7 Things Every Mother and Daughter Should Do Together

There are a lot of activities we can do with our family, especially if we want to spend some quality time with both our parents or with one of them. A mother usually has a close relationship with her children, including with her daughter. Perhaps as a mother you have wondered whether there are simple […]

7 Things to Consider Before Having Children with Your Partner

Having a baby can bring so much happiness to many couples. One of the reason is because having children completes your marriage life. Many couples crave having children of their own, while many can only imagine having ones. For you, women, since your partner has shown signs of good husband material to marry, you would […]

What If I Find Out That My Wife Is Not A Virgin In Spite She Told Me Earlier That She Is A Virgin?

Virginity is something people keep hidden and for good reasons. There’s no point in telling everyone that you are a virgin or not. But, if your wife is lying to you about her virginity, it’s a different case. In any relationship, especially in marriage, we need to be completely honest with each other or else […]

This Is How to Tell Your Fiance You Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

The promise of a marriage is really exciting to most of us but it can also be unexciting to some. For the latter, marriage is not their first priority and we’re here to tell you that it is perfectly okay. But, how do you tell your fiance that? The bond between fiances are made to […]

What to Do When My Parents Love My Younger Brother More Than Me? Stay Cool Around Them!

You notice that your brother gets more attention. Turns out that your parents do like him more. Now you’re feeling left out and think to yourself, “What to do when my parents love my younger brother more than me?” These are some of the best tips for you: 1. Speak Up There’s really no point […]

How Should I Come Out to My Homophobic Father As Pansexual? – Make Him Understand

In this modern age today, homophobic is still everywhere to be found. Too many of them, in fact. Homophobic people has certain phobia to LGBTQ with their own reasons. Even though it seems like you’re done with if you are a pansexual and having homophobic parents, you still have hope. You can go a safe […]

Ways on How Can I Convince My Parents to Let Me Smoke Marijuana

Families don’t usually keep secret from one another. Every little things are shared, with no particular reasons, just because you are family. Each families also have different values, and every family members are aware of it. That’s why when you are smoking marijuana, you are kind of afraid to tell them because you know your […]

How to Tell Your Mom You Hate Your Sister – What Can You Do?

Your sister is an important part of the family. But you just despise her. Whatever your reason is, you want to let your mom know! So here’s the different ways on how to tell your mom you hate your sister: 1. Make Sure She’s Not Busy A busy mom won’t have too much time for […]

How to Tell if Your Parents Favor Your Sibling – Get Fair Treatment!

It’s annoying to see that your parents treat your sibling differently. They get all the attention while you’re all alone. How to Tell if Your Parents Favor Your Sibling Here’s how to tell if your parents favour your sibling for sure so you know what to do next: 1. Your Parents are More Patient with […]

This is What Should You Do If You Caught Your Son Smokes Weed

You might have known that your son smokes, only to find out just recently that it has always been weed. As flustered as you are, you don’t know what should you do if you caught your son smokes weed. You don’t want to take the wrong step so you are being careful here. It may […]