What to Do When a Guy Just Wants to be Friends with Benefits – How to Say No

Fear of commitment has brought many people to look for a “friend with benefits” (FWB) kind of relationship. No string attached, free to walk away every time, but still manage to fulfil your desire nonetheless. But in reality, FWB is not as beautiful as what you have imagined. If you wish your relationship will turn […]

How to Know If He Just Wants to Sleep With You and Leave?

Meeting someone new, going out on a date with someone interesting truly feels good. It’s beautiful how when two people meet together, they will have all of those feelings they’ve never felt before, getting nervous, heart beating too fast, and stuff. These excitement of anticipating a new love, a new person in someone’s life is […]

How to Ask Your Ex Girlfriend to be Friends with Benefits or Something More

Asking an ex girlfriend to be friends with benefits is not always easy for everyone. It’s especially hard if the break up was nasty. However, if the break up was friendly and mutual, it might be easier. Below are the ways on how to ask your ex girlfriend to be friends with benefits. Before we […]