What is The Different Between Asexual and Pansexual? Sex Orientation Explained

In this modern society, people now have varies labels on sexual and gender orientation. It is not a secret anymore that some people may have been born with two sex characteristics who are called as intersex. Meanwhile for gender orientation has developed and have more varieties for the terms, from women, men, bisex, lesbian, gay. […]

Best Ways How to Tell Your Parents You are Bisexual

Ever since we were little, we’ve been taught that sexuality is as clear as black and white. Furthermore, some cultures in the world (especially Eastern) consider that if you’re not straight then you’re not normal. This makes people who is not straight having a hard time defining themselves as well as coming out to public. […]

This Is How to Tell Your Christian Parents You’re Bisexual

Having disagreements is a normal thing in our lives. But, this does not mean that we don’t have the control of ourselves and our lives. The decision is in our hands. We can even have a disagreement when it comes to figuring it out on how to tell your Christian parents you’re bisexual. Well, it’s […]

How Would You Feel If You Found Out Your Boyfriend Was Bisexual? Would You Feel Anything?

To be in a relationship with someone we love isn’t always easy. Yes, we can be together with someone we love through everything. Which also means we must get to see their bad side, the side that can make us drop our tears. Such as by knowing the clear signs your boyfriend is cheating on […]

15 Things Not To Say to A Bisexual Girl – How to Respect Someone Else’s Sexual Orientation

There are some things not to say to a bisexual girl, these words are so sensitive. So, this is for you who are not bi do not ever to ask some questions that hurt their feeling. Below here there are some things that not ever to do when your friend is a bisexual girl. 1. […]

I’m Bisexual How Do I Tell My Bisexual Boyfriend That He Will Be My First Ever Relationship?

To say the truth is important in order to build trust in a relationship. But sometimes, saying the truth can hurt. I’m bisexual how do I tell my bisexual boyfriend that he will be my first ever relationship? You will need to tell him, here’s how. Related: My Bisexual Crush Has A Girlfriend, What Should […]

My Bisexual Crush Has A Girlfriend, What Should I Do?

Having a bisexual crush is like having a usual crush, but with a twist. It sometimes can be complicated. First of all, not only you have to compete with one gender, you are competing with both at once. One day you heard your crush finally has a girlfriend.  You feel broken hearted because it means […]