How To Make An Aquarius Woman And Scorpio Man Relationship Work

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Scorpio and Aquarius couples are couples full of philosophy that once existed. You've probably heard some of the rumors about this water sign meets wind sign pairing. They are a combination of Water and Air; and you know that the best compatibility is when you have the same elemental sign and this is somewhat basic knowledge when it comes to astrology.

Both are people who are control freaks with their life. The relationship between Scorpio man and Aquarius woman compatibility is far from clear, this is one of the more challenging combinations as Scorpio and Aquarius are quite opposite to each other.

Where Aquarius wants to change the world, Scorpio has the drive and skill to make turn the vision of an Aquarius woman into reality, so as a team you can be very effective, but, with love, of course, it can work. So here's some characteristics of Aquarius woman to help you understanding them!


Aquarius Woman Traits

The combination of Scorpio man and Aquarius woman is definitely not the one of the easier pairings. They have too much similarity which is it's not good in a relationship if they have same bad personality. Both of them are very ambitious, none of them are easily blocked by all the threats that can make them retreat and it's bad when it comes the time when they're arguing with each other. But, you must understanding the characteristics of Aquarius woman to understand their relationship.

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So, here's some explanation of Aquarius woman characteristics:

1. Temperament 


This Aquarius woman is called short temper girl she more likely to like anger, as fast as a second she was angry, so soon he would forget it. Once angry can be angry even if only on a small mistake. Her attitude and thoughts are hard to guess. You can't predicted how they will react into something and you must be careful to reply to their reaction if you do not want to provoke their anger.

2. Independent

Aquarius woman doesn't want to be arranged by someone. She doesn't bothering other people too. She is independent woman that makes she only want to take care of herself and prove that with her independent attitude is able to make his life is much better and true from the expectations of people. She can be released anywhere in a new place and still survive well, because she has good reason and knows what to do. 

3. Stubborn 

She does not like being tied up to something. She is the type of person who likes freedom, space and freedom to do what she wants.

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Scorpio Man Traits

Beside that you have to know that is totally a luck to meet a Scorpio man because a Scorpio man is considered the best lover you can find. But, he behaves like a prince. Before you feeling happy about found him you have understand their character. So here's some characteristics of Scorpio man to help you understanding them! 

1. Mysterious 

You know the parable "don't judge a book by its cover", that's how you will feel when face a Scorpio man. He is extremely mysterious. You will never be a able to predict him; you can not easily judge the quality of good and bad in him. A Scorpio man has a strong and brilliant mind. A Scorpio man is a man who has a very sharp mind so you can not easily deceive him. 

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2. Passionate 


A Scorpio man is driven by passion in whatever they do. A Scorpio man like to be obsessed with things too soon even when he in a relationship, he's obsessed and possessive of their partner. Nothing can stop them to achieve what they want. Once they decide they want to get something, they are persistent enough to pursue it like woman, hobby, works, or anything. 

3. Powerful

Sturdy, high ideals, and of course selfish are Scorpio man most common traits. He showed higher demands and was always dissatisfied; no word of compromise for him. You will sometimes see it as less sympathetic. Beside he's prince side, a Scorpio man has an amazing personality with his great looks he can amaze everyone. He is a very impressive man, not only because of his appearance but also because of his deeds. 

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Tips To Make Their Relationship works

How can relationship between the Aquarius woman and Scorpio man works? When Scorpio and Aquarius have an affair, they have a very different philosophy of life. This couple Scorpio with Aquarius will be an interesting pair with each have different needs, but in the end you must know that Aquarius is exactly what Scorpio wants and has always wanted in their difference.

When they are insanely in love, they learn to overcome all the differences in their personality and match up with each other. So, here's some tips to make their relationship works! 

1. Focus On Communication

You have to concentrate on being a loyal and consistent friend, the kind of friend who will gain trust for as long as they don’t give in to their stubborn, unmovable modes, these partners could have great conversations about all strange topics they can imagine or they can be best friend even lover.

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2. Do Fun Things Together 

They need time together while they are not fighting. They just need to take a break time together while everything is so messed up. With their personalities, they need to do some crazy things together. Like going to the sea, hiking in mountain, going on a road trip, or stuff like that. It will make them closer and realize what they have now is enough and appropriate.

3. Respect And Trust Each Other

respect and trust each other

The couple is able to fight along with unyielding and persevering attitude in reaching the desired goals. In this case they have to control possessiveness and jealousy. Scorpio man and Aquarius woman will need much time to bond to each other and trying to rely on each other because trust is a little bit difficult in this relationship, but, once their find the trust in each other their relationship will go deeper and insane.

Scorpio man knows how to treat Aquarius woman with more openness and honesty. Aquarius woman is strong enough to show Scorpio man the importance of having and respecting boundaries. When they appreciate the difference they have, the two will go together and their respective roles run well.

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