Reasons Why Do Guys Play Hard To Get When You Know They Like You?

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Why do guys play hard to get when you know they like you? Well, if you still think that only you girls mastering the push and pull tricks, you are totally wrong. They can be confusing sometimes, or enjoy making us confuse for this matter. You can’t really tell where they stand and it stresses you out.

You might think that this is a kind of karma since you like to play hard to get. Firstly, you would enjoy the sensation. Only for you to feel annoyed later. You really need to take time figuring out their moves, trying to dissect their mind to find out what’s going on. As the time goes by, you become tired of it.

But here we are to the rescue. For you who are now at a confused and/or annoyed state of mind because of one particular guy, we have some suggested reasons as to why that guy keeps playing hard to get despite knowing you like them.

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1. He’s Dating Someone

This is the first probability you can’t ignore. If he hasn’t sure about his feeling yet, could it because he’s thinking of other girl’s feeling. You have to notice quickly when he seems to keep you away from some crucial things. You’ve been so close to him but he never introduce you to his friends or family.

If he keeps you underground all the times, it’s most likely he already dating someone. He will always distanced himself from you, not letting you entering his inner circle because he knows it’s impossible for him to be with you.

2. He’s A Shy Guy

he's a shy guy

Not all guys are bad enough to play hard to get with girls. It could be that he’s not playing the push and pull but he’s naturally shy. It’s a little bit tricky, actually, because it could also mean he doesn’t like you back.

But if the guy is really shy, he will become more comfortable with you as the time goes by. By then you’ll know that he is just an extremely shy guy.

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3. It’s A Family Issue

The fact that you’ve been close for a while with him but he never bring you over to visit his family, you can’t help but become suspicious whether he hide something. Maybe ye, he keeps you away from his family because his parents’ got an issue.

Maybe his parents are so overprotective, control freaks, who like to nose around their son’s business. He’s worried about what will they do or think when they find out about you and it’s better you keep you a secret.

4. Friend Issue

If his family’s okay, maybe his friends don’t like you. He might have heard from his friend how you’re not good enough for him. He can’t choose between both of you so he thinks keeping you two separately is the best option.

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5. You’re Being Aggressive

If you keep asking why do guys play hard to get when you know they like you, stop trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. Because the problem may lie with you. As you really like this guy, you keep making the first move.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but he thinks you’re too aggressive. As he has the power over you, he tries to control the situation. He might have freaked out a little bit too.

6. He Likes To Be Chased

Just because you have set your eyes on him, doesn’t mean he would do so as well. Especially when he’s still young (or even younger than you), he’d like to keep his option open. Maybe you’re not the only one on the list.

He just want to string you along until he figures out which one is the best. He might choose you, he might not, or he might left empty handed. He enjoy being chased by many girls, knowing his worth, keeping them all hanging.

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7. He Simply Doesn’t Want Commitment

Nothing is sadder than feeling like you’re together while you’re actually not. You spend time, laugh together, affectionate to one another, and that’s it. He never make it official. Not because he wants to play you but he doesn’t want any commitment.

Maybe he hasn’t moved on from his ex or he is not ready to start a relationship. But he want to keep you around that’s why he play hard to get with you.

8. He Is Just Too, Too Busy

he is just too, too busy

People say that everything is about priority. No one is busy enough when they want to make time. However, some people are just literally busy.

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So here is another possible answer to why do guys play hard to get when you know they like you. He is just busy. Too busy that he’s afraid he only makes you uncomfortable if you officially dating him. He doesn’t want to disappoint you, that’s why keeping things casual is the best for him.

9. He Doesn’t Grow Up

No matter how old a guy get, he remains little boy deep down inside. He feels like he’s still young and inexperienced. He only want to try on some new experience after watching thousands of romantic movies and YouTube videos.

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He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t even know he’s playing hard to get with you. What can you expect from a little boy trying on a romantic experience, though?

10. He’s A Player Who Wants To Have Fun

While some guys are innocent enough not to aware he’s playing on tricks to you, some do it with perfect consciousness. A heartless player who only wants to be in the game. In life you might encounter bad guys, and this one is probably one of them.

He pursues girls here and there, only to prove how famous and desirable he is. You’re going to ended up hurt. Flee while you can.

After going down through the list, you will no longer ask why do guys play hard to get when you know they like you. Judging on your situation right now, which one is the most suitable for you?

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