What Is No Contact Rule with Libra Man? How It Works After Break Up?

What is no contact rule with Libra man? It’s what you do to get him back or get over him. When you need a Libra man, you will need to do it.

What’s The Benefits of Doing No Contact Rule After A Breakup?

If you haven’t heard about the no-contact rule, it is basically a method of not contacting your romantic interest over a period of time. Just strictly no calling, no texting, no liking or commenting on social media. It is as if you disappear from his/her life completely. No contact rule is an effective method in […]

After No Contact, I Tried to Contact My Ex. She Texted Back Saying “Do Not Send Messages.” What Can I Say Back If I Want Her Back?

Text messages are one of the most effective means in your arsenal when you are trying to win your ex-girlfriend back. However, it can also serve as a double edged sword; either you use them properly or you might end up losing your ex-girlfriend forever. A text message contains the right amount of ambiguity. It […]

Should You Answer Your Ex-Girlfriend during No Contact If She Reaches Out to You?

Have you been busy working hard on bettering yourself during your no contact period? Yet, when you check your cellphone, you keep receiving some notifications, be it for text messages or calls, from your ex-girlfriend. You are probably clueless about what you should do now. Should you answer your ex-girlfriend during no contact if she […]

My Ex-Boyfriend Contacted Me during No Contact, What Should I Do?

Is texting your ex-boyfriend during no contact permissible? Experts say no and there is a reason behind it. But, what if it is the other way around? Before we go any deeper into the discussion, we need to understand what no contact means. Usually, when a couple has just experienced a breakup, moving on is […]

How to Know if Your Ex Misses You During No Contact?

Many people say that the no contact rule after a breakup is a critical period. It can really make one think through their breakup and process what happened. But the no contact rule can also make an ex beg you to give the relationship another go. So first, you need to get all the details […]

Here’s What to Do When Your Ex Calls You After No Contact for So Long

Sometimes, in a relationship, you won’t find a happy ending. Instead, you ended up only feeling misery in that one. That’s why breaking up is your only option and also what’s best for both of you. Maybe this reasons why your ex girlfriend hasn’t contacted you can help you to know. We rarely or even […]