I Constantly Think About Ex Sleeping With Someone Else, What Should I Do?

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Breaking up doesn’t guarantee that the feelings of love will also end at that time. Sometimes it takes weeks and months  to get over it. But sometimes, it takes longer because I constantly think about ex sleeping with someone else, What should I do?

It’s hard enough to lose your ex but it’s tougher to think about them sleeping with someone. Here’s what you can do to get over that annoying thoughts:

  1. Wait For The Desire To Get Better

You need to have that voice inside yourself that tells you that you are ready to be better, to move past these hurdles. Then the healing begins.

  1. Replay The Thoughts And Analyze

Think about the thoughts and know what you feel. Do you feel angry? Jealous? Or lonely?

  1. Write It All Down

Write everything that you are feeling. Be as detailed as possible. This helps you to put the thought down and is a Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up

  1. Talk To A Friend

If you don’t like to write, a thing you can do is to talk about it to a friend. Find the right time to spill it all out.

  1. Ask For The Help Of A Friend

Now, clearly state that you need help getting over your ex. Your friend will surely say yes and use the Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad

  1. Reach Out To A Psychologist

If writing or talking to a friend is not a choice for you, it’s okay to reach out to a psychologist in your area to book an appointment.

  1. Stop Stalking Your Ex

Do the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World  by stop stalking your ex. This is a way to stop torturing your healing heart.

  1. Spend Some Days Alone

Based on the Benefits of Being Alone for your Physical and Mental Health, having this time can be used to know yourself better and even strengthen your independence.

  1. Meditate A Lot

By meditating, you can remind yourself that thoughts are just thoughts and it have no power over you. Meditation is a way to gain back control over your mind.

  1. Do Something You Love Everyday

Doing something as simple as buying your favorite bread for yourself or listening to your favorite music can slowly wipe away the hurtful memory of your ex.

  1. Be Busy Building Your Dream

Silence the thoughts in your head by focusing on your dream and how to achieve it. This will take all of your energy and make you feel accomplished.

  1. Throw Away Your Ex’s Stuff

The  Ways to Move On From Your Ex  is by throwing away all the things that reminds you of your ex. Don’t keep it in your closet, just throw it away.

  1. Remember That Progress Is Slow

Be patient if you find yourself thinking about your ex from time to time but don’t be discouraged from trying to create a change.

  1. Starve Yourself From Sad Posts

Don’t follow those sad accounts, it will only worsen your mental state.

  1. Surround Yourself With Positive Content

What you can do instead is follow positive posts.

  1. Spend Some Time With Your Family

Sometimes, a family time is all we need to remind our self that life is so much more than this relationship problem.

  1. Analyze The Bad Stuff From The Relationship

Remember why you broke up from your ex in the first place. This is your fuel to keep going.

Signs That You’ve Fully Moved On

Gone are the question “I constantly think about ex sleeping with someone else, What should I do?”. If you’ve done the steps above, you’ll see these breakthrough :

  1. You Are More Peaceful

Now, you feel that your life is more peaceful. The ups and downs are more bearable and you even catch yourself feeling content with life.

  1. You Aren’t As Emotional When Thinking About Your Ex

When you think about your ex, you still feel sad. But, the sadness is not overpowering. In a second, you can forget your ex again.

  1. You Can Go A Long Time Not Thinking About The Problem

If you catch yourself not thinking about your ex for hours or days, that’s a victory!

  1. You Find Joy In Life In General

You believe in joy and the wonders of life again.

It’s normal to think “I constantly think about ex sleeping with someone else, What should I do?” but it is your choice to get up and get over it. All you need to do is to muster up some willpower and start the road of moving on.