7 Things to Do After Breaking up With Your Boyfriend

Breaking up, bidding farewell to the guy with whom you once were close and truly in love with. The agony is there for you and it’s real. Often it seems as if you’re absolutely powerless and you’re never going to get through the pain. The main things to keep in mind are that people are […]

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up with You for No Reason

Being in a relationship isn’t as easy as it looks. Only you and your partner know well about what’s going on and how to handle it. Both of you through a lot of things somehow that makes your relationship more colorful within the ups and downs. Maybe you should try Things to Say to Your […]

This Is How to Know If Your Ex Girlfriend Never Loved You Before

One of the toughest things regarding moving on from a breakup is accepted that the one who accustomed be the middle of our world doesn’t wish to be a part of our life any longer. However, knowing that your ex doesn’t wish you back doesn’t seem to be as hard as knowing that your ex […]

Does No Contact Work If Your Ex is Seeing Someone Else?

You might already breakup with your boyfriend since couple months ago. However, you can’t deny that you still have feeling towards him and your love haven’t been fade away since the day he walked out from your life. Moreover, you’ve heard from your bestfriend that your ex is seeing someone else now. We all know […]