Different Types of Straight Guys and How to Get Them to Love You

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For you girls out there, this kind of article must be something you have been waiting for. Well, you need information of different types of straight guys and how to get them to love you. Because actually – whether you realize it or not – it’s easier for women to fall in love with a gay man, before they know his real sexual orientation.

So here are the lists of straight guy type for you to date.

  1. Clingy Ex

There are always guys who love their ex so much that they are unable to move on even after a while. He obviously still remember his ex, but he can’t live without a woman. So you will find him talking about his ex often, a little too often, that you start wondering whether he dates you or still think he dated his ex? Pretty annoying.

  1. All-Nighter Guy

A guy who only knows how to have fun. It’s fun to around him but too much fun that he doesn’t mind to stay the night, getting drunk, and wake up elsewhere in the morning. For him, everyday is Friday. You will find yourself getting home by the sunrise in the morning.

  1. Need-Days-to-Reply Guy

When you hang out together, it’s like he is all over you. You think he fall in love with you so you try to text him the other day. But guess what happen after? He replies to your text only three days later. Well, he probably is not the ghosting type but he is that guy who takes a long time to reply. Also read Types of Boyfriends You'll Have in Your 20s

  1. Baby Boy

You know that he is a baby guy once you come over to his place. His stuff is all over the floor you don’t know which are what. You totally have no idea how can he live or even find the doorway with all the mess. If you find a guy who can’t even organize his place, are you sure you’re gonna trust him with your heart?

  1. Mature, Independent Guy

Please welcome the future husband material guy. He, who is financially stable, independent, stable job, even got his own place. Well, it’s like you can’t ask for a better man. But this kind of guy is typically (at least) a decade older than you. Also read Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry

  1. Poster Boy

The next types of straight guys you should met at least once in life: the handsome guy. You won’t believe that prince charming in the fairy tale exist until you meet this guy. But a handsome guy usually has their own complex. Such as he is a mama’s boy or simply he has too much fans for his own good.

  1. Friend with Benefit Guy

If you have seen Friend with Benefit starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, it’s exactly like that. Both of you are up for sex with no romantic feeling involved. It’s going to feel awesome and it’s like you can have fun without the risk of being heartbroken. Also read Can Friend with Benefits Turn Into Relationship?

  1. Mr Perfect Guy

Mr Perfect always looking for Mrs Perfect. If you ever date this guy, you will know how does it feel when your man demand you to be someone else. While he probably can make you a batter person, he can also make you forget who you really are.

  1. Too Romantic Guy

There are guys who are too kind and romantic and kind, but strangely you don’t feel like you want to be with him. Maybe because he’s too surreal? But having met this kind of guy would make you really happy in the meantime. Also read Most Romantic Zodiac Signs in Relationship

  1. True Love Guy

If you’re lucky enough, you will find a guy who is your true love. The one who makes you laugh all the time, with him you can talk about anything and share everything. And the most important is the guy who make you feel comfortable with. If you find him, don’t ever let him go.

How to Get Them to Love You

After reading the different types of straight guys, now you want to know how to get them to love you. Well, different types need different methods. But there’s one general rule: be yourself. By being yourself in front of anyone, you can get yourself the most perfect guy you ever date.

Which means less drama and less chance of being heartbroken. But never stop looking for a guy who can make you happy, a guy that you really love and loving you just the same. if you got another tips, feel free to share with other through the comment section below!

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