7 Ways to Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Children After Divorce

Marriage can be so complicated and hard to understand. Like we said before on Signs You are Already Ready to Start a New Relationship After a Heartbreak, for some lucky people they can have a happy and long lasting marriage until death takes them away. For the others, it can be the worst story of […]

This Is How to Tell Your Ex Wife About Your New Girlfriend

Being a divorced man after a long time might turn out to be an exhausted yet empty both in your life and your heart. Decided to open yourself to a new love also needs time especially when you have kids with you, kid would think differently about divorce so they need to learn about Ways […]

19 Sad Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Over Her Ex Husband

There’s nothing wrong with having a relationship with someone who has divorced. She’s still a woman who need a man in her life. As long as both of your soul meets, both of you can accept one and another fully, then just go for it. But ow..ow… if your girlfriend who has an ex husband […]