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I Love My Husband But I'm Not Sexually Attracted To Him, What Should I Do?

Every relationship has its ups and down, marriage is no exception. Years into the marriage, you will experience the down and feeling bored with it. You are either fell out of love with your husband or there are more things that caused it. At some point, you even realize you’re no longer attracted to him. […]

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Creative Ways How to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant with Baby No. 4

Every baby is special for parents. While the first one giving the thrilling sensation on the prospect of becoming mom and dad for the first time, the second, third, and even fourth one wouldn’t be less special. In fact, the older kids are excited to welcome another sibling into the family. In modern days, having […]

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What To Do When Your Husband Is Verbally And Emotionally Abusive - Fight For Yourself!

When you were first married, you didn’t expect to live with verbally and emotionally abusive husband. Either he has always been like that or there’s something that caused him to develop those behavior. Whatever it is, dealing with him is very difficult. An abusive person sets a game where he is in control of everything […]

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This is How to Know If Your Husband is Having a Midlife Crisis

Life often takes an unexpected turns that left us in surprise. And it happens every time, when the guard is put down and we’re nowhere to be ready to face it. Speaking about life crisis, we know the quarter-life crisis and midlife crisis. While the first is an unsure feeling and little bit of fear […]

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Advantages of Love and Arranged Marriage You Should Know

Marriage is the ultimate goal for every couple who is in a serious relationship. Even when somebody is not in a relationship, they could want a marriage. But marriage is surely different with dating. You really have to be with the right one unless you want your marriage life to get screwed. Unfortunately, finding the […]

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This Is How to Deal with My Husband's Controlling Ex Wife

Every married couple has challenges that they have to face together. They could be related to financial or family matter. One of the most common ones is an ex. An ex husband or an ex wife may behave differently but they are still highly similar. How to Deal with My Husband's Controlling Ex Wife Are […]

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How to Deal with My Sociopath Husband - Marriage Advice Ever

Having a sociopath as your husband should make you prepare for the worst things that could happen. The marriage won’t be a smooth sailing but these tips may help to make the situation bearable: 1. Never Have High Expectations It’s inevitable to have high expectations from your husband from time to time. However, this is […]

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Things You Must Know Before You Marry A Pastor - All The Hidden Facts

From a religious point of view, marriage is a sacred thing. You are tying the knots not only with human, but also committing to God. It' all the same no matter to whom you are married and what does he do. For sure, things get more religious if you are going to get married with […]

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Things You Need to Know Before Marrying a Filipina

Marriage is a covenant, not a contract. It's a lifelong commitment you make with the one you love. Thus, stepping into marriage is never easy even though you have dated for a while. Things may get more complicated when you are your partner are of different countries. There are just too many things to adjust […]

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Important Things to Know Before You Marry a Fulani Lady

Love knows no boundary. In the era of social media nowadays, we can easily connected to people all over the world. Even though we are living in the different timezone and growing up in the different culture, we still have chance to bump into one another through the internet. Thus, intercultural marriage is a common […]

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