Prayer for Someone Struggling with Mental Illness – How to Help Them

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Mental illness remain a sensitive, yet very concerning problem in the society. Most people having mental illness tend to hide their condition since they are afraid of being judged by the society. In the end, they feel like nobody is care and that they are alone in this world. All they need is love and support.

But only by thinking how can you help someone with mental illness is already overwhelming. Of course you can make prayer for someone struggling with mental illness, but they need real act more than anything. Also read Send These Comforting Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad

They need you to prove by action that you care and you want to help them through the healing process. So aside of the prayer, we will also give you some useful tips about things you can do to help them.

Prayer for Someone with Mental Illness

These are the prayer you can while you wish for those who struggles with mental illness.

  • Dear God, I pray for my friend whose soul is deeply hurt. May they find peace within their heart, under the guidance of your light. My they find happiness once again, being surrounded only by those who they love. God, give them your helping hand, show them your miracle so they can get out of this difficulties. Also read Things You Should Know Before You Date Someone with Depression
  • For those with mental illness, I pray for them to find hope even in the most difficult situations. I pray for them to recover in the speed of light. For those with mental illness, I pray for them to believe in love once more and that they are not alone in this world.
  • Lord, please guide every souls who are lost in the dark of mental illness. Save them from the worst thing possible. Give them your help and guidance, bring them back to life. Guide them into your light so their soul would find peace. Also read What to Do When My Boyfriend Shuts Me Out

How to Help Someone with Mental Illness

It’s very generous of you to mention them in your prayer, but making prayer for someone struggling with mental illness will not enough if you never conduct a real act. So here are how you can help them overcoming the illness and get recovered.

  1. Learn About the Illnesses

The term illnesses is in plural because there are various types of mental illness. Each people might struggle with different kind of mental illness, thus they need different treatment as well. In order to help them, you must enrich yourself with the knowledge of mental illness.

Learn what kind of illness does particular persons has, then what kind of help or therapy that they need the most. Don’t try to help someone if you never find out about their issues. Also read Signs Your Girlfriend Has Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. Don’t Abandon Them

Regardless of the issue they have, people with mental illness has something in common: they feel left and alone. Others see them differently, as though they have a contagious illness. It only makes things worse.

Assure them that they are not alone. There are people who care about them and want to help them win the battle. They need to be assured that they are loved and wanted in this world.

  1. Help Them Find the Right Treatment

No matter how good you are at handling the situation, fact is that you’re not an expert. When mental illness has become serious and severe, that person need professional help. Ask them to find the right treatment and frequently visit therapist to cure the illness.

Involve their family, friends, lover, and anyone close to them. When facing such difficult situation, all they need is support from the inner circle. That way they can heal faster. Also read When your Girlfriend is Psycho

  1. Keep Up with Their Emotion

The hardest part in helping someone with mental illness could be their emotion. People who have mental issues tend to have unstable emotion, which makes everyone around them even having a harder time to keep up.

Prepare a huge amount of patients if you are about to deal with them. Make sure you know what you’re up to, because things can get really worse when their emotion hits rock bottom.

  1. Let Them Take Their Time

Mental illness is hard to be cured and the treatment could take years. It’s different for every person, according to how big their will to be cured, support from the environment, and the therapy they get. Let them take their time, as long as they need, for them to be fully recovered.

Those are all we got about prayer for someone struggling with mental illness along with the things you can do to help them. If you have a better suggestion, share with others through the comment section below.

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