11 Easy Ways to Make Your Crush Follows You on Instagram

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There will be a time when you got a crush on someone you do not really know, and want to be closer to them. Asking your friend for their name, taking the same class so you can meet them occasionally. Hanging out with their friends and getting their number. How to make them know that you are interested in them?

Ways to Make Your Crush Follows You on Instagram

There is a lot of ways to make your crush notice you. One of them is to make your crush know your presence through Instagram. But what should we do to make them follow you? here we will explain it in details!

1. Look what they are into

There is not really much you can do to get someone to follow your Instagram other than posting something that you know they will like. If you post pictures that are related to their interests, it increases the chance of them follow your Instagram.

2. Message them!

This is the 21st century, why bother waiting for your crush to follow you? just message them and talk, if things go well then great! Take this opportunity to know them more as well!

3. Follow their Instagram

Usually, when someone follows your Instagram, you follow their Instagram back. If you want your crush to follow your Instagram all you need to do is follow their Instagram first. Read: Do You Really in Love or You Just Infatuated with Them?

4. Change your content!

Do not let your crush think your posts are dirty! That will also say something bad about your character. Try changing your content with some positive, attractive and clean content!

5. Talking to them in real life

Do you have a crush that has been showing signs that they are interested in you, but still not follows your Instagram? There is a chance that your crush like you but do not want to come off too strong. Show your interest by talking to them in real life. A real life conversation will show you how your crush really feeling is. If they do not regularly use Instagram, you can mention it to the conversation to make them know your Instagram and what are you posting.

Regularly show up in person. Have you met your crush in real life? If you have not, you should try meeting them occasionally. Do something outside of the digital distraction we call progress. This is a great chance to make them follow your Instagram. Since they know you very well in real life, they will follow your Instagram without a second thought! Read: Why Would Your Ex Unfollow You on Instagram?

6. Make sure your crush is single!

Do you know if your crush is single? If they are in a relationship, there is a chance that they simply not interested in you and does not want to make their boy/girlfriend feel uncomfortable. Find out their status in their post, ask their friend or asking them yourself. 

7. See their following list!

Are they only follow their friend, best friend, family or they do not follow anyone. If they only follow their friend, then you should try to be closer to them in real life! Come out as a friendly person until they consider you a good friend! If their friend is someone you know, It will easier since your acquaintance can help you to get closer to them.

8. Comment on their recently uploaded photo

This is a safer method to get noticed. If they are replying, take this chance to know them more! Make sure to keep the conversation going and mention topic that they like. There will be a chance that they will take a visit to your Instagram. If they like what you have been posting, they will follow your Instagram.

9. Give it a few days

How long since you start to follow their Instagram? If it is just a day, give it a few days! They might be busy at the moment and could have missed it too if they are getting a lot of followers.

10. Follow their friends

Follow their friend’s Instagram to show them that you are not a stranger. Look at their post, you might find something that related to your crush. Take this chance to collect more information about them! 

11. Like some of their older picture

You can consider this as your last resort. After some time they post something, leave a like on some of their pictures. It will show that you are ‘present’. They might be wondered and try to take a look at your profile.

Those are the several ways to make your crush follow your Instagram. If you have tried every one of them and still not followed by them, do not take it to the heart and reach your crush in real life. Do not overthink about the reason why they did not follow you.

More Ways to Make Your Crush Follows You on Instagram

Do not spend time thinking about people who do not think about you. If you really bothered by it, go ask directly to them. Trying to interpret subtle messages, and making assumptions will only create misunderstandings and make things awkward.

Social media is a mere app and it does not matter much in life. So chill and do not stress much over it. Do not base judgement on follows on an application. Some people join Instagram, look around for five minutes, get bored then never go back. Some people join Instagram but only friend people they know very well. Honestly, it could mean anything. But it probably means a lot less than you think it does, and there is a better average chance it has nothing to do with you.

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