How To Tell Someone You Hate A Happy Birthday (The Most Hateful Wishes)

by Michelle Devani

Birthday is a very special day for everyone. Even when it’s not your birthday but your loved ones is going to have theirs, you are also happy nonetheless. But what if someone you hate is having their birthday?

While you don’t have to wish them a happy birthday, you can use the moment to let them know how you hate them. Birthday wishes doesn’t always have to be full of love and happiness. You may put some ill words and sarcastic comments in it.

In case you don’t know how to tell someone you hate happy birthday, we’ve got you some inspiration. Let’s check them out below!

1. “So you make it to another year. Wish you live life as creepy as you are.”

Well, everyone we hate is creepy – or at least they are in our eyes. Seeing them make it to another year is even creepier. So let’s wish them to live another creepy year. Creepy to us, for sure.

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2. “Wishing you the most insincere happy birthday.”

There is no way you wish happy birthday to someone you hate sincerely. When your hate is mutual, don’t hold back to tell them that your wish is insincere. So here’s the most insincere birthday wishes you ever told somebody.

3. “Heard it’s your birthday, huh?”

Like, I care? If you’re that kind of person who doesn’t care at all about anything’s going on in the life of someone you hate, it’s highly unnecessary to know about your birthday. But you inevitably know it from others so, heard it’s your birthday, huh?

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4. “You’re getting old and I feel really bad.”

People say age it’s just a number, but you can add some sorrow to their birthday by saying how you feel bad about it. While they don’t feel like anything, seeing how you feel bad about them makes them to feel bad about themselves as well.

5. “Wish age doesn’t make the hate energy in you fade away.”

wish age doesn't make the hate energy in you fade away

People that we hate always bring this negative energy when they’re around. So here’s how to tell someone you hate happy birthday: let them know they’re such a negative vibes in your life. Throw a sarcastic birthday comment for them so that they know how hateful they are.

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6. “As you never thank me before, take today as opportunity to do so as I wish you a happy birthday.”

This is it! Tell that person that their birthday is a good opportunity to thank you. For what? We can talk about it later, right? Grateful is a basic manner you can never get from someone who you hate.

7. “Even your mother womb didn’t want you. It spitted you out today.”

Quite funny right? Take the moment of their birthday to another level, where even their mother’s womb ditched them! So why should you be welcome their presence in this world? It’s like a legitimate reason to hate them.

8. “This must be the most awkward birthday wishes you’ve ever received. Still better than nothing though.”

Birthday wishes happens between friends, colleagues, families, and everyone you are in a good term with. Imagine receiving a happy birthday message from someone you hate! How awkward it must be, and it’s not that you don’t know about it either. So why don’t just state it to reduce the awkwardness?

9. “The fact that I remember your birthday shows how much you mean to me. In certain ways.”

A hateful person holds a special place in your heart, unconsciously. They occupy a space where you family and friends aren’t there. So it’s not wrong to tell them that they’re such a meaningful person to you, right? How you remember their birthday is a proof.

10. “I’m not really into your birthday. I don’t know why I remember it.”

Are they a friend turn foe of yours? Someone that used to be as close as your blood but now they’re further than a stranger? Well, no wonder you remember about their birthday. Suddenly you want to send wish but how? No need for makeup words, just say it blatantly.

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11. “I miss the day when you were not as hateful as you are today.”

i miss the day when you were not as hateful as you are today

Before they turn into someone hateful as for today, there were times when must looked lovely and innocent. Just where have the time gone? You can highlight how they turn into someone hateful by sending them birthday wishes like above.

12. “Turns out you’re getting old. No wonder you become pettier.”

When you hate someone, all about them look bad in front of your age. While you told someone you love how they age like a fine wine, then someone you hate getting older into someone in contrast. Instead of like a wine, they become pettier. So much pettier.

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13. “I sincerely wish you change into a lovelier person.”

This is right, though. For someone you hate, wishing them to get lovelier comes from the depth of your heart. So you don’t have to deal with hatred towards them every other day. The world can be a better place if everyone is lovely.

14. “It’s your birthday but I’m not happy so there won’t be wishes.”

You give them birthday wish but there’s not really a wish in there. Just give them notification that you do aware of their birthday but you don’t want to give any wish because, well, you’re not happy about the moment.

15. “Happy birthday. Never wished you live a good life, though.”

Enough said. You clearly don’t want to wish anything good to happen to someone you hate.

So those are all how to tell someone you hate happy birthday. If it’s not that important, you don’t have to say it as well.

Michelle Devani
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