21 True Signs of a Fake Girlfriend (And What to Do About It)

Are you wondering whether your girlfriend is the real deal? The type of woman who you can build a life with? Maybe your friends and family are telling you to stay away from this woman.  Perhaps you’re inexperienced in relationships with women and you have no idea whether she’s behaving like a genuine girlfriend or […]

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What Is The Best Answer When A Girl Ask, “Why Do You Want My Pictures?” (7 Great Answers)

Are you afraid of giving a bad impression when asking a lady for her picture?  If yes, then we’ve got you covered. This common question can be tricky for a girl you like. She’ll inevitably want to know why you asked for their photos and might not feel comfortable with the act. If you can’t […]

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What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Love? (9 Possible Reasons)

It’s common for a guy to call a girl love. However, it becomes tricky and complicated when it's coming from a girl. When a guy calls a girl love, he probably has feelings for her. However, a girl could call you love just as a term of endearment. From the average guy’s point of view, […]

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How To Get A Korean Guy To Notice You (7 Cute Ways)

Whether you are a fan of Korean dramas or you are in Korea and have met a Korean man you fancy but are unsure of how to get his attention, then this post is for you. Unlike the western culture and our dating scene, the Korean dating culture is quite different and unique. Beyond the […]

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Why Did My Ex Block Me After 3 Months Of No Contact On Instagram When We Don’t Even Follow Each Other? (7 Possible Reasons)

Are you wondering what it means when an ex-partner blocks you on Instagram, even though you’ve been around three months of no contact? Perhaps you found solace in creeping on their public Instagram profile without following them, only for this to no longer be possible one day. Are you wondering why they would do that […]

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11 Important Things You Need to Know about Dating a Portuguese Man

If you meet Portuguese men online or with work, there are some things you need to know about dating a Portuguese man. You’ll never grow bored when you are dating Portuguese men because they love to talk and have good conversations about food. If you don’t like discussing food, you may have to admit that […]

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Ways To Get Revenge On Someone You Hate (101 Ways)

It could be painful to watch someone go unharmed after offending you, especially when they did it to affect you emotionally. It's okay to feel offended because some people do wrong things to people without caring how those people would feel. You may expect them to apologize afterward, but not everyone knows this. This is […]

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Signs Your Boyfriend Only Wants Your Body (17 Clear-Cut Signs)

So you’ve finally got yourself a boyfriend; someone who isn’t afraid of labels, who actually lets you post him on your social media, and agrees to meet with your friends. As opposed to the usual one-night stand, he actually keeps calling you back. You’re overjoyed and excited but you notice that a few things are […]

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21 Ways On How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous On Whatsapp

Are you wondering how to make your girlfriend jealous on WhatsApp? Have you noticed that a spark of jealousy tends to keep the flame burning in your relationship and make her more attracted to you? But perhaps you don’t know an appropriate way to do so using this messaging app? If so, you’re in the […]

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111 Ways To Flirt To Your Husband Through Text

Are you looking to spice up your marriage with some saucy texts? Do you want some inspiration for the type of texts to send? Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve been sexting? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Below, you’ll find a list of 101+ messages to flirt with your husband. It’s a great […]

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