What Should I Do for My Boyfriend on Our 6th Month Anniversary?

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For those who have just reached six months of being together, such answer to this question is a no-brainer. For both parties’ sake, anniversaries−be it monthly or annual, are so important, emotional, and beneficial.

They are very similar to a child’s growth chart carved on the door panel of their bedroom. Each month or year, you get to carve another mark to see how much they have grown and it gives you a very palpable and physical reminder of just how far they have grown.

For women in particular, anniversaries mark another year of being together, where heavy arguments were avoided at best, bringing them one step closer to defying the odds coming their ways.

Signs Your Relationship Losing Its Spark

Inspect, inspect, and inspect more. The old saying of "If you are not growing, you are dying." is true even for relationship. Anniversaries are great opportunities to reflect on whether or not you and your partner are growing. Review the previous year and trace back all the moments you have spent together.

Ask your partner if there are things that they are not too happy about, or if there are some things that you can do better for them. Ask yourselves, did you both really do well last year in your relationship that you should keep going? Is change necessarily needed?

What would make your relationship stand stronger? If the answer to all those questions is leaning to your partner being uncomfortable with the current relationship, then it is no use to figure out the rest. Maybe your relationship has lost its spark.

Reasons Why You Need to Celebrate Anniversaries

Can you remember the first time you have celebrated your first month anniversary? How about the second and the third time? Forgetting is humane, but it is rare for someone to forget an anniversary within the first six months of relationship. And when it reaches the sixth month, ask yourselves, “What should I do for my boyfriend on our 6th month anniversary?”

Anniversaries, like a hole in a belt, seem to emphasize where you have been and give a cue to where you are going next. Each step brings with it something more precious than the one before and the ones to come.

Looking back at past sometimes can serve as reason to stay, especially when the going gets tough. After all, who wants to give up all those months?

And vice versa, when things are relatively good in a relationship, the holes in a belt seem to say that you made the right decision so long ago and that the future is full of promise. All those reflections can be a thing to spice up your dull relationship.

Tips to Celebrate 6th Month Anniversary

What should I do for my boyfriend on our 6th month anniversary? You can stop wondering now; because we have rounded up some tips you can adopt to pamper your partner on your sixth month anniversary. Check them out:

  • Dine out

Since it is your sixth month anniversary, do it not only once, but six times! Save your whole evening in a whole week for dining out with your partner. Take you partner each night to different restaurant or eatery.

It does not have to be expensive, but at the last day, be certain that you save the best restaurant in your opinion for the last. If you and your partner are the foodie couple, then it surely cannot get better. 

  • Field Trip

Go for a field trip together. It could be not only a great anniversary gift but also signifying a major leap for your relationship. The field trip will help you blow some heat, too.

However, make sure you are not on tight budget, so that you can freely choose a place anywhere around the globe. Field trip will no doubt help you enjoy your anniversary to the fullest!

  • Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill require no much money. If your partner is a sucker for series or movies, then you can try suggesting a Netflix marathon and watch all your favorite movies.

Also, snuggle up on a comfy couch with a bag of popcorn served in between. Since six is the major theme for the celebration, perhaps you can go for films which collectively add up to six hours in length. You can also watch six films at once.

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Do not let the sixth month anniversary go by without something special to remember! Surprise your partner and ensure a great celebration. Even though, many lovers wait until their first year anniversary, it is still totally legit to celebrate your sixth month of togetherness. So, mark the date, spice up your relationship, and celebrate!

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