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32 Clear Signs That A Girl Likes You Through Texting

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Communication is the base of every relationship. It surrounds every activity that a couple do and it is the best way to know someone better. In this modern day, we use text as a media for communication. It is more practical and fast. But, it will be harder to read the hidden feelings and meanings.


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Sometimes, the girl that text you is not just another girl. It might be the one and only, the love of your life. And it all starts with attraction. What are the signs that a girl likes you through texting? We will help you decipher the coded words and translate it to simple meanings. Here are the signs that a girl likes you through texting:

  1. She replies fast

Obviously, we talk with the people we like. When a girl likes you, she will show it through texting by replying really fast. If they do not, they’ll take up a whole day to reply and they will come up with silly excuses. For example the excuses are that their phone died, or they just have not been checking out their phone.

This is a big lie especially if you see that the girl is on her phone all the time. So, if she reply in a short period of time, this is because they are so excited to keep the conversation going and that they really like you.

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  1. Her replies are long and thoughtful

When in the middle of something or when you simply just do not like someone, you will reply the text with short and cold words. Meanwhile, when you like someone, they will reply with long and meaningful text. This girl that likes you will want you to see that she want to invest her time in loving you and that you are not just some other person. You are a special guy that deserves her attention and long replies.

  1. She texts random things

If she really likes you to the core, she will put aside her shame of texting you first. Although this is usually weird and shameful in the girls world, she will still do it.  She will do it by sending you random pictures, texts or voice mail that could spark up the conversation between both of you. Maybe she will ask your opinion about it or she will simply leave it there for you to reply.

There are a lot of forms of random texts. The first one is the ‘accidentally misguided’ text where she claims that sending it to you was simply an accident. Then there is the random questions where she ask an oblivious question to you. There are many more, all of it is a form of attraction.  If she have done this for a long time, she most probably like you.

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  1. She tells you her new phone number or other contact

It is not unusual if our phone dies or is broken. Our contacts that reach out to us should understand this. Be careful, if she just changed her phone, observe her treatment towards you. You can tell that she likes you if she give you her new number right away or if she give you a multiple other ways to reach out to her. This is one of the signs that she likes you through texting

  1. She shows words of affection

Some people keep texting straight for business and some for fun. For the girl who is really attracted to you, when you tell her about your day, she will start sympathizing. She will show signs of concerns, worries, and she will tell you advice on the matter at hand. Also, she will rejoice for your happiness.

At the end of the day. The signs that she likes you through texting is shown when a girl seems really interested about what you have to say and she have a good reply for the topic you just said.

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  1. You get a lot of question

A lot of people build up their attraction towards someone by knowing all about them and loving every bit of it. The only way to know that much about someone is by asking. The question that makes it included in one of the signs that a girl likes you through texting are questions that are personal and pointed.

A girl who likes you will cut to the chase and let you tell them about your childhood nightmares, family and old friends. She will seem weirdly serious and unusual about these questions. This is just because she takes her love for you seriously.

  1. She does not keep the topic strictly on work

Work also needs a lot of communication between work mates and that may be the only reason why she is talking to you. But a girl who likes you will not keep the topic strictly business, she will try to convert it to a more personal and light weight conversation where it allows both of you to be in a place of complete freedom and ease.

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  1. She opens up

A girl who likes you and is comfortable with you will not be afraid of letting you know that they have good times and bad times. One of the way to do that is by opening up to you. This means she is ready to be culnerable with you and let you know who they really are.

But opening up too much can also be a warning signs. The amount of opening up can differentiate you between potential lover and friend zone inhibitor. The best way to know that is if he opens up about another girl that does not sound like you at all.

  1. She notice changes in the text

You know she really likes you when she notice even the slightest of change. She will notice that you do not text her as frequently, if your replies to her take longer time, and if the sentences in your reply are shorter. She will take this as an alarming sign and she will address it right away by asking you what is going on.

Maybe it is not a big thing to you, but not knowing hate real sign will make her more worried. So if you do not want your girl to be overly worried, tell her the reason in a nice tone. Also be ready, open and accepting if she have more question and worries to address to you.

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  1. She lets you know the sequence of her life

Want to know more signs that a girl likes you through texting? You know she really likes you if she lets you know about the events in her life and let you be a part of it. She will also tell you a lot of follow-ups on the events that she told you to make you feel more intimate with her and ultimately closer to her. If she tells you this casually and not out of demand from you, that means she really is interested in you.

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  1. She gives you hints about boys

We all know that some girls like to keep the boys guessing and on edge. One of the way to do this through text is by sharing little snippets of the boy she likes which sound oddly like you. She will tell it in fragments and at the end of the day, the hints will show you who she really likes. This is one of the most important signs that she likes you through texting.

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  1. She tells you

The truth will come out once she really says what is on her mind. She will tell this once, so really listen to what she have to say.

More signs that she likes you a lot

These are more signs that a girl likes you through texting:

  1. She uses a lot of emoji
  2. I mean, that kisses and smiley emoji all the time
  3. She tells you if she is in the middle of something and apologize for it
  4. She is ready to hear you rant
  5. She stays for late night texting
  6. She teases you
  7. She sends you love quotes from multiple sources
  8. She ask you about your past realtionship
  9. She compliments you a lot
  10. She sends you multiply chats so the conversation won’t over
  11. Good morning wishes every single day
  12. Also, goodnight texts
  13. With smiley, tho!
  14. Now is there is gifts videos or new feature, she sends it to you
  15. She gets mad when you leave her texts unreplied
  16. Then, she gets silent, cold, confused when you both finally meet up
  17. It gets you thinking like, “was it her who is texting me all the time?”

The answer is, that’s the signs that a girl likes you through texting.

What to do to reply her feelings

The signs are there and you have observed. Now here are the suggestions on what to to do to reply her feelings:

  1. Show the same interest she is showing

This is simple, show her the same excitement and affection she is showing through text she have been giving you. Reply fast, compliment her, send her updates about your day. Let her know that you are feeling the same way and that all her hard work is not just one sided.

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  1. Show your feelings outside the phone

When you feel like you have won her heart through texting, it is time to win her heart through real life. Through text, ask her for a date or a simple hang out. If she says yes, start planning the date. Take her somewhere she likes or to an activity she is interested in, that way she will feel listened to and appreciated.

  1. Tell her

There are two scenarios on which you can know if she likes you and there are two different things to do. First situation is if she tells you first. In this situation you should reply fast so it does not seem like you hesitate. Reply fast and tell her your real feelings. Second situation, if you tell her first. If you tell her first it is best not to tell her through text because it does not feel intimate and true. Tell her face to face or through text.

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Knowing someone else’s feelings just got easier through text.The signs and steps have shown you what you have to observe and do. Good luck in diving in your relationship!

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