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All the Things to Know Before Marrying a Military Man

Marriage brings changes to both person involved. Both must adapt to each others' life, job, and habit. It's always exciting at first, as if you enter a whole new world. As you gearing up for the adventure, many unknown things await. Some of them will literally surprised you and you might find it hard to […]

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Wildest Things to Know Before You Marry a Hunter

When you love someone, you have to welcome every single thing of him including his interest. It will be easily accepted if he's just interested in sport or fishing, but what about hunting? Surely it's not one common interest. Hunting is more than hobby. It's a lifestyle. So that if you want to marry your […]

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Basic Things to Know Before Marrying a Muslim

Marriage is a sacred action is Islam that it is dubbed as half of the religion. Even though getting married is not an obligation, but for Muslims who decide to marry one of their kind (fellow Muslim) Allah SWT promise big rewards, even Paradise. In Islam, any rules and customs regarding marriage has been set […]

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How Do You Know If God Wants You To Marry Someone For Worse And Better

In term of having a partner for life should be complete each other and accept both their flaws. Not only will break your heart, if you somehow happen to cross path even spend your time with the wrong person it could ruin your life. Mostly when you decide you want a serious relationship that can […]

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Emotionally Signs Your Husband Has Checked Out of the Marriage With You

It is sad, of course, when married couple cannot maintain their connection and slowly drift away from each other. It is even sadder if the couple do not realize it. They just keep going with their lives without even bother to seek it deeper and find the way out. Signs Your Husband Emotionally Has Checked […]

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Tips for a Good Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife

In Islam, marriage is sacred thing that should not be belittled. It's a sacred bond between two human, making vow to be faithful and be in each other's side until death do them part to Allah SWT. The purpose of an Islamic marriage, according to the Quran is to achieve peace and tranquility in life. […]

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Reasons to Marry a Welsh Person - Best Kind to Love Forever

Some people might think Welsh are same like other Englishman. That isn't quite true since Welsh is unique and has a rare breed. Live within country that only have three million people, Welsh has their own reputation and stereotype. You need to make him fall in love and date a Welsh once in a lifetime […]

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Sweetest Reasons to Marry a Bong Girl - A Dream Girl

Have you watched Bollywood movies? As we can see on the movie, Bengali girl or often called Bong girl is attractive and seems into art by their appearance or stuff. Have you also imagined marrying one of them? Because you won't find some sign you'll regret marrying them. Here are reasons to marry a Bong […]

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Reasons to Marry a Canadian for Now and Forever

People that wants to date a Canadian would probably be called have a great taste. It isn't for nothing because even one said that Canadian born with a special breed. They tend to be super friendly when you already know them. No wonder if you're falling in love with a Canadian at the second you […]

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Reasons to Marry from Another Ethnic Group - Love Is Everywhere

World is full with diversities which include the difference of nationalities, cultures, even races and ethnic group, so that is the more reason you need to know ways to spell love in different language. One of thing everyone should do to make world a better place is to respect all of kind of that differences. […]

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