How To Make An Aquarius Woman Obsessed With You (9 Things To Make Her Swoon)

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is there a special Aquarius woman in your life who you’d like to get to know on a deeper level?  

Is it fair to say you’re beginning to obsess over her? 

Are you wondering what you can do to encourage her to feel the same way about you? 

If so, you’re in luck, because that’s what this guide is all about. 

There are certain actions that Aquarian women find especially appealing and I have listed the most effective of these below. 

However, I want to begin this article by telling you about the #1 thing NOT to do. Please read this advice carefully... 

This isn’t an Aquarian thing necessarily. ALL women hate this. Yet, it’s so common for men to make this mistake. 

That mistake is: COMING ON TOO STRONG. 

When men make their intentions too clear too early, it ruins the thrill of the chase for women. 

We like a bit of mystery when flirting with men. A bit of “will we, won’t we?”. It’s exciting! 

More importantly, we feel desperately slutty when we ‘give in’ to men who make their intentions too obvious. 

So, most of the time, we turn them down instead (even if we really liked them...).

That’s why I want to share this expert guide with you. It’s on a topic called ‘Stealth Seduction’. Once you’ve read this, you’ll be able to consistently hit the sweet spot between flirting too passively and too aggressively.

This guide is your sacred text to help you flirt more effectively. On behalf of all women, I’m begging that you read it now, because we absolutely HATE when men don’t understand this topic. 

With that said, let’s now take a look at the actions you should take in order to attract that gorgeous Aquarian woman into your life.

The Aquarius woman, an air sign, is known for being a zodiac sign that tends to follow their feelings. They enjoy doing what they like and are one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. 

This makes them quite a catch for men that enjoy affection and tenderness, but also enjoy having a little bit of space every so often. 

Attracting an Aquarius woman involves reaching out to her values. You’ll need to develop an understanding of what Aquarius women like, and the things that they find most unattractive. This complete guide will help her see that you two are perfect for each other. 


9 Keys To Unlocking The Heart Of Aquarius Women

9 keys to unlocking the heart of  aquarius women

This zodiac sign will make you rethink yourself if you’ve ever doubted air signs. They are full of love and passion. They don’t always think things through because they make decisions based on their emotions more, but this spontaneous nature guarantees an interesting relationship. You’ll feel closer to this air sign than any other zodiac sign if you are in a relationship with them. 

1. The Friendship Level Is Very Important

Aquarius women don’t just want a man that can make them smile every once in a while. They want a partner that is their companion on their many adventures. A key thing to know if you’re wondering how to make an Aquarius woman obsessed with you is that you need to be their friend. 

Aquarius loves deep conversations that make her think, learning about you, new things, and living life to the fullest. They want to be able to tell you their secrets, just like they would a best friend. 

2. Make Sure To Give Her Plenty Of Space

One of the reasons that people describe Aquarius as flighty is because they do tend to scare off easily, but only when you threaten their independence. If you want to attract an Aquarius woman, it’s very important to give them plenty of space

Do not blow up their phone or expect them to check-in. In fact, don’t expect anything if you are going to be slightly controlling or clingy, because they will head for the hills. Instead, fall back a little bit and let them have their fun in life. 

If you find that you’re texting her multiple times a day with those “wyd” texts, and her responses are short or non-existent, it means that you’re starting to scare her off. This sign loves attention, but only to an extent. A little attention daily is just fine to make an Aquarius woman fall in love with you. 

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3. Don’t Mention Casual Dating

When it comes to Aquarius, don’t mention casual dating if you’re out to make an Aquarius woman obsessed with you. 

This woman is more all or nothing. They will be perfectly happy being your friend, but that’s not what you want if you are trying to figure out how to make an Aquarius woman obsessed with you. Instead, you want her head over heels in love with you, so simply avoiding the topic of casual dating or saying you want something serious is the key here. 

4. Think Outside Of The Box

think outside of the box

An Aquarius woman will be known for heading off the beaten path to forge a trail of her own, and she’ll appreciate having the same in a partner. Instead of going with traditional gifts, pick up something thoughtful. Encourage her to do what makes her happy instead of trying to stick with what society tells us to do. 

5. Show An Aquarius Woman That You’re Supportive Of Her

When you want this woman to become obsessed with you, you need to show that you support her. She’s used to people telling her what to do, insisting that she should not go against the grain, or admiring her for her ability to do just that. That’s not what she needs in a partner. 

An Aquarius woman needs for you to be in her corner to provide her with support, whether that’s releasing some tension, telling her she’s doing a great job, or giving her space to get some work done. 

6. An Aquarius Woman Will Love Thoughtful Conversations

Small talk will not make this woman obsessed with you. Instead, when speaking with an Aquarius woman, shoot for conversations that will make her think. 

This is one of the intellectual zodiac signs, so she’ll appreciate topics that make her feel like she is learning something or has to put thought into the conversation. You might have to expand your horizons a bit to keep things interesting for her, but there’s nothing wrong with learning new things!

7. Don’t Try To Be Something You’re Not

While it can be hard to attract an Aquarius woman because they are typically attracted to those that live exciting lives, that doesn’t mean that you should fake anything. Do not tell her that you love exotic animals if you do not. Don’t ever make up a tale about going to a country that you haven’t been to. Instead, tell them interesting things about your life. She’ll love learning more about you! If you do try to fake anything, an Aquarius woman will know and dismiss you rather quickly. 

8. Treat Her To Something New On Dates

treat her to something new on dates

An Aquarius woman will want to see the world and experience every possible thing in it. While you might not be taking her on lavish vacations for a first date, that doesn’t mean you can’t give her new experiences! If she mentions wanting to try a particular type of cuisine, find a local restaurant that specializes in it. She’ll love that you like trying new things with her!

9. Accept Her For Who She Is

Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs that is not designed for a perfect family with a white picket fence, one boy and one girl. If that does happen, don’t expect it to run smoothly. Because of this, Aquarius is used to people trying to change her, convince her to be someone else or simply being critical of her. Show her that you love her for who she is instead. 


How do Aquarius show affection?

Aquarius will show affection first by making time for you, and inviting you into their private life. By showing you that they are willing to put in work, they are showing you that they think you are worth the extra effort. As they fall in love, expect grand gestures to show affection. 

How do you make an Aquarius woman feel loved?

Always remember that she’s sensitive, and take her feelings into consideration. Put time into buying her gifts instead of money. Show her new experiences. Respect her privacy, and let her be herself. Show her that you love her just the way she is. 

Where does Aquarius like to be touched?

Every zodiac sign has its own erogenous zone. For Aquarius, that is their calves and ankles. Specifically, the back of their calves and ankles. This sign does like affection but can be startled easily if they are lost in their thoughts. Keep this in mind when touching your Aquarius. 

What does Aquarius find attractive?

This sign will appreciate a person that is independent. They want someone that is respectful, yet doesn’t mind being their own person either. To attract them, show off your fun, quirky side and they’ll fall in love with everything that makes you unique. 

Are Aquarius good kissers?

Yes, they are! This sign is slow and essential, but they like to do things a little bit differently from time to time. Expect them to randomly bite your lip or throw a random move you weren’t expecting into the kiss. Kissing them is never boring!

In Conclusion

Have you ever tried to date an Aquarius woman, or are you one? What would you add to the list?

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