How to Get an Indian Boyfriend - The Important Points

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Dating is something challenging yet adventurous for young people. They don’t mind to date literally anyone from different culture and country, as long as they are the decent one. So if you are asking how to get an Indian boyfriend, not much of a surprise to us. Because, yes, it’s highly possible for you to get that Indian boy.

Before we jump to the step by step on how to get an Indian boyfriend, let us give you some kindly reminder first: there’s a high chance you won’t find a sentimental guy like SRK in almost all his movies or some funny guys like you watched on 3 Idiots. So you better not to expect anything.

Now, we’re going to tell you 3 major steps to get yourself an Indian boyfriend.


1. Learning Their Cultures

Speaking about India, you will immediately think of flash-mob alike dancing and singing. Judging from their movies, there are none that didn’t include those two.

Singing and dancing are part of Indian culture. So if you want to date an Indian guy, you better show you move on Indian dance while singing in his language. Also read Indian Characteristics and Traits

2. Try to Get Close to His (Whole) Family

Indians are extremely close to their family. In fact, their family plays a significant role in an Indian’s life, including their love life. You don’t only have to steal his parents’ heart but also his grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and number of their distant families. The whole family typically live together so you have to meet every each of the family member.

3. Get Used to Watch Indian Movie

get used to watch indian movie

Here is another thing you must do on how to get an Indian boyfriend: not only you have to learn a bit about their culture, you better start watching their movies as well. In case you’re not a big fan on Indian blockbuster, get to know their biggest movie star at least: Shah Rukh Khan or SRK.

Indians are either love him or hate him. Find more about SRK and their entertainment world so you can start conversation with an Indian guy.

4. Show Your Language Skill

If you want to get an Indian boy, it’s safe to assume that you’re not an Indian native. International relationship has one great, visible barrier being language. English is a common language to communicate with foreigners but you can’t deny that your heart flutters when others they speak your language.

So does Indian guy! He’ll love it if you know some basic Indian words like kya haal hai (how are you) and aapase milakar achchha laga (nice to meet you)  or the flirtatious ones like mujhe aap kee yaad aatee hai (I miss you) and main tumase pyaar karata hoon (I love you). Also read Benefits of Dating An Asian Man

5. Mind Your Dress

We’re sure you may know this already but let us tell you one more time: Indian women have their own distinctive way of dressing. Their traditional clothes called Sari which covered almost of their skin.

For your information, Indian cultures internalized so hard in their people. Don’t be surprised if an Indian guy can’t accept the western-ish style of dressing.

You don’t have to dress yourself in Sari, but they are not fond of women who display too much of a skin. They like to date hot girls but don’t want their girlfriends to be observed by others.

6. Don’t be Surprise of the Talk About Religion

don’t be surprise of the talk about religion

If you are a Westerners, religion shouldn’t be asked to someone you just know. You also find that atheism is something common. But it’s not the case in India. So here’s how to get an Indian boyfriend: get ready to get asked about your religion. Also read My Boyfriend and I Have Fully Opposite Religious Views. How Can I Compromise?

Indians are naturally religious people with Hinduism become the most common practice in the country. Their daily lives and marriage ceremony are strongly related with their religion. So, yes, it matters.

7. Find Them Online

On all those points above we talked about what should you prepare to get and Indian boyfriend and now it’s time for the real deal. If you neither live in Indian nor have an Indian guy lives near you, you can find them online. Also read Best Dating App to Meet Someone Serious

Indian guys are on dating sites and apps too. You may try various dating app like Tinder, TrulyMadly, Happn, OkCupid, etc. and set your preference to Indian guys. And you’re good to go.

That’s all we got to tell you about how to get an Indian boyfriend. Remember that dating someone who is completely different from you (especially culturally) is never easy. But it’s always worth to try so good luck!

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