What is The Different Between Asexual and Pansexual? Sex Orientation Explained

Last updated on July 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In this modern society, people now have varies labels on sexual and gender orientation. It is not a secret anymore that some people may have been born with two sex characteristics who are called as intersex. Meanwhile for gender orientation has developed and have more varieties for the terms, from women, men, bisex, lesbian, gay. Now, we have other labels called Asexual and Pansexual.  

Now, those two words may be heard by us for so many times. As those two are common terms of LGBTQ, although we need to take a closer look to acknowledge the meaning because of a variety of terms. Alicia Menendez, an American TV commentator, once noted that pansexual term is just another “love across a spectrum”.

What is the different between asexual and pansexual? To know more about Asexual and Pansexual, let’s break those down into these points:

Based on Adjective and Noun Meaning

Asexual and Pansexual are two different English words which can be used as adjectives and noun. To look at the closer meaning, based on adjectives, Asexual means not having the desire or experience a sexual attraction at all. While Pansexual, based on adjectives, means that having desire or experience having an attraction to all gender and sexual orientation, basically Pansexual is having the sexual desire to all people.

However, if we look closer to meaning based on the noun, Asexual means one kind of species which reproduces by asexual rather than one sexual reproduction. Meanwhile, based on the noun, Pansexual means People who can be attracted by all type of people whether they have different sex or gender orientation.

The Sexual Desire and Sex Orientation

It has been mentioned earlier that Asexual is the person who has zero sexual attraction toward another person. Based on the community, there are diverse opinions about the attraction. They agree that Asexual just enjoy a company without any kind sexual activity. They can’t understand the difference between ‘hot’ guy/ girl or ‘interesting’ guy/ girl.

Meanwhile, it is obvious for Pansexual. They can have both sexual and romantic attraction for all people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. However, they might be misunderstood as bisex. Well, both still have different, that is why the community agreed to separate the meaning and term for them.  

Romantic Attraction

The Asexual people may have common things such as building a relationship, attraction, or even arousal but it felt different. They can’t be too desired to have sex with other(s) people. So, they may have a romantic attraction but they do not have sexual attraction. After all, they still have human’s instinct who loves attention but not all asexual is looking for relationship. While Pansexual can build a sexual and romantic relationship.

To make a more easy understanding of two, the pansexual people are kind of people who’d like to eat any kind of meal on the menu. They will eat vegetarian menu or steak. While Asexual is kind of people who don’t feel hungry and don’t want to order any meal. However, they enjoy ordering a glass of beer and a good company with her/ his partner.

Here are more about: 

By looking at those basic different and meanings, some people might think that it is possible for asexual people to exist. Because we all know that sex is very basic needs for people and of course to give birth. However, the fact states that they exist, indeed.

That’s the same case for Pansexual. It is possible for someone to get attracted by any sex or gender orientation. They might be seen as people who harm social norm, but as people, they do have the freedom to express themselves and not to change themselves just to fit the social norm.

The wise thing to do as a big society, we need to give people freedom. We don’t have to agree, but acceptance is enough. It is okay to accept that “sex is just out of the picture for Asexual people”, said Menendez, meanwhile Pansexual people “see people for who they are, and not gender”, said Rapper Angel Haze.

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