often a female treats herself.

101. How exactly do you spoil yourself?

This can lead to a discussion about food, movies, vacations, etcetera. 

102. How much impact did your parents make in your life?

This will help you find out how much a girl values her parents.

103. What genre of music do you like?

Finding out about a female’s song interests can help you bond with her.

104. What subject are you most knowledgeable about?

This can be apart from what they majored in in college.

105. What song lyric speaks to you the most?

Ask about a lady’s favorite song and how it makes her feel. 

106. Do you enjoy writing?

You can also ask about other mediums a girl likes to express herself. 

107. What’s your favorite way to write?

It could be with a pen and paper, or with a computer. 

108. What do you often daydream about?

This will help you know where most of a lady’s thoughts lie.

109. Who’s your favorite movie character?

Find out her favorite movie and movie character, and respond with yours.

110. Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?

You can connect with girls by inquiring about their rarest moments

111. Are you always honest with yourself?

This is another fun way to get to know someone better.

112. What form of technology is impossible to live without?

Learn how much they depend on technology.

113. How long can you be away from your phone?

Stir up insightful discussion with topics like these.

114. Do you believe in past lives?

You can also inquire about the strange things they believe in.

115. Do you enjoy watching documentaries?

Ask about the cool ones they’ve watched.

116. What do you like most about the universe?

Do they enjoy the landscapes or the people more?

117. How important is money to you?

This is a fun way to find out where a lady’s priority lies.

118. Can you possibly survive in prison?

This type of inquiry helps you find out if someone can cope in unlikely situations.

119. Are you proud of your accomplishments?

Talking about accomplishments can be a good way to get girls to open up. 

120. Do you wish to go to space?

Find out if a girl is the adventurous type with this inquiry.

121. Do you believe in God?

You can build a bond with someone by knowing their beliefs.

122. How often do you pray?

This will help you know more about a person’s spirituality.

123. Do you follow your head or heart?

Expose the passionate or logical side of a female with this inquiry. 

124. Do you enjoy motivational messages?

Find out what drives a lady by bringing up this topic.

125. What’s your spirit animal?

what's your spirit animal

This inquiry will expose more about a person’s character.

126. What book genres do you like?

Books are a great way to know someone intimately.

127. What movie genres do you like?

You can indeed bond with anyone over great movies.

128. Do you consider yourself to be smart?

Find out what a lady thinks of herself with this statement.

129. Would you like to explore the deep sea?

This inquiry will expose the adventurous side of a girl.

130. What’s any random fact you can remember?

This is a great way to start a discussion with girls.

131. What makes you a strong person?

Saying this will help you identify where your acquaintance gets their strength from. 

132. What experience has made you weak?

Knowing this will help your friend become more vulnerable around you.

133. Where feels like home the most?

Asking a girl about home will help her reveal her place of comfort.

134. What’s your escape location?

You can try to find out where your friend likes to escape to?

135. Who has the biggest influence on you?

You should try to find out who makes a great impact on your friend.

136. What do you wish to change about yourself?

There’s always room for improvement, so try to find out your friend’s views.

137. What would you do if the world was ending?

This type of inquiry would definitely stir up other fun topics.

138. Do you feel you belong to this decade?

Asking this will help you understand your friend’s personality even more.

139. Who are you closest to in your family?

This question can help you establish a personal bond with any girl.

140. Who knows you best in the world?

Finding out about your friend’s associations is indeed a great topic.

141. Do you have a best friend?

This inquiry tells the person you want to know more about them.

142. What do you like most about your best friend?

This topic is another way to show you respect someone’s opinions.

143. What did you want to be as an adult when you were younger?

Asking a girl about her childhood is always a great way to start.

144. Who’s your favorite fictional character?

It could be from a book, movie, or any show they’ve ever watched,

145. Do you like or dislike compliments?

It’s smart to know how a girl reacts to others.

146. What do you like most about yourself?

You should try to find out what they think of themselves.

147. What physical attribute do you like about yourself?

This is an interesting way to connect with someone.

148. What non-physical attribute do you like about yourself?

This inquiry can deepen the connection you have with someone. 

149. Do you believe in love?

Talking about love shows you really want to know more about someone.

150. Do you believe in love at first sight?

do you believe in love at first sight

This type of inquiry gives the interaction more depth.

151. Do you believe in finding a soul mate?

It wouldn’t hurt to find out what someone is searching for.

152. Do you believe in horoscopes?

Asking a girl about her beliefs strengthens your bond with her.

153. Have you ever been in love?

Inquiring about a female’s love history shows interest in her.

154. What can make you fall in love?

This is another fun way to know a female better.

155. What makes you vulnerable?

You can try to get things personal by making this inquiry.

156. What have you been dying to ask a man?

You should have an idea of a female’s fears too. 

157. What would you do if you could be a man for a day?

This inquiry helps you know what a female would prefer to do.

158. What do you find most attractive in a man?

You should try to find out your friend’s likes and dislikes.

159. What topic do you want to learn more about?

You can also ask what they prefer to do in their free time. 

160. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Your friend’s passion should intrigue you.

161. Why haven't you done it yet?

This will give you insight on how to possibly help them.

162. What’s your dream job?

It should be something they’d love irrespective of the pay. 

163. What would you do if you had a work-free day?

You can also ask what they do on public holidays.

164. What made you cry last?

Asking this shows you want to know your friend on a deeper level.

