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How To Get Your Crush’s Attention On Instagram (37 Sneaky Ways)

Are you hoping to get your crush’s attention on Instagram? This is the #1 most popular social media app among young adults at the moment, so there’s a good chance your crush is spending a lot of time using it.   But perhaps you’re not a social media aficionado and have no idea how to use […]

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Can a Man Fall in Love with His Side Chick for Real? (13 Ways to Tell That Love is in the Air)

Some men keep side chicks for several different reasons. It could be for the thrill of it or because these ladies are giving them what they lack in their relationships. Irrespective of their motives, everyone wants to know, "Can a man fall in love with his side chick for real?" A side chick needs this […]

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How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Miss You After A Breakup? (13 Tips To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy)

Do you still miss your ex?  Are you wondering whether they miss you?  Perhaps you’re considering the odds of a reconciliation? If so, this guide should prove to be helpful. It explains the factors involved with how long it takes a guy to miss you after a break-up. With these factors embedded in your mind, […]

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47 Sure-fire Signs Your Classmate Has A Crush On You

Do you suspect that your classmate in school or college has a crush on you? Perhaps you feel like there’s no legitimate way to know the truth.  At this young age, it’s common for men and women to lie about their romantic intentions, for fear of being ridiculed and the whole class finding out.  Maybe […]

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Top 31 Undeniable Signs He Misses You But Won’t Admit It

Often, when you go through a breakup, your ex-boyfriend misses you badly! But what are the signs he misses you but won’t admit it? What sign that he misses you can you think of? Today, we are going to cover the subject fully, so you know what signs he misses you to look out for.  […]

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35 Crazy and Undeniable Signs That She Friendzoned You

Are you confused as to whether your crush is attracted to you? Perhaps she’s pleasant to you all the time, but never lets the relationship progress into a physical one?  Maybe that has left you to question whether you’re being friendzoned - or if she’s just shy… It can be a tough dilemma for a […]

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29 Genius Things to Say to an Ex-Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Bad

Has your heart been broken by your ex-boyfriend?  Are you looking for a way to get back at him?  Perhaps you’re just looking for the best way to explain how much he hurt you?  If so, this guide might prove to be an inspiration... It contains 29 ideas for things to say that will make […]

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Signs A Shy Aquarius Likes You (25 Vital Signs to Watch Out For)

Is there an Aquarius in your life who you wish would make a move on you?  Are you currently unsure whether he’s completely uninterested in you or just too scared to make something happen?  If it’s the latter, there are several telltale signs that Aquarius men tend to give away when they’re attracted to someone.  […]

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What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Wants You To Move In With Him? (21 Possible Meanings)

Is your boyfriend asking you to move in with him? Are you wondering why he would offer this invitation and what this would mean for your relationship? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore in the guide below. Spoiler alert: this is only a positive thing! Most likely, you’ve made a great impression on […]

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Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You (23 Tell-Tale Signs He Likes You)

Are you beginning to fall for a special guy and wondering if he’s feeling the same? It’s common for men to fight their feelings at the beginning of a budding relationship, perhaps because they’ve been hurt in the past or maybe because they were really enjoying the single life.  Either way, this is likely to […]

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