6 Most Common Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You

Knowing about someone who likes us or is attracted to us, will certainly be fun for some people. But some may feel uncomfortable about it. Both men and women, usually they have their own most common signs when they start to like and be attracted to someone they like. Sometimes, whether you realize it or […]

How to Talk to a Girl on Twitter without Coming Off Like a Creep – Dos and Don’ts

So you have been scrolling your Twitter feeds all these time, marvelling the beauty of a girl you have been following all along. The thing is, you don’t have enough courage to talk to her or you just don’t know how. Don’t worry buddy because we got everything in this article. By the end of […]

Tips on How Do You Start a Conversation with a Girl on Instagram?

Thank God there’s Instagram! The social media has been a very useful tool for human’s life as it helps us in almost everything in life. Whether you want is to advertise business, showcasing your life and interest, and even as a medium to get closer to your crush. Many love stories started off from Instagram. […]

What Is The Best Answer When A Girl Ask Why Do You Want My Pictures?

Before you talk to someone or wanting to do anything with that person, you better know what they feel about you. Just like when you are questioning the what is the best answer when a girl ask why do you want my pictures? You might think that asking a girl for a picture is a […]

What to Say When Your Girlfriend Thinks You Don’t Care About Her But Actually You Do

Girlfriends are the light of any boy’s life. For him, she is someone he can confide in, feel loved by, and someone he can call a best friend. But what if all your attempts to love her isn’t replied? This is usually because deep down she is insecure that you do not care about her […]

How to Deal With A Girl Who Friendzoned You? Get Out of It!

Every relationship has its own problem, even before someone really jump into a relationship, there are a lot of problem that need to be deal with. Yes, it is not an easy thing to approach someone that we like in hope that she will like us back. But, do keep that in mind that we […]

How to Deal With A Girl Who is Mad at You?

Woman is complicated sometimes. Sometimes, she can takes things seriously without even we realized it. This is why there is a stereotypes where woman is more sensitive when it comes to feelings compare to man who uses logical thinking to decide something. Both woman and man get confused when their girlfriends get mad at them […]

Watch These Physical Signs A Woman Likes You but Is Shy to You

Many people said the body sometimes can be more honest than words that have been spoken. That could be something extremely true since even when one doesn’t say anything their body language can speak it off for them. With that being said, we can also see it in a woman that falls in love with […]

10 Best Things to Say to a Capricorn Woman to Make Her Flattered

Capricorn women may seem cool or act cool when they get a compliment from men but on the inside, they enjoy being praised. They are independent, ambitious, and romantic at the same time. While working so hard to achieve goals in her career, she also wishes to taste a romantic relationship with her partner or […]

A Bunch of Reasons Why You Should Date Me Right Away!

Do you ever wonder if you were somebody else, would you date yourself? People that answer they don’t have any specific type for become their partner and they accept their future-lover just the way they are actually would be such hypocrite. Honestly, no need to deny it because sometimes the appearance comes first if we […]