How to Tell Someone You Hate a Happy Birthday (29 Genius Ways)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you want to know how to tell someone you hate having a happy birthday, you are in luck because that is the topic on the docket today! 

If you really dislike your birthday, you will know exactly how to tell someone off with these great birthday messages. Hopefully, they will get the hint and learn you aren’t so keen on birthdays and honor your wishes!

I completely understand not wanting to admit to your age or birthday, especially if it makes you uncomfortable. No one says you MUST have a birthday party if they make you sick to your stomach! 

Well, I’ve got you covered in this article with plenty of things to say to get you out of any birthday celebration you are invited to on your behalf!


Ways to Tell Someone You Hate a Happy Birthday

  • 1. Say that you never celebrate the occasion of your birthday

If people see that this is the norm, they are more likely to do as you wish.

  • 2. Explain that you do not want to do anything on your birthday
  • 3. Tell them you hate celebrating birthday occasions
  • 4. Say that you don’t want anyone wishing you a happy birthday this year

Sometimes, the honest truth can be the most freeing thing. Just say it like it is.

  • 5. Cringe at the mention of a happy birthday
  • 6. Tell them you will throw up if anyone throws a party for you on your birthday

Explain that it really disgusts you and you need your opinion to be honored this year.

  • 7. Explain that you dislike surprises and celebrations
  • 8. Say that you don’t want anyone to say the words “happy birthday” to you
say that you dont want anyone to say the words happy birthday to you
  • 9. Explain that your birthday is a private party for you alone
  • 10. Tell everyone that you need them to respect your decision for no happy birthday wishes

If everyone knows you are serious, they should be able to honor your wishes.

  • 11. Explain that you are not telling jokes, but you’re quite serious about not having a happy birthday this year
  • 12. Say politely that you would greatly appreciate it if no one wished you a happy birthday this year

There’s no reason to be nasty about this. You can ask with grace!

  • 13. You could say that you will unfriend anyone who sends you happy birthday wishes on social media
  • 14. Explain that you are serious about no one saying happy birthday, so they know this is for real

You don’t want anyone believing you are “just saying” this and don’t mean it.

  • 15. Say that you do not find your birthday to be a happy holiday
  • 16. Talk about your best birthday and explain why you don’t indulge in birthday celebrations
talk about your best birthday and explain why you dont indulge in birthday celebrations
  • 17. Be serious when you explain your distaste for birthday celebrations

You may need to tell a story or two to explain your side of things.

  • 18. Say that you honestly try to forget the day that you turn older because it depresses you
  • 19. Explain that you will dismember the first person who sends you a happy birthday message on Facebook because you hate it

Of course, you don’t have to be serious, but if you give a fake threat like that, surely, they will know you do not want to hear that phrase - happy birthday!

  • 20. Tell everyone you are protesting this birthday for some reason
  • 21. Say that you find birthday celebrations to be horrible events and won’t have anyone wishing you well on that day
  • 22. Explain that in order to make your birthday wish come true, everyone needs to lay off

If they want you to be happy this year, they will do as you wish!

  • 23. Say that you would be happier if everyone would just forget your birthday this year

Explain that you are serious, though, so they understand that you mean business!

  • 24. Make sure they are listening when you explain that you hate birthday celebrations

Get their attention as you speak so that they know you are serious!

make sure they are listening when you explain that you hate birthday celebrations
  • 25. Explain that you don’t find your birthday to be an event worth celebrating
  • 26. Just say that you don’t want to offend anyone, but you hate celebrating your birthday
  • 27. Say that you want to do something on your own this year on your birthday

It’s okay to go off by yourself to do what you want!

  • 28. Explain that to make you happy and make your day that people need to lay off the birthday ideas
  • 29. Practice avoidance

Avoid social media and friends and family on your special day. Do what you want to do and make yourself happy with whatever way you decide to celebrate your birthday! Watch an old movie and eat cupcakes all you want!


Is it rude not to wish someone a happy birthday?

It depends on the relationship that you have with them; if you are coworkers or friends, you should wish them the best on their birthday. There’s really no reason not to. It’s not going to hurt you to wish someone a happy birthday. Just say, “Have a happy birthday!”

What do you say to someone who has a bad birthday?

It’s best to comfort someone with words if they’ve had a rough birthday. If you can’t make them now have a happy birthday, you might want to celebrate their day on a day other than their birthday to try to make up for them not having a happy birthday.

Should I be mad if my friend forgot my birthday?

Your anger toward the holiday may depend on how close you were to your friend. If you are best buds, you might be a little ticked off that they didn’t wish you a happy birthday. I wouldn’t hold a grudge over it for a long period of time with your friend, though.

What if someone forgets your birthday?

If someone forgets to wish you a happy birthday, you can choose to be upset about it or just know they are busy and it was an oversight. If you’ve gotten birthday cards from a million other people, do you really need to hear happy birthday from one other friend?

Is it normal to cry on your birthday?

Many people cry on their birthday because they hate celebrating the day they age. It’s a good idea to get over getting old, though, because it’s an inevitable part of life. You can cry and have cake, too, if you wish. On your special day, it’s completely up to you!

To Sum Things Up

If you are not big on birthday cake or celebrations, just make your wishes clear to those who want to celebrate your birth. Tell them you don’t wish to honor your new age in any way. How do you feel about your birthday? Do they make you cringe? Please comment!

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