How To Make A Mexican Man Happy And Stay With You

Last updated on May 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you are an 80’s or 90’s person, then you must be someone who sat in front of the TV in the evening waiting for them to see that handsome and beautiful actor of telenovela soap drama on screen.

Let’s say, Marimar with her famous dog Furgoso, Maria Mercedes, Betty Lafea, Rosalinda, and so many of them and you found in their stories would show us how handsome a Mexican man was, and how sexy they could treat their loved ones.

That’s one of the reasons If you are one of the people who grew up with their romance stories, probably you also have a fantasy to have a date with a Mexican man. So I’ll give you some hints on how to make Mexican men happy, in a way to catch them to be your lover.


Football Is Everything For Mexican Man

How to make a Mexican man happy? Do not try to interrupt when a Mexican man is watching a football game on TV.

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1. They Are A Family Man

For Mexican men, the family will come first especially when it is about their mother. You’ll find it funny when seeing a macho man is still asking their mother to cook for them as for their excuse to be around with their family often. At least it will happen until they build their own familia.

2. Macho Man Definitely Hunger For Spicy Foods

It is natural for you to find a Mexican boy at their young age already start eating spicy food, while the adults will make a competition of eating spicy fiesta. So if you want to get close to them, start to like and cook spicy foods. The spicier the food the tastier for their appetite. 

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3. Mexican Man Is Very Gentleman Inside

When you are traveling to Mexico or Spain, you will notice the gesture of Mexican men while they are going out with the ladies. They are the type of man who will open the door for the ladies, and it is a common view there.

4. When Swearing Sounds Sweet

Probably, it doesn’t suit everyone, yet when you hear a Mexican man swearing in front of you, you should feel good for it is the sign of you are being their dearest person to them.

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5. Let The Man Drive For You

In Mexico, it is so rare to see a female sit behind the wheel when you see there’s a couple inside. Not for a silly reason, obviously, the Mexican man hardly to trust a woman to drive, and it will make their “macho figure” spot on. That's how to make a Mexican man happy.

6. Mexican People Are Party People

mexican people are party people

Mexico is also known as a country with the most number of festivals in the world, which is the reason why the Mexican man could stand for 3 days just to drink endlessly with their friends. They will for sure buy and spend a bottle with the amigos

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If you have a chance to see a man, these hints might work only on a Mexican man, since they are as unique as their quesadillas. So finger cross, girls!

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