All the Ramadan Rules for Unmarried Couples

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Relationship is a sensitive area in the month of Ramadan. You have to be careful on how you behave with your loved one, especially when you are not married yet. Regarding the rule of being in a relationship without marriage, Islam strictly forbid it. However, as the age getting more modern, the law has become more flexible.

But what are the Ramadan rules for unmarried couples? What are the things that are allowed or not allowed? Here are the full explanation.

  1. You Can Only Meet with Your Blood Relation

The essence of Ramadan is to hold your desire. It could be hard if you are face to face with your boyfriend or girlfriend. To be safe behind the line, meet only with your blood related families.

Spend most of the time with your brothers, sisters, and other relatives with whom you’re not allowed to marry. It is to make sure that you have the full blessings of Ramadan. Also read Converting to Islam for Marriage, What to Expect?

  1. Remember Not to Do Any Physical Affection

Physical affection during Ramadan is strictly forbidden. While a legally married couple is strongly forbidden to show any physical affection, then it’s even more strongly forbidden for the unmarried one.

Remember not to do any kind of physical affection. This include kissing, hugging, and even holding hand. When there a slight affection in your heart, it may decrease the blessing you’ll receive for the deed you do.

  1. Limit the Online Communication

Youngsters nowadays have many ways to stay in touch with their love one. If you are unable to meet them in person, you can either video call them, phone call, texting, and other instant messaging.

Regarding the Ramadan rules for unmarried couples, online communication must be limited. Desire and affection may arise through the most unexpected ways, which can make your Ramadan imperfect. Also read Tips for a Good Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife

  1. Fasting is the Ultimate Deed

Ramadan only comes once a year. For the 30 days of Ramadan, every Muslim should make the most out of it. The ultimate deed to be done during Ramadan is fasting, so a Muslim shouldn’t bet anything on it.

Put it this way: you can see your boyfriend or girlfriend anytime you want outside the time of Ramadan, but no one could guarantee that you can see Ramadan again the next year. As it is a month full of blessing, drive all your focus only to do all the religious deeds.

  1. Holding Emotion in Any Form is a Must During Ramadan

When you are fasting, stopping yourself from eat and drink is not all of it. More importantly, you have to hold you emotion and desire. Something that is almost impossible when you are in a relationship.

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by love as it may violate the rules of Ramadan. That’s why it’s better for you to stop meeting you loved one during Ramadan. Also read Relationship in Islam is Haram?

  1. Remind Each Other to Do More Religious Deeds

If you really want to stay in touch with you boyfriend or girlfriend during Ramadan, use it to do good deeds instead. Reminding each other to do more deeds during Ramadan instead of showering love and affection, which is forbidden.

Not only it strengthen your bond, you may get blessing from it as well. When it’s time for suhoor and iftar, text each other to eat well. You can also exchange text several times a day to send reminder about prayer.

  1. Don’t Do Prayer Together

In Islam, doing prayer together or in congregation is better by 27 degrees rather than praying alone. However, it’s not legitimate in Islam to perform prayer together when you’re unmarried. Instead of getting a blessing, it’s going to be huge sin for both of you.

Why is that? Because praying together with illegitimate couple is forbidden in Islam. Remember that not all good intention end up being a real good thing to you. You must be careful with every single thing you do in Ramadan. Also read How is the Relationship After Engagement in Islam?

  1. Avoid Fighting During Ramadan

Another Ramadan rules for unmarried couple which can be dangerous for your fasting: quarrelling with your beloved. Relationship is full of ups and downs, it has a lot of thing to do with your emotion.

At many times, you get angry easily for the little things they did. It doesn’t stay in line with Ramadan rule where you have to suppress your anger. It’s a good reason why you shouldn’t meet your boyfriend or girlfriend during Ramadan so you can avoid fighting with them.

  1. Avoid Listening to Triggering Music

Well, you should understand what included in “triggering” music are. It’s the kind of music which makes you reminded of him and in the end your imagination fly away to places it should not be. Also read What Does Islam Say About Having A Girlfriend?

At the times where you should be spending time to supplicate and pray, your mind occupied only with them and all your memories. Be in remembrance of Allah all the times since Ramadan is one of a kind month where Allah’s blessing comes abundantly.

  1. Relationship is a Provocation

Distraction and provocation to make your fasting imperfect comes many times during Ramadan. You must be tactful to read the sign. It may appear in the form of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Talking with them makes your emotion boils. You eventually becomes provoked, getting angry and fighting with them. That is, indeed, not the essence of Ramadan itself.

  1. Have Control Upon Yourself

So this is the most important thing to do in Ramadan. It’s all about self control. You have to restrain yourself not only from eating and drinking during the day, but also from forbidden desire which often arise when you’re together with your beloved.

When you fail to perform self control, then you won’t have a perfect Ramadan.

So those are all the Ramadan rules for unmarried couples we can give to you. Hope it can be useful enough and help you to get the best Ramadan ever!

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