This is What to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 2 Month Anniversary

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Nothing feels better than celebrating a new love in your life. So you’re just dating this guy and the newfound happiness makes you feel more alive than before. In the blink of an eye, your second month anniversary is coming up. To say that he’s the one is too early, but not to celebrate it is not right either.

To mark another milestone in the relationship, sending anniversary message to your beloved boyfriend is mandatory. And if you don’t know what to say to your boyfriend on your 2 month anniversary, we are here to give you some inspiration on what to tell him.

Let’s get down to the list.

  1. “The reminder on my phone told me today is our 2nd month anniversary. How could it be? Feels like I’ve known you for two years!”

When you’re happy, time flies faster than it is. Spending the past 2 months in bliss, it’s hard for you to believe that you haven’t been together for two years. such a sweet compliment to your boyfriend. Also read What to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 5 Month Anniversary

  1. “My life was monochrome, then you come and makes it colorful. Happy 2nd month, my love.”

Fact is, you’re thankful for him. You’re thankful for the relationship, love, and happiness. If you were a blank canvas before, now you’re full with hundreds of color. All the credits should go to him.

  1. “2 months equals 87600 minutes and none of it was a waste because I’m with you.”

Every minute passed is every minute worthy because you spent it with your loved ones. Show him how precious he is to you by saying you’re happy to spend the time with him. Also read Things to Say to Your Boyfriend on The 1st Year Anniversary

  1. “Before you, I never know I can love this much. It’s been 2 months and it’s just the beginning.”

If you were someone who is hard to believe in love, then those words above would perfectly fit. You never know how much you are capable of loving someone before you have someone to love. And thank God it’s him.”

  1. “Looking back at the time, the past 2 months have been the most thrilling yet happiest time in my life. Let’s embark for more adventure together in the future.”

2 months anniversary is just the beginning of everything. But you can’t deny that the passing time have been thrilling for you as you keep unleashing new things from him. You are up to go for more adventure with him. Also read Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

  1. “I’ve been feeling unwell the past 8 weeks and I should go to the doctor today. Wonder why? Because it’s been 2 months since you took my heart.”

Well, why don’t go for the cheesiest and the most cringy anniversary message ever? Okay, it is – indeed – cringy and we don’t have more things to say.

  1. “I used to imagine my love story would be like in one of those romantic movies. I know it won’t always be easy, but I’m thankful you came like a prince charming.”

When you are just 2 months into the relationship, everything is still sweet and loving. You know there will be ups and downs someday, but you can’t deny his presence means so much to you. Also read Cheap Things to Do to Celebrate Your Anniversary

  1. “I don’t know the future yet but one thing I know is that you’re the best thing ever happened to me, especially for these past 60 days.”

If you don’t know what to say to your boyfriend on your 2 month anniversary, use the words above. There will probably better things for you in the future, but as for now, he is the best. And nothing wrong with it.

  1. “Hello, handsome. You’ve been the most meaningful person for me and I wish you keep being that kind of someone I would miss all the time. Happy anniversary.”

New lover brings new vibes and new happiness to your life. As much as you’re happy with him, you wish he will always be the most special person for you in the future. Also read What to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 7 Month Anniversary

  1. “Happy 2 months anniversary, My Dear. Thank you for becoming the biggest supporter and I wish you’ll never tired to remind whenever I have to stop. So lucky to have you.”

A good lover is someone who always support you to reach your dreams, encourage you to be better, and never leave you alone. However, he never hesitate to told you to stop when you’ve running too fast or toward the wrong direction.

So those are all we’ve got for you if you don’t know what to say to your boyfriend on your 2 month anniversary. In case you’ve got more brilliant ideas, please share with others through the comment section below.

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