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16 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Date a Runner!

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You are a girl, you have a crush and your crush is a Runner?, if yes, he is a Runner, then don’t start to date with your crush because you need to read this first!. Disgusting habits are the main reason for you to think again before you date a Runner.


If you date a runner, she or he will blow snot out of his or her nose, farting and he or she will always take a long shower. It is normal but only in the running world. If you are a woman and you wanted to date a Runner, you need to considered it by reading these 16 points of dating a Runner:

  1. Smell of Sweat

If you are a woman and you hate the smell of sweat then your crush is a Runner and start to forget him because you will smell sweat every time you go out with him.

  1. Less Time for you

Why you should never ever date a runner? If you are dating a Runner, she or he will never have much time for you because a Runner has a tight schedule for training especially on the weekend. A Runner Should maintain their body condition and you know it’s good for him but no good for you because they will ignore you all the time.

  1. They don’t know what’s going on

You know a Runner always focused on their training and exercises that is why they barely know what’s going on outside. They don’t know what is the latest movie, what is trend, fashion trend and so on. Also find out about Reasons Why Dating An Only Child Is Difficult

  1. Championship

A Runner will prepare for a contest championship and this is the time where they will forget you and focused on what they will or will not achieve. The preparation will take around three months or more and during that time you will never see him.

  1. Money on Their Hobby

Think again if you are dating a Runner. Their money will spend on their hobby so the money is not for you but for their hobby. Imagine if you are married and spent the money on his hobby that would be so egoistic.  Also find out about Signs of a Man Using a Woman for Money

  1. Injured

If a Runner injured especially when it closes to a Contest of a Running Championship. You must deal with his anger, depression, frustrating and emotion.

  1. Persuade You to Run

This will happen to you, where he persuades you to run and liking his hobby. They will force you whether directly, frontally or persuasive. It will be humiliating if you are not like to run just like he does and if you rejected his will soon they will notice the sign that you are not love him anymore.  Also find out about What to Do If Your Boyfriend Ignores You on Whatsapp Chats

  1. Fashion

Remember this part! He always wear sport fashion wherever you go.

  1. Smell of The Shoes

If you are staying with him in your house , his house or you started to living together then you will understand why the house will be smell like shoes or sweat.

  1. Sport Everywhere

When you enter to his room especially his bedroom you will see the sports equipment started from shoes, barbell, lifting and mat. Could be more. That’s the reason why you should never ever date a runner.  Also find out about What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating an Older Man?

  1. Disgusting Habits

A Runner always covered by sweat and of course it is so disgusting. How could you hug a person with full of sweating of his body or how do you kiss a man with a sweating body. 

  1. Long Distance Relationship

Dating an Athlete such as a Runner you will feel what long distance relationship is. When he goes to a championship contest, you will have your relationship in a distance and hope that your Athlete doesn’t get a new girlfriend.

  1. Sweet talk

If you really dating a Runner, he will always do sweet talks a lot by using sport metaphor and get ready to get bored with it.

  1. Disgusting feet

A runner’s feet is covered by blisters and bunions. The worst is some of his toe nails are missing and if you really dating a runner, you should’ve been ready to rub his feet on occasion, so be prepared.

  1. Fans

If your boyfriend is a Runner then be prepared when he is a famous Runner. All of his girls fan will always stalking at his social media such as Instagram, so you need to be ready of jealous and jealousy.

  1. Vacation

If you are planning to go on vacation your runner boyfriend or girlfriend will choose the best place that she or he could practice his or her running. So, you should consider these before you dating a Runner.

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