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How To Tell Him You Miss Him Without Sounding Desperate (31 Ways To Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Sounding Needy) 

Are you hoping to win back your ex? Maybe you’re thinking about telling him you miss him, but you’re worried about sounding desperate?  Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a smoother way to let him know how you feel?  If so, this guide is here to help you out. It is packed with some useful tips […]

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How To Tease A Girl On Text (35 Vital Tips)

The advancement of technology has somehow still not solved the mystery attached to the art of texting women. This mystery gets stronger with time, even when everyone seems to own a cellphone. If you've felt attracted to a girl or a couple of girls over the last few months, chances are you've been thinking of […]

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How To Find Girls On Omegle (15 Vital Tips)

The difference between dating online and in-person keeps blurring by the day. As an author, there have been endless times when young females and sometimes males reach out with their experiences and skepticism for considering an opposite gender on a dating website. And I can understand their opinions, and the dating pool online can be […]

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When You Send A Guy A Picture And He Doesn't Respond (17 Possible Reasons)

Did you send a guy a sexy picture, only for him to disappear? Is this making you nervous? Are you wondering what he’s doing with the pictures while ignoring you? You have every right to be uneasy in this situation, especially if it was a somewhat compromising photo.  However, you don’t have a significant reason […]

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What Does It Mean When You See Signs of Your Ex Everywhere? (19 Possible Meanings)

Are you being reminded of your ex all the time? Are there tons of seemingly random things bringing back memories of him as you go about your day-to-day life, even though you've been broken up for a while now? Are you wondering what this means? Some people see it as a sign that they should […]

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Why You Should Never Date A Pothead (11 Serious Reasons)

Stoners are some of the most chill people you will ever meet. If you come across one who has it together enough to attract you, it can take all you have not to fall for their openness and their laid-back charm. Their potential for interesting conversations is second to none. They always have a plan […]

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How To Deal With A Guy With Mommy Issues (7 Vital Ways)

Romantic relationships are challenging on their own, however, it gets harder when you're dating someone with issues from their childhood. I know what you're thinking, 'don't we all have our own issues?' As a matter of fact, we do. We all have one thing or the other that needs tweaking and we carry those things […]

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What to do When Your Boyfriend Talks to His Baby Mama Everyday (11 Tips)

If your boyfriend has a baby mama, things are bound to get awkward at one point in time or the other. It’ll be hard focusing on your relationship with him when he has another one to deal with. To avoid stirring up baby mama drama, you should know how to handle certain situations wisely. Is […]

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23 Tried And True Ways To Deal With An Indecisive Partner

If you have a partner who has trouble deciding on anything, there may be some self-doubt happening there, but you really do need to know the tried and true ways to deal with an indecisive partner. While this may just be a slightly annoying habit to you, in the long run, the time, an indecisive […]

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If A Guy Cheats On His Girlfriend With You What Does It Mean? (19 Things It Could Mean)

Are you in a relationship with a cheat? Did your lover cheat on his girlfriend to be with you? That’s great for you I suppose, but maybe you’re now wondering if he’s likely to do the same to you? Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ and want to know how true […]

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