Tips For Long Distance Relationship During Summer For College Students

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Summer is the time to be free, let go, de-stress, and to experience a ton of things. But summer would be a lot better if you have a warm companionship with you, right? Well, what if you don’t have your partner with you?

Long-distance sucks especially when you want to spend the summer together. For college students, being apart is normal. But how do you cope with it and still have fun together? Well here are the adventurous tips for a long-distance relationship during summer for college students;


1. Always Communicate With Them Through Any Platform

Try to maintain communication because you can easily forget each other. Do this through WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

2. Tell Them About Your Plan This Summer

tell them about your plan this summer

This makes your partner’s mind relax a little bit because they won’t have to worry about you too much.

3. Introduce Them To The People You Are Spending The Summer With

Building trust is important and by introducing the people you are spending the summer with, doubt will be lifted from your partner’s heart.

4. Update Them On What You Are Doing

Always try to update them on what you are doing in the summer and ask them to do the same.

5. Be A Good Listener For Each Other

A lot of stories will fill the summertime. Being listened to and to listen is always a great boost to the relationship.

6. Make Time Exclusively For Each Other

Design some time in your day exclusively for talking to each other. This effort will make the love grow.

7. Take Them Out With You

If you are going to an amusement park, beach, or lake, taking them with you will make them feel immersed in your summer.

8. Have A Romantic Date

Romantic dating through video calls is actually a great Ways to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work.

9. Always Say How Much You Miss Each Other

Although this is a small act, this makes your partner realize that you are showing the Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else.

10. Always Say How Much Your Partner Means To You

Use the (ways say love) because these words will keep the love in the relationship growing and blossoming.

11. Write A Letter Or On A Postcard

write a letter or on a postcard

This is a fun way to keep your partner updated on where you are and what you are doing.

12. Wipe Out Their Worries With Concrete Promises

If they have any worry about the relationship, promise them something. For example, if they are worried about unloyalty promise not to cheat.

13. Plan To See Each Other

This builds up the suspension and it also increases the happiness in both minds.

14. Be Loyal To Them

Hanging out with a lot of people in an intense experience can lead some to be unloyal. Do not be that person.

15. Be Responsible With Your Action

Always think about what your action will create if you do it to avoid any mistake that will break the relationship.

16. Stay Busy

These tips for a long-distance relationship during summer for college students keep your mind off the sadness that comes from not being with each other. 

17. Support Each Other

Support is a really vital thing to make the relationship better.

18. Make A To-Do List For Each Other

A fun way to make sure that both of you have fun is to make a to-do list for each other that consists of fun summer activities or challenges.

19. Document Everything That You Do

Documenting things that you do will give you the ability to show them to them later.

20. Give Each Other A Fun Gift

Gifts are actually the Ways to Say How Much You Love Your Girlfriend.

Ways To Bond In A Long Distance Relationship In Summer Time

ways to bond in a long distance relationship in summer time

The distance shouldn’t stop you from having a great summer and grow the relationship. Don’t think that it is impossible because here are the great ways to bond in a long-distance relationship in summertime:

1. Make A Playlist For Each Other

Listen to it throughout the summer so that you can feel their presence inside your heart.

2. Send Cute Texts To Each Other Throughout The Day

Use the How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You Over Text

3. Video Call Them When You Are Travelling

Always make sure to video call them so that you can see each other.

4. Be There Early In The Morning And Late At Night

Contact them early in the morning to before bed to make sure that you stay on their mind. 

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5. Be Patient

There is a lot of hurdles that come with a long-distance relationship. So, be patient.

6. Be Understanding

Being understanding helps you be gentle with your partner.

7. Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

Complaining, blaming, not trusting are just a few examples of the negative thoughts that could break the relationship.

Signs That The Relationship Is Growing In The Summer

After all the things that you have done for them in the summer despite the distance, you will start to see that the relationship is growing once you start to see these signs;

1. You Trust Each Other

All this time that is spent together can build an unbreakable trust.

2. You Love Each Other More And More

Now you see your partner in a brighter light because all the experience together makes you love them more.

3. You Miss Them More

you miss them more

You can’t wait to meet them.

4. You Feel Happy And Content

You rarely feel any negative experience when it comes to them which is a good sign.

Summer is not as fun when you are distant from the people you love. But you can still make it fun with the tips for a long-distance relationship during summer for college students. With those tips, you will even see that your relationship is growing and thriving.

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