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What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Love? (9 Possible Reasons)

It’s common for a guy to call a girl love. However, it becomes tricky and complicated when it's coming from a girl. When a guy calls a girl love, he probably has feelings for her. However, a girl could call you love just as a term of endearment. From the average guy’s point of view, […]

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Why Did My Ex Block Me After 3 Months Of No Contact On Instagram When We Don’t Even Follow Each Other? (7 Possible Reasons)

Are you wondering what it means when an ex-partner blocks you on Instagram, even though you’ve been around three months of no contact? Perhaps you found solace in creeping on their public Instagram profile without following them, only for this to no longer be possible one day. Are you wondering why they would do that […]

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Ways To Get Revenge On Someone You Hate (101 Ways)

It could be painful to watch someone go unharmed after offending you, especially when they did it to affect you emotionally. It's okay to feel offended because some people do wrong things to people without caring how those people would feel. You may expect them to apologize afterward, but not everyone knows this. This is […]

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21 Ways On How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous On Whatsapp

Are you wondering how to make your girlfriend jealous on WhatsApp? Have you noticed that a spark of jealousy tends to keep the flame burning in your relationship and make her more attracted to you? But perhaps you don’t know an appropriate way to do so using this messaging app? If so, you’re in the […]

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Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Who Cheated On You (61 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Who Cheated On You)

Have you been cheated on? Is it still hurting?  Do you have a burning desire to give that person a piece of your mind? Perhaps you don’t know the appropriate words to say? If so, this guide is likely to be of use. It features a list of ideas for things to say to a […]

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Quotes About Caring For Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You (101 Comforting Quotes)

One-sided relationships are often tedious because you’re trying your best to make the other person recognize your efforts. Nonetheless, being with someone who doesn’t care can actually take a toll on your peace of mind. We understand how you’re feeling and created this article with quotes and sayings to make you feel better. Below are […]

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Signs Your Husband's Best Friend Likes You (33 Signs to Keep an Eye Out For)

While we are all aware that marriage isn't for the faint-hearted because of the numerous challenges that come with it, not everyone imagines these challenges coming from their inner circle. For the most part, we see outsiders as a threat —that overly friendly colleague, the flirty waitress, or an ex-lover.  We rarely ever stop to […]

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103 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Being A Jerk 

A complete jerk is someone with bad qualities, who doesn’t care how their behavior affects others. If your boyfriend has such attributes, you might get hurt more often than none. We understand how you feel and that’s why we created this article for you.  If there’s hope that your partner can change, here are some […]

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Feeling Trapped In A Relationship (7 Tips To Resolve the Situation) 

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a relationship, you most likely did not set out to feel unhappy with the man you chose to be with. You did not sign up for feeling stuck in a space that is supposed to grant you freedom emotionally and physically. While you might not remain the same person […]

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What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Away For A Week (31 Things to Do)

When you love someone, it is normal to want to be with them at every waking hour. Nevertheless, there will be times when they will be out of your reach - perhaps, you are in a long-distance relationship or have conflicting schedules. Regardless of the reason, you should know how best to spend this time […]

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