6 Reasons Why Scorpio Man Hiding His Feelings From You – Ways to Make You Know Him Better

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Here we go again in the lovedevani.com, #1 all about love from Devani site. If lovedevani.com has discussed some articles like reasons why you should not marry a Pakistani man, relationship in Islam is haram, and reasons why Aries man is attracted to Aquarius woman, in this occasion, lovedevani.com will talk about ways to help your figure out about your Scorpio crush.

Generally, Scorpio men are charming with their own. Either if he got a handsome face or not, still he has charms that some women can not resist. Even the way they talk and how they lead a conversation making it hard to get away from their charm. Plus, if he has a smart brain and knowledge, you won’t be able to give him a cold shoulder attitude. They like to be mysterious to some women and they intend to use their natural ability to flirt and be manipulative. They also born to be a leader so once you are in a relationship with them, they will automatically be the dominant in the relationship. So, it’s true if you want to have a relationship with a Scorpio man is full of struggle and challenges. Yet, there are many ways that you can do to attract them. First, you have to know How to Make A Scorpio Man Addicted To You and you have figure out the Natural Characteristic of a Scorpio in Love.

However, they are also have their flaw. According to women who are in or about to have a relationship with scorpion men, they have same problem which is Scorpio men like to not showing or hiding their feelings. Scorpion man hiding his feelings not just from their partner but almost to everyone surround them. Why Scorpio man hiding his feelings from you? Well, here are some reasons why Scorpio man hiding his feelings from you

  1. Trust issue

Based on the research, scorpion men very appreciate honesty. Once you broke the trust he gave to you, there’s no way he is going to trust you again. So, don’t ever try to lie even for the tiniest thing to them. Especially when it comes to their romance life. Scorpion men really being careful when it comes to their love life. They value honesty deeply so when you don’t give them a great reason to trust you, they won’t give you the benefit of the doubt or even worse they are just gonna leave you hanging.

  1. Hurt from a previous relationship

Like we have been discussed before, they really value honesty. So, when they got hurt by got cheated or be lied to they can take it very deeply. They are best at hiding their true feelings, they looked like everything is alright but deep inside their heart they are hurt. They never forget what everyone did to them. Either it is a good thing for their life or bad thing and they will treat you same as the way you treat them.

  1. Shy

Even though they are known to be a good talkative person and have charms the way they talk and lead a conversation, deep down they are very shy. According to some research This explains why scorpion man hiding his feelings from you.

[6 Reasons Why Scorpio Man Hiding His Feelings From You – Ways to Make You Know Him Better]

  1. Sensitive and emotional

Being sensitive to others sometimes can be good but can be bad either. Scorpio men tend to be sensitive even for small matters. So, you have to be careful for whatever you say or do towards them. You may think that what you are doing are not offending him but you never know what he feels inside because Scorpio man likes to hide his feelings. When he feels offended he absolutely shut you down from his life but he never show it right to your face.

  1. Mood swings

Similar to their sensitivity, they have extremely bad mood swings. But their mood swings are different from what women experienced when they are in the PMS time. Their mood can change as quick as you turn your palm of the hand. so, for you who are in an attempt to catch a scorpion man should be aware of their mood swings.

  1. When they feel you are not ‘The One’

It’s proven that Scorpio man likes to chase and when they like you, he tends to flirt more and try to look for any information about you. Even for the tiny detailed of you, he will search and find it. But, when they feel that you are not ‘The One’ or someone he likes to spend his time for, then he will just act as usual like to others and can be a distant person.

In conclusion, if you want him to open up things and not hiding their feelings from you, don’t push them to do it. They don’t like people to push them to open up. Just be there for him and give him a comfort zone whenever he is with you and eventually he won’t hide his feeling anymore. They will show what they  feel whenever they are ready to show it. Don’t be the one who is chasing because its his role or he can really shut you off from his life. Other important thing is don’t misunderstand his moves. Scorpion man can be good at hiding his feelings so, they have their own way to show their love for you, that’s why you should know Ways Scorpio Man Shows Love to You.

And that’s the article entitle “6 Reasons Why Scorpio Man Hiding His Feelings From You – Ways to Make You Know Him Better” By knowing something more about him, surely, you guys will move one step closer to be a lover.