What To Do If Your Boss Doesn’t Like You ? JUST DO IT

We’re living in the world where everyone needs love from each other, but you must know that a person can hate you in the way you are it depends on your relationship to every person, if you have a bad realtionship for example you realized that you have awakward relationship first thing to do is […]

How to Tell Your Mom You Hate Your Sister – What Can You Do?

Your sister is an important part of the family. But you just despise her. Whatever your reason is, you want to let your mom know! So here’s the different ways on how to tell your mom you hate your sister: 1. Make Sure She’s Not Busy A busy mom won’t have too much time for […]

My Ex Boyfriend Hates Me Because I Broke Up With Him, What Should I Do?

Learning that someone hates you is normal, but what if that person is your ex? It must be really heart breaking to know that someone you were once really close with suddenly hates you. Making someone change their feeling from hating you to loving you is not easy but it is possible. It’s all a […]

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend Hate Me So Much?

Ex boyfriends are someone that can really haunt us with the memories of a once lovely relationship. But what if suddenly that warm bond is cut off by him hating you? It is very hard to get into the mind of ex boyfriends because the intimacy you once had with him in a relationship is […]

How to Know If Your Mother in Law Secretly Hates You but Loves Your Father So Much

Maybe your relationship with your mother in law is going fine, but sometimes you have the gut feeling that something is wrong. Maybe you don’t know what’s wrong, but you just try your best to avoid meeting her. Maybe once in a while it passed on your mind, “Does my mother in law secretly hates […]

15 Beautiful Ways to Prove You Don’t Hate Someone at All

It is said that love and hatred are two inseparable things even though they are as different as water and fire. The two things always exist in our life and there is now way we can avoid them. However, love and hatred are very contrast, where one things brings a lot of positiveness while the […]

31 Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You Secretly

A best friend is a one in a million relationship that will make your life feels easy and fun. Our best friends are our sibling, second parents, and twin. You know you are in a friendship with your best friend when everything just clicks together and it feels like you have known each other for […]