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How To Deal With My Husband’s Manipulative Ex Wife

Dealing with a manipulative ex wife is no easy task. It’s a lot to handle for everyone involved. There is no one right way to handle it as every situation is different. In case you’re wondering how to deal with husband’s manipulative ex wife then you’ve come to the right place. Read on and find […]

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Crucial Things to Consider Before Getting Married to a Christian

Religion plays a big part in someone's behavior, personality, and way of living. They view this life according to their religion, including in marriage. If you are a religious person, you will think are they the right person God sends you to marry? Of course we never know the answer. Instead, we have many things […]

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Things to Consider Before Marrying a Sailor and Truths Behind It

When you grow up and set your career in certain area, you can't help but being part of it. Your traits, personality, and behavior will change according to what career you chose. You can change for the better or for the worse. The same goes when you are about to marrying someone. Whether you want […]

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Things to Know Before Marrying a Doctor to Get You Prepared

For adults, dating is a whole different thing than when you're younger. When occupation get involved, your dating situation will be completely different from others. You can't use a common pattern to be applied to yours. It also happen when you are dating a doctor. As your relationship is progressing, you're going to marry them […]

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Wildest Things to Know Before You Marry a Hunter

When you love someone, you have to welcome every single thing of him including his interest. It will be easily accepted if he's just interested in sport or fishing, but what about hunting? Surely it's not one common interest. Hunting is more than hobby. It's a lifestyle. So that if you want to marry your […]

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Difficulties and Other Things to Know Before Marrying a Foreigner

Love overcome many differences, get rid of distance and culture. Now that we live in the internet and social media age, international marriage become a common thing. People doesn't put much consideration while marrying a foreigner, saying that love is all matters. All they want is to live happily ever after. But interracial and intercultural […]

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List of Things to Consider Before Marrying Much Older Man

Love knows now boundaries. Name it sex, culture, or even age. It is not uncommon for a young woman to fall in love with a much older man of the same age with her father. "Much older" in here means an extreme age gap of twenty years or more. When women are suggested to marry […]

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All the Things to Know Before Marrying a Military Man

Marriage brings changes to both person involved. Both must adapt to each others' life, job, and habit. It's always exciting at first, as if you enter a whole new world. As you gearing up for the adventure, many unknown things await. Some of them will literally surprised you and you might find it hard to […]

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Basic Things to Know Before Marrying a Muslim

Marriage is a sacred action is Islam that it is dubbed as half of the religion. Even though getting married is not an obligation, but for Muslims who decide to marry one of their kind (fellow Muslim) Allah SWT promise big rewards, even Paradise. In Islam, any rules and customs regarding marriage has been set […]

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How Do You Know If God Wants You To Marry Someone For Worse And Better

In term of having a partner for life should be complete each other and accept both their flaws. Not only will break your heart, if you somehow happen to cross path even spend your time with the wrong person it could ruin your life. Mostly when you decide you want a serious relationship that can […]

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