11 Ways On How To Get Close To Introverts In No Time

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Loneliness would be the horrible dream for some people who tend to live in the crowded place with many people around. Yet, it could be different for certain people called “introvert” who prefer to stay away from hustle as having their own way to enjoy their life. Some of you might think how to know and become closer to introvert? Actually it might be harder than usual and could be the challenge to deal with.

And instead their charm emerges as making you arrest a strong desire to know about them indeed, their actual daily life, their favorite, and the way they think and give a view about something, and many more.

Interest can be strongly correlated with the curiosity. As you feel interest to someone without you even knowing it your urge to know about him become greater. Yet, what if your interest falls in to introverts. It cannot be denied that you should arrange more effort and strategy to deal with. Here the simple things to know and to do for getting close to introverts:


1. Approach Him Personally And Getting Away From The Crowd

How to get close to introverts? An introvert does not like the crowd and tends to stay away from them. You should seclude yourself from hustle and approach him singly to make him feeling comfort.

2. Start The Conversation By General Discussion

start the conversation by general discussion

After getting him feel comfort besides you, the second thing you should consider is how to start the conversation. The common talks can be adopted as the key to start, for instance you can ask and invite him to talk about what’s going on around you and him as usually an introvert would be the good observer toward his surroundings since actually he pays attention to the environment without involving himself to them.

3. Ask About Him With The Basic Questions

No matter who you talk with, if they are the introverts you ought to consider such basic questions. This basic talks supposed to be the way to find out more about him, where he usually spend time and with whom, what his favorite and hobby, and many more. That's how to get close to introverts.

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4. Ask His Views Toward Something

By start getting his attention to you with such common talks and basic questions for starting. You can catch his attention even more and stop the time for few minutes longer by asking his opinion about something.

5. Show Your Interest To His Explanation During The Discussion

This step cannot be abandoned because somehow no one would feel comfort during the conversation if his interlocutor feels annoy or not interest with his explanation. It is not going to be hard to do for instance when he is starting to explain or give his views about something you asked before, the simple thing you can do is nod your head and give your gaze to him using your eyes and slight smile. 

6. Evade Questions With "Yes" Or "No" Answers

evade questions with yes or no answers

For getting closer to him, such questions should be forbidden. An introvert does not like to start the conversation, thus if your questions end up with the “yes” or “no” answers, it can be ensured that he will not to imply your questions even more unless you give more questions to let him show their explanation. In this case you will lose your chance to know and get close to him.

7. Try To Ask And Approach Their Hobbies Or Favorites

How to get close to introverts? No one will not feel fascinated when they are asked about their favorites or hobbies. In this matter you should not force yourself to involve in his hobby, since everyone has their own hobby and it might not be similar to each other. It can be carried out by asking him about his hobby to find out more about his interest. The main point is trying to focus on what he really likes and appreciate what his achievement toward his hobby.

8. Show Your Attention To Him By Frequently Ask Him About Himself And His Interests

As knowing his favorite you can utilize it to be a key to catch his attention later on. If he likes about sport then you can ask him whether his favorite team is win or not and how much the score. Moreover you can ask him about his condition today whether good or not as getting the weather is bad. 

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9. Show Your Attention By Reminding Him About The Small Things He Does Not Notice

It could be ensured that no one will not be dazzled to the one’s who reminds him about the little things which might not be realized by himself. For instance you can tell him that he looks cool with his shirt or his black watch today.

10. Persuade Him To Gather With Your Friends Or Group

Of course this step could be done after you can get his trust. An introvert will not be ready to gather with the crowd without knowing or feeling comfort into it. This is why you should make sure that he can get the comfort sense by joining your group

11. Ensure Him To Not Feel Alone In Your Group

ensure him to not feel alone in your group

By inviting him to gather with your group, the main thing you should consider is his attendance around your friend. He might not feel comfort at glance since he is not kind of people who can be friends with other easily. By involving him to your discussion with your friend he may not feel to be ignored in your group and instead feel welcomed.

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Having relationship with the introvert is not the impossible thing to do unless you know the way to deal with and get their trust for the first. Not only with the introvert, embracing the one’s trust could be considered as the key to build a good relationship. By having his trust, the comfort between you and him will grow following the time spent. The main differences between the introvert and extrovert in terms of getting know them is the way to start with both.

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