5 Reasons Why Taurus Always Screw Up And Mess Up Everything

Last updated on May 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you are friends with a Taurus, you have probably noticed that the Taurus friend of yours often screws up anything, including his or her friendship and relationship. As a Taurus' friend, you might sometimes feel like you want to end your friendship as you are so done with his or her attitude.

However, you cannot end your friendship with the Taurus just like that since there are many Reasons Why a Taurus Friend is the Best Friends to Have, such as he or she is a very reliable friend whom you can always depend on. Moreover, the Taurus friend still has many positive qualities that amaze you. In the end, you just accept your Taurus friend, because you understand that it is his or her nature to always mess everything up.

In case you are wondering why your Taurus friend, or people of Taurus in general, can be so overwhelming and sometimes piss you off, this list below contains some reasons why Taurus always screw up and mess up:


1. They Are Stubborn

they are stubborn

Taurus is probably the most stubborn astrological sign out there. People under Taurus sign are so sure and confident about their opinions. They always think that their point of view is the one truth. To them, they are always right. Arguing with them will be an exhausting battle, because they are inflexible and always refusing others' point.

They do not listen to you anyway, so proving your argument to them is often useless even though it makes sense and they are at fault. After all, Taurus symbol is a bull. Therefore, it is no wonder Taurus people can be so bullheaded and screw everything up with this negative attribute of them.

2. They Are Insensitive

Taurus are so goal-oriented and workaholics who are so determined, focused, and dedicated. They will do anything to reach their goals and get their works done. This is Why Taurus are Difficult to Understand. This also makes them to become very self-indulgent who always ignore their heart and feeling.

They are not able to be aware of the situation around them, including when their loved ones feel disappointed of them. Sadly, this always leads to the demise of their relationship or friendship. If only they could be sensitive a little, the disaster would not happen.

3. They Are Possessive

When in relationship, one of Characteristics of a Taurus in Love is that Taurus will love their significant other very dearly. They will admire their lover so much and treat him or her like he or she is their most precious belonging. That is why they can be extremely possessive since they never want to share their lover with somebody else. Their possessiveness will often raise irrational jealousy in them. When Taurus are being jealous, they will accuse their partner doing negative things behind their back. This side of Taurus is always the one that sabotages their relationship. 

4. They Are Materialistic

they are materialistic

Since Taurus are driven to succeed, they make sure that what they do today will secure their future. It is no wonder that they can be very material oriented. They tend not to be bothered by things that are not physically real, such as imagination and idea. They are the total opposite of idealist people.

Materialistic Taurus will often get their partner and friends agitated, because they can be too concerned with material possessions, wealth, and status quo in the society. They forget that to link spiritually with the world, including with their loved ones, is also significant in reaching their goals and maintaining their relation with others.

5. They Judge A Book By Its Cover

There are Reasons Why Taurus are The Worst. One of the reasons is that Taurus can be too focused on appearance. It is true that most people see others based on their appearances first, but Taurus often judge others by their appearances only even when they already know them at deeper level. For Taurus people, one's appearance matters, and it equals to one's characteristic.

They always try their best to wear the best clothes just to make sure that they look good at all times. They also want their lover and friends to reach their standard of looking good when they take them out anywhere. Of course their partner and friends do not always agree with this Taurus' ridiculous rule. Hence, there will be often a clash between the Taurus and their loved ones when it comes to this. And once again Taurus are screwing up the atmosphere.

Those are all several reasons why Taurus always screw up and mess up. In short, the bad traits which the Taurus have cause them to be so troublesome to the point that they can ruin everything. Despite of them messing up, there are many Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Taurus Frriend in Life. One of the reasons is that Taurus are very generous and dependable. You won't have to be through a hardship alone since your Taurus friend will lend a hand to help you out.

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