165. What made you laugh last?

Their joy should also concern you.

166. What really embarrassed you last?

This will help you get up close and personal with them. 

167. What’s your most cherished memory?

Anything that makes your friend happy should excite you too.

168. What’s your biggest fear?

This inquiry will expose the vulnerable side of your friend,

169. What’s your biggest regret?

Talking about regret will help you know what to avoid doing.

170. What laws have you ever broken?

It could be as small as evading a traffic light.

171. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

You should be excited to know about your friend’s wild side.

172. Do you like interacting with strangers?

You should ask a female about her interactions in public. 

173. Are you a cat or dog person?

This will give you insight on the pets they’d keep.

174. What animal would you like to be?

This inquiry helps you know more about their personality.

175. What’s your favorite joke?

what's your favorite joke

Telling jokes is a great way to spice things up.

176. What movie are you guilty of enjoying?

It could also be a book or a show they’re embarrassed to admit they enjoy.

177. How would your parents describe you?

You should find out how well your friend’s parents know their child.

178. Where would you go, if you could go back in time?

This will undoubtedly be an interesting topic.

179. What makes you unique?

You should try to find out hidden things about your friend.

180. What do you think your life is missing?

Knowing this will establish a deeper bond.

181. What’s the strangest belief you have?

You should try to find out how your friend thinks.

182. What’s your guilty pleasure?

This inquiry shows you want to know them on a personal level.

183. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

This can give you insight on a girl’s routines.

184. Do you have any tattoos?

Find out about your female friend’s body markings.

185. Do you consider getting any?

If they don’t have one, ask them if they consider getting any.

Other Examples of What to Say When She Says, "What Do You Want to Know About Me?"

186. What can make you smile every day?
187. What memory makes you smile all the time?
188. Do you think your family is proud of you?
189. Mention one wrong thing to ask a lady.
190. How do you spend your weekends?
191. What behavior annoys you all the time?
192. What memory can make you laugh instantly?
193. What can you honestly say is the greatest movie of all time?
194. What do you consider a perfect date?
195. What do you hope to achieve in ten years?
196. What do you spend your paycheck on?
197. Have I ever made you smile?
198. Does anyone’s laugh annoy you?
199. Have you ever been on a blind date?
200. What do you hope will change in your life soon?
201. What’s the worst date you’ve been on?
202. Can you fall in love with a stranger?
203. What can I do to make you smile?
204. Have I made a wrong move so far?
205. Have you ever been in a serious relationship?
206. What type of body language annoys you?
207. Do you often consider what others think of you?
208. When was the last time you hugged someone?
209. Do you think you fall in love easily?
210. What type of body language is the most welcoming to you?
211. What are you afraid of the most?
212. What little things can’t you live without?
213. Is my body language appealing to you?
214. What’s one truth no one knows about you?
215. What’s your favorite thing to do in the world?
216. Have you ever been put in the friend zone?
217. What’s one truth others don’t know about you?
218. Have you ever been in a fight?
219. Who are you the most afraid of?
220. Who’s the most important person to you in the whole world?
221. How often do you observe people’s body language?
222. Who means a whole lot to you?
223. What’s the best conversation you’ve ever had?
224. What’s the toughest situation you’ve been in?
225. What’s your definition of a beautiful woman?
226. What’s the first thing you often say to strangers?
227. How do you start a conversation?
228. Have you ever been turned down by a guy?
229. Have you ever told a guy you’re not interested?
230. What personal questions do you hate answering?
231. Do you enjoy talking over the phone?
232. What topic do you desperately need answers to?
233. What breakup hurt you the most?
234. What’s the worst conversation you’ve ever had?
235. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without speaking to someone?
236. Can you go without talking for a day?
237. What would you like to have a conversation about?
238. What’s your favorite drink in the world?
239. Has anyone ever told you you’re a beautiful woman?
240. What’s the best way to get to know someone you like?
241. What’s the most exciting trip you’ve been on?
242. How many countries have you been to?
243. Have you ever lied about being in a relationship?
244. How often do you crave respect?
245. Do you sometimes get tired of talking?
246. Have you ever complimented another beautiful woman?
247. What’s the most annoying thing someone has said to you?
248. What subject do you hate talking about?
249. What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve had?
250. Do you still talk to your exes?
251. How often do you get to know new people?


What to say when a girl says what do you like about me?

When a girl asks what you like about her, you can tell her how much you love her personality. You can also compliment her physical features and bring up great memories you have together. 

What is the best answer when a girl asks what you want from me?

When a woman asks what you want from her, you have to give a calculated reply. Think carefully about what you want from the association. Do you want a friendship, more time with her, or potentially a romantic association?

What do you want to know about a girl?

It’s essential to find out more about a female’s likes and dislikes if you want to get closer to her. Find out her passions, and the things she holds dear to her heart. This will strengthen the bond you share with her.

What to say when a girl asks, ‘tell me about yourself?’

If a lady asks you to open up about yourself, you should tell her about your dreams and goals for the future. You can start with short-term goals and proceed to long-term ones. 

How do you make a girl miss you?

You can make a lady miss you by having a positive impact on her. The more you create value around her life, the more she’ll cherish your absence.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on what to say when a girl says what you want to know about me? Remember to make the discussion as natural as possible without imposing too much on the lady’s personal space. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article, and share it with others.

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